Ex-Norazo’s Lee Hyuk: What’s He been Doing Since He left the Group?


Let’s Get to Know The Owner Of The Exotic Visual, Lee Hyuk!

Lee Hyuk was a member of the male duo Norazo for 12 yearsm starting in 2005, along with Jo Bin. In 2017, he departed from the group and continued his career in singing with various activities. Famous for his exotic looks and excellent singing skills, he was also member of the underground band July (줄라이) and the trio rock band Openhead (오픈헤드). So why did he leave Norazo? And how has he been doing recently? Check his profile and facts to find out more!

Former Member of Norazo, Lee Hyuk: Full Profile


Stage Name : Lee Hyuk (이혁)
Real Name : Lee Jae-Young (이재용)
Chinese Name : 李在鎔
Agency : Norazo Productions (노라조 프로덕션), Yu Kayokozu (유케이레코즈)
Nationality : South Korean
Hometown : Seoul, South Korea
Birth Date : August 26, 1979
Height : 184 cm
Weight : 72 kg
Blood Type : A
Interests : Drive, Health
Language : Korean, Mandarin
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/satanman666
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hyuk.lee.7311
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/e_hyuk_666/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe6JXYfF32l8H_4k6f-NKeQ

Lee Hyuk’s Facts & Trivia

  • He spent 10 years in China, originally debuting in a group that underwent several name changes before settling on “鄰家王子” (which means ‘the princes next door’).
  • He was also the male protagonists in a movie called “第二夢” (’Second Dream’).
  • When he was four, his father, who was a musician, had a speaker at home. After playing with a friend, his loudspeaker fell on Lee Hyuk’s head and his tongue was cut off. He said that he could not say ‘I love you’ to his girlfriend, and after she laughed at him, he got better with the help of balloons while pronouncing words.
  • When he was 21, he never came home with a guitar because his father opposed his passion.
  • It’s said that he decided to become a famous singer after his father died in a traffic accident.
  • He trained to be in an idol group and practiced, but he thought that dance music wasn’t suitable for him at the time, so he quit.
  • In 2003, when he was in high school, he formed a band with drummer Lee Jae-Hoon called Openhead.
  • Jo Bin and Lee Hyuk met by accident when they started to use the same practice room. Jo cited Lee Hyuk’s good physique and singing skills as being what first caught his attention. When Jo Bin went to his house and saw that all kinds of taxes were overdue, he paid for the card debt and the rent payment tax instead. Lee Hyuk, who was thrilled with this, agreed to make a group and a contract with Jo Bin.
  • Jo Bin decided to trick Lee Hyuk into joining him by telling him they were going to sing ballads. Later, they decided to do music different from the usual K-pop sound.
  • Lee Hyeok was diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis, or a severe kidney infection, in 2009, and his health deteriorated. However, with the help of hospital treatments and steady food control, he was able to recover. The following year, he concentrated on muscular workout and became a bodybuilder with chocolate abs. He has drawn attention with his appearance from the beginning of his debut.
  • In 2009, Norazo was the 10th ‘Grand Prize’ winner in the 17th Korea Cultural Entertainment Grand Prix, and in 2010 they won the ‘Seoul Success Award, Singer’.
  • He is 185 cm tall and muscular. The number of tattoo on his body gets a little bigger each time he releases an album. The problem is that the tattoos can’t be shown on broadcast, so they always come out blurred.
  • He opened a YouTube channel. In just six months, it reached 16 million subscribers.
  • He has been revealed to be CHAOS’s vocal instructor.
  • Lee Hyuk showed his 18-note range during MBC’s Quiz to Change the World. With no end to the high notes, Lee Hyuk truly proved his roots as a rocker. On hearing him, the guests of the show gave him warm applause. Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “It’s amazing that he reached that 18 notes” and “I got goosebumps listening to it“.

Lee Hyuk’s Discography


Norazo’s Albums:
2005.08.02 Norazo – The First Album
2007.03.20 Miseongnyeon jabulgama (미성년자불가마)
2008.11.20 Three Go
2010.04.20 Hwangoltaltae (환골탈태)
2011.11.04 Jeongukjepae (전국제패)

Norazo’s Singles :
2006.05 Republic of Korea (Bundesrepublik Koreana) (대한민국)
2009.03.31 Arche
2009.07.08 Mackerel (고등어)
2009.12.01 Ambitious (야심작)
2010.03.10 2010 Norazo Namagong World Cup Song (2010 노라조 남아공 월드컵송)
2010.10;06 Pyojeoljak (표절작)
2010.12.16 Doggies (멍멍이)
2011.05.06 Stalls (포장마차)
2011.08.19 She’s gone
2011.09.22 Red Day (빨간날)
2012.05.04 Woman (Female) Person (여자사람)
2013.11.13 Wild Horse (야생마)
2014.05.12 Chiigo bakhigo muneungsangsa (치이고 박히고 무능상사)
2014.06.17 Mariorang NORAZO (마리오랑 노라조)
2014.09.23 First Evo.7
2015.02.16 Your Fortune, Your NATO (니 팔자야)
2016.02.04. Sweet Dog (멍멍이와 냥이)

Norazo’s OSTs :
Honey Jar – “I Love You Too” (내게도 사랑이) – Release Date : September 17, 2010
Ineffective Boss Without Power (치이고 박히고 무능상사) – Release Date : May 12, 2014
Happy Home (가화만사성) OST Part 2 – Release Date : March 12, 2016
Begin Again (다시 시작해) OST Part 7 – Release date : July 5, 2016

Others :
Mario and Norazo (마리오랑 노라조) – Release Date – June 17, 2014
MadTeam – Bang Bang: Like DJ Records (뱅뱅 : 디제이 레코드처럼) – August 13, 2010
HANG5VA – Cinderella (신데렐라): Ferry Remix, SAM&SP3CK Remix – January 9, 2017

Lee Hyuk’s Appearances on King of Mask SingerImmortal Songs


Lee Hyuk is commonly known as a South Korean rock singer. His ‘shouting technique’ in his singing has been acknowledged by fellow singers and fans. On KBS’s Immortal Song 2, which broadcasted its eighth episode on July 23rd, 2011, Lee Hyuk participated with seven of the nation’s other top male solo artists. Participants including Kim Tae Woo, Wheesung, Hwanhee, Lee Jung, K.Will, SG Wannabe’s Lee Suk Hoon, and musical actor Im Tae Kyung. The theme of the contest for this special edition was ‘Korea’s Legendary Pop Songs Top 100’. The songs performed by each of the artists were selected by the singers themselves, with the special judges being broadcaster Lee Sang Byuk and music critic Kang Hun. The studio held a total of 30 media outlets and 500 judges in the audience, with the majority of them being middle aged and older. The final winner of the show was declared to be Lee Hyuk.

Meanwhile, on MBC’s King of Mask Singer, Lee Hyuk had three consecutive wins in the broadcasts of January, 2017, impressing all the viewers with his high-pitched voice, but he was eventually defeated by a slight difference and was forced to took off his mask (stage name: flower path). After he took it off, he shared that there were people who had a lot of misconceptions about him, such as rumors of having mixed blood, and that’s why he sang Korean songs in the competition, to prove he spoke good Korean.

Lee Hyuk’s Love Life: Girlfriend


There’s no clear confirmation about whether the singer is single or not. During the recording of show Witch’s Hunt in August, 2015, Lee Hyuk told the viewers that he didn’t have time for dating, which led to various assumptions. He then explained about his ideal woman. He frankly admitted that he would look at her hips and skin tone, and he liked a woman whose beauty resembles a vampire. What do you think of his ideal type?