Get to Know More About Former Wonder Girls Member Sunye


Meet the Former Leader of the Phenomenal Girl Group from JYP, Sun-ye!

We’re going to talk about the former leader of a girl group from JYP Entertainment that went out really popular with a song titled “Nobody.” She is Min Sun-ye, better known as Sun-ye. She was not only the leader but also the main vocal of Wonder Girls. She joined the company in 2001 after she got involved in a JYP project called 99% Challenge where she showcased her dancing skills and also her singing skills.
At that time she was only 12 years old and got to be a trainee after that. Later on, she debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007, as she was the member with the longest period of trainee years, she became the leader of the group. She was also the first member to be introduced to the public as a member of Wonder Girls before they officially debuted.
As a member of a girl group under JYP Entertainment, she participated in a lot of projects aside from Wonder Girls. She sang the OST for a lot of dramas, such as KBS’s Dream High, MBC’s Feast of Gods, and KBS’s Ohlala Couple. She was also featured in 8eight’s song titled “The First,” had a collaboration with 8eight, Ye-eun, and Pdogg, was featured on JYP’s song titled “Back To Stage,” and many more. In 2013 she decided to take a hiatus and didn’t participate in any of the official promotions of Wonder Girls because she got married to a missionary from Canada named James Park.
Well, enough with the introduction I guess. If you’re curious about Sun-ye, let’s check out the details about her below, just keep scrolling!

Sunye’s Profile and Facts


Sunye’s Full Profile

Real name: Min Sun-ye/민선예

Nickname: Sun

Date of Birth: August 12th, 1989 

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 1,6 m

Agency: JYP Entertainment (2007 – 2014), Polaris Entertainment (2018 – present)

Social media: @sunye.m 

Education: Korean Arts High School, Dongguk University

Facts About Sunye

  • Sun-ye was raised by her grandparents, she lost her mother at a very young age and her father also had a health problem.
  • She is friends with Jo Kwon, a former member of 2AM, since her trainee days. Both of them trained for quite a long time.
  • She gave birth to her daughter at home. She claimed that she was a bit unfamiliar with Canada, as well as the hospital environment there.

Sunye’s Discography

Singles (OST)

  • 일월지가
    • Year: 2007
    • Album: Han Sung Byul Gok OST
  • Maybe
    • Year: 2011
    • Album: Dream High OST Part 2
  • The Sound of Love
    • Year: 2012
    • Album: Feast of the Gods OST
  • Come To Me
    • Year: 2012
    • Album: Ohlala Couple OST
  • I Love You
    • Year: 2016
    • Album: United Korea 4 the World


  • The First
    • Year: 2007
    • Collab with: 8eight
  • Sai
    • Year: 2007
    • Collab with: 8eight, Ye Eun and Pdogg
  • Back To Stage
    • Year: 2007
    • Collab with: Park Jin Young
  • Energy
    • Year: 2008
    • Collab with: Mighty Mouth
  • Cry With Us
    • Year: 2008
    • Collab with: Various Artists
  • I Love Asia
    • Year: 2008
    • Collab with: Various Artist
  • This Christmas
    • Year: 2010
    • Collab with: JYP Nation

Sunye’s Filmography

Variety Shows

  • Music Core
    • Channel: MBC
    • Year: 2007-2008
    • Role: Host
    • Along with So-hee and T.O.P
  • Music Bank
    • Channel: KBS2
    • Year: 2011
    • Role: Host
    • Along with So-hee and Tim
  • Strangers
    • Channel: JTBC
    • Year: 2018
    • Role: Cast member
  • King of Mask Singer
    • Channel: MBC
    • Year: 2018
    • Role: Contestant


  • The Last Godfather
    • Year: 2010
    • Role: Herself
    • Note: Cameo
  • The Wonder Girls
    • Year: 2012
    • Role: Herself

Sunye’s Awards and Nominations


  • Mnet Media Awards
    • Category: Most Charming Lady
    • Year: 2011
    • Status: Nominated
  • 5th Shorty Awards
    • Category: Best Singer in Social Media
    • Year: 2013
    • Status: Nominated

Sunye’s Departure From Wonder Girls

After Sun-ye got married to a Korean-Canadian man named James Park in 2013, she decided to take a long hiatus and focus on her married life. There wasn’t any news about her leaving the group from JYP Entertainment, instead, she just started being inactive and stopped getting involved in any promoting schedule since she moved to Toronto, Canada following her husband. At that time, Wonder Girls members were doing solo activities, such as singing and acting.
As she released the news about her pregnancy in April 2013, there was a rumor about her departure from Wonder Girls and speculations that Wonder Girls might disband because of this. However, JYP Entertainment denied the rumor about Sun-ye leaving the group and said that she will continue to be a part of Wonder Girls activity later, they also added that it was not true that Wonder Girls is going to disband.
But a year after that, more precisely in December 2014, Sun-ye officially left the company due to her expired contract and since she wanted to focus more on her family and doing missionary activities in Haiti with her husband, James Park. But the news of her leaving Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment was officially released in 2015.

Sunye’s Marriage

The first time Sun-ye met James Park, the man that later on became her husband, was in Haiti, for missionary activity. In an episode of Stranger, a reality show program from JTBC, her husband, James, said that Sun-ye left a really good impression on him the first time they met.
As a volunteer that is also an artist, Sun-ye wanted to be treated just like anyone else, and she even helped patients with cholera by herself. Even for a normal volunteer, it was not that easy to help patients alone like that. It was the first time that he was sure he wanted to marry this girl. And after James told her his intention, Sun-ye felt told him that she felt the same as well.
An interesting fact is that James didn’t offer a ring at the time he proposed to Sun-ye since he couldn’t afford to buy one. But Sun-ye said that the ring was not eternal, the most important thing is their heart, thus they didn’t need a ring. It made James think that Sun-ye really has well-developed leadership abilities.
Later on, the couple got married, in January 2013. They held the wedding at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul and it was attended by various artists and celebrity friends. The wedding was MCed by Jo Kwon, a former member of 2AM that is also a friend of Sun-ye ever since they were trainees. In October 2013, Sun-ye gave birth to their first daughter.
Sun-ye said that after she met her husband, she became brighter. She used to have a bright personality when she was younger, but it faded away by the time she had met her husband, and then she became brighter again. The couple lives happily in Toronto and are now blessed with three children after more than six years of marriage.

Sunye’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

As a Korean celebrity, Sun-ye hasn’t been left out from a rumor about having done plastic surgery by the netizens. Is it true that she did plastic surgery? Has her face changed a lot from the first time she debuted to her recent appearance? Is there any official statement about this?
Well, honestly, Sun-ye hasn’t given an official statement regarding her plastic surgery, unlike her fellow member from Wonder Girls, Hye-lim, where JYP officially stated that she hasn’t done any plastic surgery. Some netizens have made speculations about her getting a double eyelid surgery since she was born with a single eyelid.
But still, since there hasn’t been an official statement released, we can’t conclude that she has actually done it. It could be because of her diet and losing weight, or even a filler. Then again, Korea is popular for beauty technology, and it is not always related to plastic surgery. So if you’re curious about whether she did it or not, let’s just compare her appearance from pre-debuting, the Wonder Girls era, and her looks now.