Check Out EXID’s Solji’s Solo Activities After Her Long Hiatus

EXID’s Solji Comes Back!

Most EXID fans already know about Solji’s lack of activity due to her health conditions. Before we start, let’s get to know a little bit about her first. She was debuted in a duo group called 2NB in 2006, which later disbanded in 2012. She was also a vocal trainer for the group EXID before becoming a member. After three original members of EXID (Yuji, Dami, and Haeryeong) left the group, Solji was added along with another new member from Superstar K3, Hyelin, in April, 2012. Long before joining EXID, she had started a solo career as a singer. She had even released several solo single albums.

At the end of 2016, sad news came from EXID’s agency, Banana Culture Entertainment. According to Soompi, they announced that Solji would be taking a break due to health concerns and the group would continue with four members for awhile, until she was recovered. A fever and exophthalmos (bulging eyes) had led to Solji being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The artist underwent orbital decompression surgery in January, 2018, and eventually recovered before finally joining EXID’s activities again. She marked her comeback by participating some singing competitions.

Which singing competitions did she participate in? How were her performances? This article will talk about EXID’s Solji and her solo activities, especially after her hiatus. Stay tuned!

King of Mask Singer

For those who don’t know, MBC’s King of Mask Singer is a popular competition where singers compete 1-on-1 in three elimination rounds. What makes it interesting is that the singers wear a mask that conceals their identity, thus making the competition free from prejudicial voting. the contestants’ identities are revealed once they are eliminated and the winner of the third round can challenge the previous episode’s winner. Each competition lasts for two episodes. Many idols have participated in the show, including Solji.

Being 5 Times Winner

Not just once, she participated five times because she managed to defend her “king” title that many times in 2018. Participation in this show marked her first appearance after her long hiatus. She came with the identity “Dongmakgol Girl”. Let’s check her performance below!

First Competition: Episodes 163-164

For the first round, she was up against Lady Vengeance (Park Kyung-lim). Both brought the same song, “Owl”, by Han Young-ae. Solji beat her and went on to the next round.

For the second round, she met Hedgehog (Seungri, a former BIGBANG member) by singing “Can’t Do” from 4Men, featuring Mi. She also beat him and went on to the next round.

For the last round, she brought the song “A Person in My Dream”, from Lena Park, and beat Coffee Bag (Yook Jung-wan, Rose Motel).

As is typical, the winner of the current episode challenged the winner of the previous episode, who was Bob Ross. In the end, she beat him and became the “king”.

Second Competition: Episode 166

After becoming the king, she had to accept the challenger from the current episode, Harney (Sunye, Wonder Girls). Solji managed to defend her title as the king.

Third Competition: Episode 168

Just as in the previous episode, Solji needed to defend her title and accept the challenge. This time her challenger was Siren (Park Ki-young). She brought a song from Lee Jeong-bong, titled “How Are You”, and won.

Fourth Competition: Episode 170

Again, she came back to accept the challenge from Longtail (Lyn) and managed to beat her with the song “I Will Show You”, from Ailee.

Fifth Competition: Episode 172

For the fifth and final time, she came back again and met the winner of the current episode, Black Swan (Moon Myung-jin). She brought a song from Lee So-ra, titled “Please”. Unfortunately, this time she had to give her title up and finally revealed her identity.

Immortal Songs: Singing The Legend

Not only was she on King of Mask Singer, Solji also participated in KBS’s Immortal Songs: Singing The Legend (also known as Immortal Songs 2) more than once. Immortal Songs 2 is a show where the contestants perform a song from a legendary singer (or theme) based on their own interpretation and later the audiencevotes to determine the winner.

In 2016, Solji appeared on the show for the first time in episode 226, where the theme was Yang Soo-kyung. She sang “Love Is Like Rain Outside My Window”. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the most votes.

About a month later, she returned on episode 265, with a theme Seven Diva Special. She brought the song “As We Live”, but also didn’t make it.

Recently, she made another appearance, after years away (also after her long hiatus). She appeared in episode 415, with the theme Kim Bum-soo. She brought “I Miss You”, but, sadly, didn’t get the most votes then, either.

According to Soompi, Solji really wanted to participate in the Kim Bum-soo special because she thinks Kim Bum-soo is an amazing singer and she wanted to be like him. She chose the song “I Miss You” because it’s a famous and a good song. Her performance received endless applause and compliments from the original singer, Kim Bum-soo, himself. “I think Solji must’ve had many difficulties while preparing, and I’m surprised that this song can evolve like this. I was shocked by the new arrangement. I think she’s a singer who sings ballads the best out of all of the girl-group main vocalists,” he said. Kim Bum-soo ended by praising her again and said that he sometimes had trouble singing. Solji earned 420 points.