From ex-Laboum’s Yulhee to ex-Wonder Girls’ Sunye, Here’s a List of K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Group After They Got Married


Marriage in K-Pop

There are a lot of K-Pop idols who have already tied the knot. Some K-Pop idols who have married have still continued their careers. But, there are also some idols decided to leave their occupation, especially members from certain idol groups. Channel Korea will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!

Members of idol groups who decided to leave their group due to their marriage must’ve surprised their fans, even though their fans remained to gave a lot of encouragement and support towards them. But still, it was hopefully one of the best decisions in their lives, and as fans, we must respect that. Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you to some of the K-Pop idols who left their group after their marriage!

Ex-Wonder Girl’s Sunye

Wonder Girl's Sunye

First, we have Sunye, a former member of Wonder Girls! Sunye married with her Korean-Canadian spouse, James Park, in 2013. The couple met for the first time in Haiti, where James Park was working as a volunteer. At the time, Park thought that his decision to marry Sunye was the right thing to do, even though some people around Sunye weren’t as happy about it since Sunye was at the peak of her popularity with Wonder Girls.

Sunye officially left Wonder Girls in January 2013. It was confirmed by her agency, JYP Entertainment at the time. Even though Sunye was famously known as an idol who didn’t have any haters, after her marriage, haters started coming out of the woodwork and saying they thought that Sunye was selfish because she left Wonder Girls to get married. Eventually, as  time went by, people people started to accept her decision.


Currently, Sunye and James Park have three daughters. They are Eun-yoo (Hailey), Ha-jin (Elisha), and Yoo-jin (Madison). Even though her family was living in Haiti for a couple of years, in 2018 Sunye and her husband decided to leave Haiti due to the safety concerns. She was focusing her life as an mother and wife, and sometimes also involved in charity events, collaborating with certain brands for charity, and taking on other projects. In August, 2018, she announced that she’d signed a contract with new agency, Polaris Entertainment, and would be returning to the entertainment industry as soon as possible.

Ex-Crayon Pop’s Soyul

Crayon Pop Soyul

Next, there’s Soyul, the former member of Crayon Pop! Soyul surprised her fans with the announcement of her marriage in 2017, after previously surprising them with her departure from Crayon Pop in 2016. She was married in February, 2017.

Soyul married H.O.T’s Moon Hee-jun, the leader of the group. After their marriage, they welcomed their first beautiful daughter in the same year, named Heeyul. Even though Soyul was pregnant before their marriage, Moon Hee-jun still supported her and, with their pure love, they decided to be married as soon as possible. Their daughter also often appeared in the variety show Return of Superman.

Soyul married

Currently, Soyul is focusing her daily activities as a mother and wife. One of her latest appearances was through the variety show Return of Superman with her beautiful daughter! Watch their appearance here:

Ex-Laboum’s Yulhee

Laboum Yulhee

Next, we have the former member of LaBoum, Yulhee! Before she got married, Laboum’s agency, NH Entertainment, made the announcement that Yulhee decided to leave the group in November, 2017, and terminated her contract with the agency.

Meanwhile, Yulhee married FT ISLAND’s Minhwan in October, 2018. Their marriage was held privately. Yulhee had given birth of her first child in May, 2018. Even though at first she kept her pregnancy a secret, eventually she told her family and her sweetheart before their marriage was held.


Currently, Yulhee is focused on being a wife and mother, although one of her latest appearances was in the reality show Happy Together. She talked about her married life and how she met Minhwan. The two of them appeared together in Mr. House Husband season 2, with their son, Jaeyul.

Here are some of her updates on her Instagram, @yul._.hee:

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일로오세여 일로오세여~~~

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You can see her family’s appearance on Mr. House Husband season 2 here:

Ex-U-KISS’ Dongho

U-Kiss Dongho

Moving on to the male K-Pop idol, Dongho from U-KISS! He married Kim See-hee in 2015. From the time of their marriage, they welcomed a son soon afterwards, named Asher Shin. Before they couple got married, Dongho had already decided to leave the group in October, 2013, which was confirmed by his agency, NH Entertainment. He also decided to leave the entertainment industry, as a whole, in the same year.


Unfortunately, Dongho and his wife decided to divorce in 2018, three years after their marriage. Even so, Dongho and his ex-wife still take good care of their son as well, since they don’t want their divorce to affect him as he grows up. He released a statement about his divorce, making his apologies and asking for support for their family.

Currently Dongho is working as a DJ with the stage name Rushin Justin. Watch his performance as a DJ here:

Super Junior’s Sungmin


Last, but not least, we have Super Junior’s Sungmin! Sungmin surprised his fans with the news that he was dating actress Kim Sa-eun, and they would be getting married in 2014, in a private wedding.


Actually, Sungmin hasn’t left the group yet, but he’s been inactive from Super Junior’s latest activities since his marriage and his discharge after military service. Unfortunately, some of Super Junior’s fans have been demanding that Sungmin leave the group.

They thought that Sungmin damaged Super Junior’s whole image. The fandom stated, “We announce to indefinitely boycott Super Junior and all members’ activities until the agency release a clear statement“. The fans’ anger could be because of Sungmin’s unexpected marriage since the group had a very busy schedule at the time.

Currently, Sungmin is still focusing his daily activities on his YouTube channel, LIUstudio! Watch some of the content from his YouTube channel here:

Well, that was all of the information about some of the K-Pop idols who decided to leave their groups after they got married! Even though they weren’t in their groups anymore, they will still always have a special place in their fans’ hearts. And also, for the sake of their happiness, let’s support them and spread the love together!

Channel Korea has introduced you to the list of K-Pop idols who left the group due to their marriage, so don’t forget to tell us your thoughts and kindly leave a comment down below!