Check Out EXID’s Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction, Here!


The Powerful Girl-group EXID and Their Comeback!

Who misses EXID? If you do, then this article is right for you, because we’re going to talk about EXID and their latest comeback in November, 2018! EXID is one a talented girl-group that formed under Banana Culture Entertainment in 2012, and is made up of members Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Jonghwa, with Solji being the leader.

The group started getting a lot of attention after releasing the hit single Up & Down, followed by Ah Yeah, in 2014. Since then, EXID’s popularity has become undeniable!

We’re going to talk about their latest comeback, with the single I Love You, and also their next comeback prediction. In this article, Channel Korea introduces you the powerful EXID, with their latest comeback and their next comeback prediction!

EXID’s Latest Comeback


EXID has already had one recent comeback with their latest single, I Love You! The song was released in November, 2018, and was the first comeback in a while that had all the members of EXID, instead of just four. With I Love You, their leader, Solji, was returned to the group.

Their agency, Banana Culture Entertainment, also confirmed their past comeback in November, 2018. They also asked for EXID fans’ support and excitement! Fans gave a tremendous response, welcoming the leader’s comeback after returning from a hiatus of almost two years.


Solji’s two-year absence was due to needing to address some health issues. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and she decided to go on hiatus from any kind of activities in entertainment to receive treatment and protect her health. She finally returned with the rest the EXID members, with the single I Love You!

Unsurprisingly, audiences were thrilled with I Love You, especially EXID’s fans! Moreover, the single took over the worldwide iTunes charts for K-Pop songs in places liken Guatemala, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Finland, Poland, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and other countries, which was a huge achievement for the group.

I Love You also peaked at number five on World Digital Song Sales, ranking it with the best selling songs, and it received 1.000 downloads in a week! The single is EXID’s highest-ranking single on World Digital Song Sales. Well done, EXID!

The MV and Stage Performance for Their Latest Comeback!

For those of you who haven’t watched the I Love You music video yet, here’s the official music video!

Here are also some videos of their comeback stage performances with I Love You!

EXID performing I Love You on M COUNTDOWN


EXID performing I Love You on SBS Inkigayo


EXID performing I Love You on Show Champion


EXID’s Next Comeback Prediction


Now that we’ve talked about EXID’s latest comeback, what about the group’s next one? So far for 2019, itl ooks like EXID is still focusing on their daily activities in entertainment. Their agency, Banana Culture Entertainment, has also talked about the fact that EXID’s contract will expire soon. The agency has said that they are about to start discussions with each of EXID’s members out their contract expirations. Their current contract ends in May, 2019.

The agency has stated that EXID still had a Japanese tour throughout February, and they decided to release a full album right after their Japanese tour ended. Are you excited? We hope so!

EXID Updates on Instagram!


If you’re a fan of the group, it’s important to stay updated about EXID’s latest news. A great way to do that is through EXID’s Instagram’s account! The group’s official Instagram account can be found with the name @exidofficial. From their Instagram, we can see all of their daily activities, their performance on the stage, teaser images or videos, and many other things!

At the time this article was being written, EXID had 1M followers on Instagram, shared 860+ posts, and followed 7 accounts. Here’s some of what’s on the top of EXID’s Instagram’s feed!






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