The Secret Behind EXID Member Diet Plan

How Do We Look Great Like EXID Members?

All girl group members have a gorgeous body, whether it’s sexy,fit or slim. They go through a lot of effort to make their body perfect. As a fans of course we were curious. These are the tips from EXID members about what they did to have such beautiful bodies. Check this out!

EXID Hani Workout and One Meal a Day


EXID center Hani has a really good body shape. As we know, EXID became popular again because of her video dancing their song Up and Down. In that video her body look perfect. Once when she promoted her group’s new album, she was asked how she keeps her body shape. ” I only eat one meal in a day and no salt,” she replied. She also revealed that she only eats pretzels when she dieted. But, she said that she really likes to eat meat like intestines. She also confessed that she can eat three to four servings of meat by herself.
She added, “I really like intestines. About once a week, I would eat whatever I want and usually I eat marinated grilled beef intestines.“.

Not only does she prevent herself from eating, Hani also works out to make her body shape. On KBS A Style for You, Hani as one of the MCs revealed that she developed muscle so easily but she always has to massage her whole body right after her workout session. Also, Hani used to be an athlete back in her high school days and she has been involved in sports since she was a child. These are the reasons that it was so easy for her body to build her body muscle.

EXID Solji Diet Plan

Basically EXID diets were all very similar. They only ate food so that they wouldn’t die and they survived on very little.

Solji once said in an interview “I had to work on an empty stomach and it was really frustrating. I had a spoon of rice and I felt better. When I’m hungry I have no energy and become extremely lethargic. I can’t sing without eating.”