Ex-Norazo’s Lee Hyuk: What’s He been Doing Since He left the Group?

About Lee Hyuk’s Departure From Norazo


Norazo is a group known for comical concepts and for their eccentric stages. In 2005, Lee Hyuk made his debut in the music industry with Norazo’s first album, Norazo (노라조). At first, he confessed that he was ashamed back then, but came to enjoy it after a little while. However, in February, 2017, Lee Hyuk announced his withdrawal from the team. Both members of the duo have agreed to end their 12-year partnership. And after the departure of Lee Hyuk, vocalist Won Heum joined as the newest member of Norazo.

He told the media that he set up a company after leaving the group. He also continued his singing career as a soloist and also as part of a three-member band called H.Y.U.K (Holy Youngman Ultra Kingdom). The band’s name is a shortened form of “super kingdom of the holy young people”. The three people in the group have similar musical tendencies, so they wrote, composed, and arranged their album together. Sometimes Lee Hyuk also challenges him self as a musical actor.

There were rumours of disagreements between the original Norazo members, but it’s completely untrue. The separation is described as something both he and Jo Bin (the other Norazo member) have discussed for a long time. With the false rumors circulating, Lee Hyuk had this to say to worried fans: “I have many thoughts in my head today. I will have time to remember and think again about all of our past activities. In the meantime, thank you very much to those who loved Norazo. There are many good memories working and laughing together these past 12 years… I will keep those memories with me as I make new music. Norazo is not gone, but will have different sounds and performances. Please give me a lot of support!! From now on, I will swim in my own world of music. I’m off!!

Lee Hyuk’s Latest News


On November 19th, 2018, at 12:00 pm, Lee Hyuk released a new song titled Do You Hear This Song? (이 노래가 들리나요) on various online music sites. The song is an emotionally-balanced ballad with a distinctive sound that’s as bit different from the rock sounds Lee Hyuk has shown until now. Do You Hear This Song? is the fifth song that’s part of the music project ‘STORY NOTE’ by Lee Hyuk. Through the project, he will continue to show off more popular and emotional music.