Ex-Pristin’s Xiyeon: Profile, Age, Acting, Etc.

Ex-Pristin’s Xiyeon’s Performances on Stage


We already learned about Xiyeon’s debut era with Pristin and their first single track “Wee Woo” released in 2017. Now let’s see the performances of Xiyeon with the other girls from Pristin in some music shows!

What do you think of Xiyeon’s performances? She’s such a cute rapper, right? Other Pristin members also did really great in their performances. It was such a pity that Pristin didn’t have many songs, if not included the songs from Pledis Girlz promotion.

But don’t worry, now, let’s see the performances of Xiyeon in the videos that are focused on her alone to see how much she has grown from her debut days!

What do you think of Xiyeon’s performances? Knowing that she has quit being an idol, it is such a shame that we can’t see her performances again in the future. But still, let’s appreciate the performances that she has done back in the days when she was still active as an idol!

Xiyeon Left Pristin and Pledis Entertainment


We have mentioned before that Xiyeon decided not to continue her career as an idol and instead, she chose a career path in the acting field. But what happened to her that made her quit the idol career, you may ask?

Well, as you know, Pledis Entertainment has been known for the bad treatment of some of its artists. Pristin included. They made a debut in early 2017, but they rarely had promotional activities. Not even for Xiyeon who had been a trainee in their agency for too long. Pristin made a few comebacks, indeed. They also debuted a new subunit called Pristin V, but other members didn’t get a chance to shine.

In February 2019, when Xiyeon had a graduation ceremony in her high school, the Seoul School of Performing Arts or SOPA, she didn’t join the press pictures of celebrities who graduated from that school, for example, some idols such as Jeno from NCT, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, Daehwi from AB6IX, etc. But as for Xiyeon, she didn’t attend the graduation with her manager or staff from Pledis Entertainment. This made the fans angry with how Pledis Entertainment treated her.


Nevertheless, Xiyeon still smiled so brightly captured by the fans who attended to support her.

That’s why it wasn’t surprising that on May 24th, 2019, Pristin announced that the group has disbanded due to the fact that seven of the members decided not to renew their contracts, including Xiyeon. Some fans were glad that Xiyeon finally left Pledis Entertainment after her talent was being wasted.

Ex-Pristin’s Xiyeon’s Acting Career


Xiyeon who used to be a child actress when she was a trainee in Pledis Entertainment decided to not renew her contract with the agency. Although some fans are happy, there are those who are also worried about Xiyeon’s future. Will she be debuting in a new girl group? Or is she going to pursue a solo career? Especially, Pristin shut down their social media, so fans couldn’t keep in touch with Xiyeon.

But all those concerns came to an end when Xiyeon shared a post to her Instagram account. It was said that she will be an actress and currently working on an independent film at that time.


In July 2020, Xiyeon finally signed with an agency that only focuses on its actors and actresses, Sooyeongang Entertainment. She also joined the cast of a web drama titled Trap along with Kim Dong-han, Woo Davi, etc. The drama was aired on TikTok and YouTube channel.

Let’s hope for the best for actress Xiyeon!


We have reached the end of the article. Congrats, you have learned more information about Xiyeon, the former member of Pristin, who now made a debut as an actress and is focused on the acting field. Hopefully, she will shine bright as an actress in the future. It was such a shame that she spent her childhood and teenage years as a trainee but wasn’t treated nicely as an idol. That’s fine, Xiyeon, we will support you no matter what!