Ex SNSD Member Jessica: U.S Debut and Her Latest News


Let’s Meet Krystal Jung’s Sibling, Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung or, as she’s commonly called, Jessica, is a singer, model, actress, songwriter, fashion designer, and businesswoman from South Korea. She is a former member of the famous girl-group Girls Generation, and also Krystal f(x)’s sister. Jessica was born in San Francisco, California, on April 18, 1989. She also has a Korean name, Jung Soo-Yeon. She was born in the same hospital as Girls Generation’s Tiffany. Jessica joined SM Entertainment in 2000, and trained there for about seven years before debuting with her group.

She started her official debut as a member of Girls Generation on August 5, 2007, with a single titled Into the New World. She also had great success with other SNSD members. However, on September 30, 2014, Jessica was reported to have left SNSD because she didn’t participate in a fan meeting in China. SM Entertainment confirmed the truth of the news that Jessica was officially no longer active in SNSD, but she is still under the management of SM Entertainment to do her solo activities. Then, on August 6, 2015, SM released an official statement that Jessica had ended her contract with SM Entertainment and parted well.

Jessica Jung’s Statement After Leaving Girls Generation


It’s been almost two years since Jessica Jung came out of the group that brought her name to prominence, SNSD. Although it happened a long time ago, there are still a lot of people who would like to know how and what Jessica felt when she made her decision.

Jessica, who used to be a member of SNSD (Girls Generations) and has since became a world star, conveyed her deepest thoughts about her time with SNSD. In an interview, she how frightening leaving the girl-group was. She talked about it in an interview with the fashion magazine Marie Claire Taiwan.

In the interview, she said, “I was quite scared in 2014, when I decided to leave Girls Generation, but I feel like living in a new world.” Jessica explained that she felt freer when she left SNSD, “After leaving Girls’ Generation, I have more freedom to do things.”

Since leaving SNSD, Jessica launched her own fashion brand, named Blanc & Eclare. Apart from being preoccupied with her business, Jessica has also made a comeback twice in the music industry with the release of two solo albums.

Jessica, who will turn 28 this year, revealed that besides being busy with a career, she also wants to be someone who is wiser.

“I think for the past year I have done many things and developed in various ways as a designer, singer, actress and musician.” Jessica continued “Of course, I waste a lot of time too, but every year, I want to be more wise.” she said.

Jessica Jung’s Solo Album

After leaving SNSD and SM Entertainment, Jessica was rumored to be making her solo debut in Korea in 2016. She officially signed an exclusive contract with a new label, Coridel Entertainment, on February 29, 2016, to conduct her upcoming solo activities. Coridel Entertainment’s CEO is Tyler Kwon, who is none other than Jessica’s sweetheart. Jessica officially made her solo debut on May 17, 2015, with her first mini album With Love, J. On December 10 the same year, Jessica released her second mini album. titled Wonderland.

On April 14, 2017, Coridel Entertainment released a teaser image that showed Jessica would comeback with a new song. Jessica then released a digital single titled It’s Spring, on April 18, 2017, which coincides with her birthday.

Jessica Jung Opens Up About The Meaning Of Her 1st Solo Album With Love, J

The performer finally proved herself serious about going solo with the release of her solo debut album With Love, J. She also opened up about the meaning contained behind the albums’ title.

“I have used it since my debut. Because when I sign something from my fans or write a letter, I always write ‘with love, J at the end,” Jessica said when interviewed by Billboard.

Not only that, the former SNSD member also revealed something else. She wanted to give her fans a gift, therefore ‘With Love, J’ was chosen as the album’s headline.

“I really want to give a gift to my fans, so that’s why I named this album With Love, J,” added the sibling of Krystal f(x).

In addition to releasing a mini album, Jessica also shared an MV from one of the singles, titled Fly. Filming for this MV was actually done in Los Angeles, and involved energetic background dancers.

There are 6 songs on her solo debut. The songs include Fly, Big Mini World, Falling Crazy In Love, Love Me the Same, Golden Sky and Dear Diary.

Blanc & Eclare


Blanc Group Ltd, trading as Blanc & Eclare, is a fashion brand that manufactures glasses, denim, clothing, skin care products, and accessories. The Korean-American singer and actress Jessica Jung launched the label in August, 2014, initially calling it Blanc, which means “clean and crisp”.

Blanc & Eclare merchandise is sold in around sixty stores in locations such as Seoul, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Vancouver. In December, 2016, Blanc & Eclare opened its first U.S. flagship store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York.

Jessica Jung Will Compete Acting With Ki Hong-Lee on Film ‘Two Bellmen 3’


After deciding to go solo, Jessica Jung seems to have an even more brilliant career. After her success as a designer and singer, the former Girls Generation member began trying her hand at acting. This time she participated in a short film project.

Reporting from Soompi, Jessica will join the project series Two Bellmen, which is a production of the JW Marriot hotel chain. The singer will appear in the third series, entitled Two Bellman 3.

Undaunted, Jessica will compete acting with the Korean-Hollywood actor Ki Hong-Lee. For those who liked The Maze Runner, Ki Hong-Lee played Minho in the franchise. He began to gain great popularity after starring in the film and now he has begun to be active in the Korean entertainment world.

Jessica and Ki Hong-Lee will act as a husband and wife who are on their honeymoon. When they were together they were even involved in the global bellmen game.

Filming the short film Two Bellmen 3 will take place in Seoul. The film will showcase the culture and views of the beautiful places in the Korean capital.

The Two Bellmen series uses JW Marriott hotels and resorts as a backdrop. The Two Bellmen films were the most popular short film series in Los Angeles, United States, while in Dubai the film is the second most popular short film series. Actors William Spencer and Caine Sinclair will participate in this short film and act as bellmen.

And now, Jessica is reportedly filming a short film with the one of the stars of the movie Maze Runner. The news came out after the JW Marriott hotel official Instagram account in Dongdaemun uploaded the latest photo.

In the photo, there is a clapperboard, complete with filming information for the short film. They also marked Jessica and Ki Hong Lee’s Instagram accounts, which caused many fans to speculate that the two were acting in the film.

This will also be Jessica’s first role in a Korean film since leaving SNSD. Surely fans are looking forward to seeing Jessica’s acting when the film is released.

Meanwhile, movie fans and the two main actors don’t need to visit the bishop to watch this film, because ‘Two Bellmen 3’ will be aired on YouTube in September.

Jessica Joined Mariah Carey’s Agency


Since leaving Girls Generation and SM Entertainment, Jessica underwent her solo activities under the agency Coridel Entertainment. Jessica doesn’t just want to spread her wings in the entertainment world around South Korea and China alone, she has a strong international career with the help of renowned agencies. She was recently reported to have signed a contract with an American agency, the United Talent Agency (UTA).

This agency will not only help Jessica to pursue a career in America, but also internationally. The information was revealed in a statement from Coridel Entertainment. “We are an extraordinary business and potential management capability at UTA and we will expand Jessica’s promotion in America and globally through this label,” said Coridel.

In addition, the UTA itself is feeling very positive about working with Jessica. “We have high anticipation of working with Jessica because she has tremendous potential and ability and we will support her global development,” said the Asian market director of UTA, Max Michael.

Even cooler, Jessica will be at an agency with famous Hollywood celebrities. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Tyra Banks, and singer Mariah Carey all work under the auspices of the UTA.

Jessica is not the first Korean celebrity to join an American agency. Previously, Lee Byung-Hun also had a contract with UTA to support his acting career in the United States.

Hearing the news, many of the netizens who helped support Jessica’s career to the international arena were excited. As fans know, since leaving SNSD, Jessica is more often involved in entertainment activities on Chinese television programs.

“I can’t wait to see the schedule in the US. My guess is she will act and model,” said one netter. “Congratulations Jessica,” said the netter. “The first thing she had to do was take off the Disney Princess concept. She could do better than that,” said another.

Jessica’s Ready To Debut In America


Jessica Jung, is rumored to be debuting as an actress in America. This San Francisco-born artist has signed a contract with UTA.

Already successful as a businesswoman, Jessica continues to pursue a career in the world of singing, as demonstrated when she released a Christmas song titled One More Christmas. In an interview, Jessica said she had many plans about what she would do in 2019, which would soon arrive. One of those plans involves acting. As a step forward, Jessica recently signed a contract with UTA (United Talent Agency).

“After signing a contract with UTA, we continue to discuss many projects. I hope to get a good chance. Besides that, in my opinion this is the right time for Asians to get the spotlight abroad.”

UTA is one of the largest agents in America. This sister of Krystal Jung is, of course, still taking shelter at Coridel Entertainment and East West (EWA). UTA will manage all of Jessica’s promotional activities in America.

The news that Jessica will make her debut in America also reaped various comments. Not a few of them have been scornful.

“Jessica’s business has lost its appeal and they closed all of their shops in Korea and are now in the process of closing their stores in China. She can only fill the concert location with a capacity of 1,000 people. That’s why she is now changing the direction of her career,” one netter said.

“Does she think the American market is easy to enter?” another person sneered.

“There is not a single thing that she managed to do, she was just lucky to still survive so far,” wrote another netter.

“I don’t think her English is as fluent as that. Tiffany and Krystal sounded like they lived there a long time ago, but is there something strange about Jessica’s English and she wants to act there?” write other netizens.

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