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After getting married in January 2013, Sun-ye has been officially inactive in the entertainment industry and focused on her personal life after the marriage. Even though there were many of her fans that really wanted her to come back, especially those who were hoping for her to join Wonder Girls again, there wasn’t any response from her about returning to the entertainment industry. She had her kids to take care of, and she also lived in Canada, so it was a bit hard for her to continue her career as an artist again.
This is why Sun-ye got a lot of anti-fans after she got married. They said that Sun-ye’s decision to get married and leave the group was very selfish. She and the group were at the top of their career at the time, and they even had a world tour in 2012. And the sudden leave of Sun-ye made some netizens criticize her because she chose her private life rather than her career and the group.
The hate for her continued even when she joined the new company, Polaris Entertainment, in August 2018. They wrote an official statement about her joining the company. Even though there wasn’t any scheduled activity for her at that time, Polaris Entertainment asked fans to wait for her comeback to the industry and asked fans to keep cheering on her.
This means that she is planning to make a comeback as an artist as well as a singer after 5 years of hiatus. But the netizens keep telling her that she was selfish, because she told the media that she wasn’t going to come back to the entertainment industry, yet she did. Netizens are angrier since Wonder Girls are now disbanded and have lost their popularity, while Sun-ye will debut as a solo singer now. When she was a guest in The Masked Singer, netizens were mocking her since she dared to show up after a long hiatus and didn’t even make a formal goodbye as the leader of Wonder Girls.
As if it wasn’t enough, when the news about her pregnancy of her third child came up, the netizens sent her a lot of hate comments again, mocking her for being inactive again since she was pregnant. But Sun-ye wrote a post on her Instagram account saying that she won’t be retired and will continue to promote as an artist. But netizens are still doing their job, hate comments are being thrown at her.
This is why her husband, James Park felt guilty after they got married. He knew from other people that Sun-ye was a Korean idol that didn’t have any anti-fans back then, but ever since they got married, a lot of netizens threw hate comments at her for being selfish and a lot of bad words. But Sun-ye herself has said that she made this decision for herself, and they had their own reason to think like that.
And even after all the hate, Sun-ye keeps going on with her work. As she said on her Instagram account, she wanted to show everyone the best side of her and give the public the best quality of her music, thus she will be able to proudly say that she is a professional singer.
Well, it must be hard for Sun-ye after all the hate comments she got. What are your thoughts? Do you think that she made the right decision, or do you think that she made a mistake? Whatever it is, please mind your words since everyone has their own struggles. Let’s just keep on giving her love and support her. Even if you don’t like her, don’t ever think of sending another hate comment since she already has a lot.
As a bonus, let’s see a heart-warming picture of Sun-ye with her long-time friends from Wonder Girls Lim and Ye-eun!
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