All About Hwall (Hyunjun Hur): Profile, Departure from The Boyz, BL Drama, Etc.

Ex-The Boyz’s Hwall and Kevin Moon


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The Boyz once consisted of 12 talented and gorgeous members. One of them was Hwall. If you see how handsome Hwall’s face is, you might have fallen for him already. But, then you see other members of The Boyz, and all of them are handsome, too. And then, you see Kevin and look at Hwall again. And, you’ll probably get confused.

Because, same.

It seems like you’re not the only one if you think that Hwall and Kevin look like each other. The two of them have similar eyes and their faces are both small. Even their bodies are slim and slender, too. Their height is almost the same. If someone says that Kevin and Hwall are brothers, it is believable.

Let’s see some pictures of Kevin and Hwall to makes you even more confused. Oops, jk.

the boyz hwall
hwall kevin the boyz

One thing we know for sure, both Hwall and Kevin are attractive. The two of them also have a different aura. So, you can still love them equally.

Ex-The Boyz’s Hwall’s Departure from The Boyz

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We have seen the powerful era of The Boyz when they had 12 members. All of them are talented and did marvelous performances on stage. But, then suddenly Hwall had to take a hiatus, making the group perform with 11 members for a while.

In 2018, Hwall was diagnosed to have a serious problem with his leg. It happened while they were preparing for a comeback. But, Hwall suffered from pain in his ankle and had to sit out from the promotional activities of The Boyz. Hwall took time to recover. He came back for a while in August 2018 to do a full team promotion with The Boyz.

However, in October 2019, it was reported that Hwall officially left the group due to the poor state of his ankle after surgery. It was also said that he had a mental burden too regarding this injury. So, Hwall had to leave for the sake of his mental condition as well. The injury that he had was quite painful. Instead of making his ankle be in even more pain, the only thing that he could do was leave.

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That’s how Hwall became a former member of The Boyz. It was such a pity that Hwall could not continue to be with the other 11 members of The Boyz. At least he can continue to live well now.

Ex-The Boyz’s Hwall’s BL Drama

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After he departed from The Boyz, some fans were worried about his condition. But, Hwall later opened his Instagram account so he could share updates with his fans. Now we know that while Hwall might have terminated his contract with The Boyz’s agency, at least he is doing well as an independent.

That’s because Hwall can keep going without being a performer. His ankle might be injured, but he can continue to pursue his dream to be an entertainer by appearing in dramas.

Hwall, now known as Hyunjun Hur, was reported to be starring in a drama called Color Rush in November 2020. The drama tells a story about a boy who is colorblind. He can only see the world in grey colors. Then, he meets Yoo Han, a boy who can color his world in his own way.

hyunjun hur

Hyunjun Hur shared this good news on his social media. He asked fans to support his first drama.


It is nice to know that Hyunjun Hur, also known as Hwall, is becoming the person that he wanted. He always wanted to be an entertainer as a child even though he had to suffer from an injury. Hyunjun Hur still found a way to pursue his dream. Please don’t forget to always support Hwall who is now better known as Hyunjun Hur, his real name. Which of his charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!