Check Out EXID’s Solji’s Solo Activities After Her Long Hiatus

Solo Discography

Single Albums

Release Date Title
2008.01.15 Challenge
2008.05.22 종로에서 (In Jongno)
2008.07.22 처음 그 느낌처럼 (As the First Feeling)
Rebirth Single Ver. 2


Year Title With Notes
2008 “사랑했던 날” (The Day I Loved)
2009 “포기하고 싶을 때”
(If You Want to Give Up)
“잘가요 내사랑” (Goodbye, My Lover) Hye-sung
“First Love” Ah-in,
Black Attack
2011 “Be with You” PK Heman
“Last Tango” Heo In-chang, PK Heman
2012 “Unromantic” PK Heman,
Kim Hyun-joo
2015 “잘해주지 말걸 그랬어”
(Shouldn’t Have Treated You Well)
Welldone Potato
“새시대 통일의 노래”
(One Dream One Korea)
Various Artists One Korea Global Campaign (to raise awareness and unify Korea)
“오늘은” (Today) Hwan Jae-hwan, Jung Hyung-don
2016 “8282” Doo Jin-soo Cover of Davichi (Duet Song Festival Ep. 1)
“사랑은 창밖에 빗물 같아요”
(Love Is Like Rain Outside My Window)
Cover of Lee Seong-yeon (Immortal Song: Singing The Legend)
2018 “못해” (Can’t Do) Cover of 4Men feat. Mi (King of Mask Singer Ep. 164)
“아버지” (Father) Cover of Insooni
(King of Mask Singer Ep. 166)
“어떤가요” (How Are You) Cover of Lee Jeong-bong (King of Mask Singer Ep. 168)
“보여줄게” (I Will Show You) Cover of Ailee
(King of Mask Singer Ep. 170)
“제발” (Please) Cover of Lee So-ra (King of Mask Singer Ep. 172)
2019 “보고 싶다” (I Miss You) Cover of Kim Bum-soo (Immortal Songs: Singing The Legend)


Year Title Drama/Others
2008 “Love Shake” LOVE & LAW
2010 “내 곁에 없는 그대”
(You Are Away From Me)
 Wife Returns
2015 “Love Sweet” The Producers
2016 “너랑나랑” (You and I) Sweet Stranger and Me
2017 “바람에 기대” (Leaning on the Wind) Witch’s Court
“Flame” (with Hani) Money Flower
2018 “In This Place” Ralph Breaks The Internet
2019 “손 닿을 만큼” (Within Your Reach)  Perfume

EXID Split Their Earnings with Solji Even During Her Hiatus

On November 29, 2018, EXID were guested on MBC FM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope. According to Soompi, the host, Kim Shin-young, talked about Hani, who requested to split the group’s income equally among all the members, although Solji was on hiatus at the time. Hani responded that she was not the only one who thought that way. “It was something all the other members were thinking. That’s why we split our income evenly when Solji was on hiatus,” she added. Later, she revealed that the group now receives incomes individually. It is, indeed, a warm thing to do between EXID members!

Comeback with EXID

According to Soompi, on September 6, 2018, EXID’s agency announced Solji’s first schedule after her long hiatus. “EXID will be flying to Singapore on September 7 to attend the ‘2018 Hallyu Pop Festival’. This will be Solji’s first official schedule,” they stated. She was unable to promote or participate with EXID in their three comebacks (in April and October, 2017, and April, 2018), although she apparently briefly participated in a few minor activities. The artist also talked about her comeback on EXID’s V-Live. She said that she was fully recovered even though there’s a possibility to relapse and that she had been preparing to return by practicing.

On October 22, it was reported that EXID would make a comeback with all its members, including Solji, in mid-November. It was confirmed by the agency on November 5. “EXID will make their comeback this November. This album will mark leader Solji’s return to the group, and it will be the album that best represents who EXID’s members are as musicians. We ask for your full support and anticipation,” they stated. Two days later, the agency announced that the group would make a comeback on November 21 and drop an album along with a showcase on the same day.

Prior to their album release date, they dropped individual and group teasers.

On November 21, they finally dropped the music video for the title track, “I Love You”.

Latest News

In May, 2019, EXID fans were taken aback by an agency statement. They announced that Hani and Junghwa had chosen to seek out new agencies, meanwhile Solji, LE, and Hyelin chose to renew their contracts. However, both Hani and Junghwa would still participate in EXID’s recent mini-album before they find new agencies. They released the mini-album on May 15, with the title track “Me & You”, and dropped the music video, as well.

As for Solji, she posted several pics of herself on her personal Instagram account (@soul.g_heo). She looks shiny in a black outfit and white boots, with a beautiful sky behind her.


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We have to appreciate at how Solji managed to come back even after her health concers back then. She even appeared in a few singing competitions, showing that her sickness didn’t affect her vocals at all. She has impressed many people, including professional singers, by her performance. Let’s all support her and her solo activities in the future!