Are You A Food Lover? Find Out More About EXID’s Tips On Eating and Their Diet Plan!


Exceed in Dreaming, EXID

EXID is a South Korean girl group that debuted in February 2012. The group consists of five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin, and Jeonghwa. EXID debuted with the release of the single “Whoz That Girl” and performed on M! Countdown, Music Core, and Inkigayo. EXID’s popularity increased when the singles “Up and Down” and “Ah Yeah” were released. The song “Up and Down” stayed at the number one position on the Gaon Singles Chart for four months after a fan recording of a live performance went viral.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed account of one of the members of EXID, Hyerin, sharing her tips on dieting and how to enjoy your meals. Stay tuned!

Goddess of Eating, EXID’s Hyerin

In April 2017, EXID’s member, Hyerin, was invited to be one of the guests of tvN’s variety show Empty the Convenience Store. Hyerin has recently revealed the food that takes away the pressures of the show business.

The panelists and guests alike named some of their own comfort foods in the episode. Hyerin said, “We tend to get really stressed out when we have to lose weight in the midst of our hectic schedules. At times like this, we like to eat a super high-calorie food called the ‘gut destructive burger.'”

After sharing her “tasty little secret,” Hyerin also illustrated her own method of devouring the sinful looking gigantic burger. She stated, “I eat this all by myself, except for the buns. And wash it down with zero-calorie soda,” hovering over a monstrous burger stacked with meat on top of vegetables and loaded with oozing cheese.

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Eating Compilation

Here’s the eating compilation of EXID’s Hyeri! Check this out.

Tips To Enjoy Your Eating

The theme of Research On Hyerin (ROH) Episode 51 is Hyerin’s useful mukbang tips. The MC of the show is Hyerin herself. Hyerin is sharing some tips on grilling meat. She said Sirloin is thicker than other parts so she leaves it on the grill on one side longer. The steak should be turned right when there is a little blood on the top and a thin beef skirt should be turned over quickly. The reason why a thin beef skirt should be turned over quickly is that it doesn’t have fat. She also said, “Chicken feet’s joints are bent like this. We eat the top of it by detaching it. You just repeat this: detach it and leave the bones in a tissue.” She added that mutton is good for a diet.

On the other hand, Hyerin said, “When eating ox head rice soup, you should mix rice in it. I want to taste the soup as it is tasty too. If I mix all of the rice, I cannot taste the soup. I sometimes put some torn lettuce in buckwheat noodles but wrapping it in lettuce is better.” She also added, “You need to put salted shrimp into Korean blood sausage soup to make the soup tastier.”

Check the tips on how to enjoy your eating by EXID’s Hyerin below!


Diet Plan

Basically, EXID members’ diet strategy is to eat very little to prevent themselves from dying. But they don’t advise anyone else to follow their diet plan. Hani said she really likes to eat meat like intestines. She also confessed that she can eat three to four servings of meat by herself. She said, “I really like intestines. About once a week, I would eat whatever I want and usually I eat marinated grilled beef intestines.“ Solji also said in an interview that when she has to work on an empty stomach, that’s really frustrating. So, she has a spoon of rice to feel better.

Hyerin has shared some tips on dieting (based on her personal opinion) on YouTube. Firstly, she’s talking about her diet meals. As for breakfast, she eats a light breakfast. She only eats half a sweet potato or a powdered meal like organic grain powder and 200 ml of milk. If she gets hungry, she adds 1 egg to her breakfast. As for lunch, she prefers a late lunch around 3 or 4 PM. While between meals, she has 2 L of water with a puer tea powder. She said, when drinking this drink, it kills the appetite when you are feeling hungry. But the side effects of this drink are you’ll have to go to the toilet many times. As for her late-lunch, she prefers lower salt foods. However, she often feels guilty for skipping meals in her diet, so she has calamansi water before lunch to prevent the guilty feeling. As for dinner, Hyerin has a salad. Hyerin also takes some nutritional supplements and vitamins. She recommends Cenovis Superbiotic and Zinc + Vitamin D (Naturmade Super D + Zinc Immune Complex).

Check the video of EXID’s Hyerin Diet Tips below!