All About IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura: Profile, Birthday, Hangul Name, ‘Produce 48’

miyawaki sakura

Meet the Pretty Japanese Idol, Miyawaki Sakura

Have you been a fan of K-pop for years? Even though we have spent a lot of years liking K-pop, we can’t help but stay being a K-pop fan because every year, there are many new idols born. Not to mention that the K-pop industry filled with various kind of idols that makes us fall in love with different charms of the idols every day.

Not only the idols from Korea but also idols who is a foreigner. Like us, international fans, the foreign idols used to be fans of K-pop back then before they moved to Korea to be a trainee. We can mention some popular foreign K-pop idols such as Nichkhun from 2 PM, Lisa from Blackpink, Bambam, Jackson and Mark from Got7, Yuta from NCT, and many more names we can’t mention one by one.

K-pop indeed is so popular internationally. No wonder the pretty Japanese idol from HKT48 is also a fan of K-pop. And not only become a fan, but she also has an opportunity to be a K-pop idol. Oh, how lucky she is!

But who is the idol that we’re talking about anyway?

Miyawaki Sakura, a member of HKT48, debuted in a K-pop girl group called IZ*ONE. Sakura’s popularity is expanding to Korea and even worldwide after joining the survival show called “Produce 48”, a collaboration between the “Produce 101” series with the Japanese 48 group.

Now, let’s explore more facts and things we should know about Miyawaki Sakura!

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura’s Profile

Of course, if we want to know about someone, we have to know basic things first. We indeed know her name and her face, and maybe some other info such as her group, etc. But if we don’t know her birthday or blood type, then what’s the point? She might have shared the same zodiac as you too!

So, wait no more, let’s see the profile of IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura down below!

Full name: Miyawaki Sakura

Korean Name: 미야와키 사쿠라

Japanese Name: 宮脇咲良

Nickname: Kkura, Saku-chan, Drakkura, etc.

Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Birthdate: March 19. 1998

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Education: Shigakukan Middle School

Position: Subvocal, sub rapper

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood Type: A

Weight: 43 kg

Height: 163 cm

Family: Parents, 1 younger brother (born in 2010)

Debut date with IZ*ONE: October 29

Debut year: 2018

Agency: AKS (HKT48) / Off The Record (IZ*ONE)

Instagram: @39saku_chan

Twitter: @39saku_chan

IZ*ONE’s Instagram: @official_izone

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki’s Sakura Facts

After learning about Sakura’s profile, it’s better to learn some interesting facts about her, too, right? So, let’s see some TMI or too much information about Sakura that you might haven’t known before!

  • Before debuted in Korea, Sakura was already a fan of K-pop. She likes SHINee’s song, “Sherlock”, and she’s a fan of Red Velvet and Blackpink too.
  • Sakura also liked Korean dramas before she debuted as a K-pop idol. She likes Kim Soo-hyun after watching “My Love From the Star”, she likes the popular drama “Goblin” too.
  • Sakura loves to play games, and she has a gaming YouTube channel that you can find here.
  • Sakura loves manga and novels too. The one that she reads recently is My Hero Academia.
  • Among Korean chicken, Sakura likes the Kyochon chicken honey combo. She likes tofu stew and kimchi stew too.
  • Sakura is a good cook. She has been cooking since her days in HKT48.
  • Sakura has a younger brother who was born around the time when she debuted with HKT48. Since she was busy with work, she couldn’t get close with her brother when he was younger. Sakura said that Sakura’s brother has a tsundere personality type.

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura’s Pre Debut: Family, Idol in Japan

Miyawaki Sakura was born and raised on March 19, 1998, in Kagoshima. She was the firstborn in her family. Her parents got married at a young age, 20 and 23 years old. Sakura has a younger brother who was born in 2010.

As a kid, Sakura fell in love with music after watching the Phantom of the Opera musical. In her hometown, Kagoshima, she attended a musical school in her 3rd grade due to the love for music. Sakura joined the theater company called “Four Seasons”. There, she performed the “Lion King” musical show. She also went to Broadway for a week to learn more about musicals in 2010.

In 2011, Sakura joined an audition for HKT48 and passed. She became a regular member starting in 2012. Making her be the first generation of HKT48 at such a young age, although not the youngest. But at that time, Sakura was only 14 years old when she was introduced to the public as Miyawaki Sakura of HKT48.

In HKT48, Sakura’s catchphrase is, “Anata mo, anata mo, minna no kokoro ni (Sakura Sake!) Kagoshima-ken shusshin, Miyawaki Sakura 22-sai desu” which means, “You too, you too, in everyone’s heart (Sakura blooms)! I’m 22 years old Miyawaki Sakura from Kagoshima!”

Here are some clips of Miyawaki Sakura in HKT48!

Can you spot Sakura? What a cutie she is. HKT48 fans in Japan and the international fans must love Sakura very much!

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura’s Produce48

In April 2018, Sakura’s name was announced to be a part of the new season of the survival program called “Produce 101”. If the program usually has many trainees from various companies, for the season that Sakura was in, the participants were from Korea and Japan. Since the name of the season was “Produce 48”, the participants are both trainees from the Korean entertainment industry and Japanese idols from 48 groups.

Not only became one of the contestants, but Sakura was also appointed as the center. As you may already know, in the first episode, all of the contestants performed their theme song together. And among all the contestants, Sakura was the center. No wonder she became the center. She’s just too cute and too talented!

Here are some clips of Sakura in “Produce 48”!

What do you think about her performances? She was so cute back then. No wonder people started to like her!

The final episode revealed that Sakura ranked 2nd in the “Produce 48” survival show! This means that Sakura would be debuting in the new girl group formed by Mnet. Congrats, Sakura!

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura’s Debut with IZ*ONE

Sakura might have debuted in 2011 when she was the first generation of trainees in HKT48 and made a regular debut in 2012. But then, in 2018, she made her second debut. Not only around the Japanese industry but for now, she would be debuting in the K-pop industry.

After elected to be the second rank of “Produce 48”, Sakura and other Produce 48 participants ranked top 11 prepared for their debut after the show ends. The group would be promoting in Korea and Japan, so the members needed to learn both Japanese and Korean so they can interact with the fans better.

Finally, the long-awaited debut is over. On October 29, 2018, the top 11 members of “Produce 48” revealed that they would debut with a new group called IZ*ONE. They also released their first Extended Play called Color*iz.

Here is the teaser debut for Sakura in IZ*ONE!

And for the music video, here is the music video of IZ*ONE’s debut song, “La Vie en Rose”!

What do you think about IZ*ONE’s debut song? The girls sing and dance so well. No wonder fans are liking the first single song from IZ*ONE. They also gained a lot of fans in Korea and internationally. Most of their fans are so loyal, which led them to win their first trophy on November 8, 2018.

Good job, IZ*ONE! Good job, Sakura!