All About IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura: Profile, Birthday, Hangul Name, ‘Produce 48’

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura Performances on Stage

sakura miyawaki

We have seen IZ*ONE’s debut era in 2018 that brought success for the girls. But we haven’t really focused on Sakura’s performance on stage. Since our girl has entered the performing world at a very young age, no wonder Sakura can handle the stage really well.

However, even though she has debuted in the Japanese idol industry since 2011, which means it has been over 5 years, coming to the K-pop industry is quite new. Then again, K-pop and J-pop industry do have some differences.

So, let’s see how good Sakura is when she’s performing with IZ*ONE!

What do you think about Sakura’s performance? After seeing her with IZ*ONE members, let’s see some videos focusing only on her!

Now we can see more of her better! Sakura is indeed a full package. She doesn’t only have a pretty face but also so talented. Who’s rooting for her already?

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura Korean Skills

sakura nako

We all know that Sakura is Japanese. She became a J-pop idol in HKT48 and participated in a Korean-Japanese survival program called “Produce 48”. The show was aired in Korea and had some Korean trainers too. No wonder the contestants need to learn Korean, even though Lee Hong-ki, who acted as the MC, translated for them too.

But now that Sakura debuted in Korea, it means that she has to improve her Korean to communicate with fans and the interviewer better, right? Not to mention that most of the IZ*ONE’s members are Koreans. You must be wondering how good Sakura’s Korean skills are, so let’s see some clip of Sakura speaks in Korean!

What do you think about Sakura’s Korean skills? She’s such a fast learner. If she can learn Korean fast, then we, international fans, can learn Japanese and Korean to interact with Sakura!

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura’s Future: Re-Debut in Korea or Comeback in Japan?


Sakura’s future is being questioned after the last year of IZ*ONE’s promotion. As you may already know, the group formed by the “Produce 101” series is only temporary. I.O.I, the first generation of the “Produce 101” series, only had 9 months of promotion. WANNA ONE, the group formed in the second season of “Produce 101”, only had two years of promotion. As for IZ*ONE, they are lucky enough to have three years of promotion.

But the three years have passed quickly. Now in 2021, people are wondering how the members will continue their activity after disbanded from IZ*ONE? Especially the Japanese members who already got a lot of fans in the K-pop industry.

Sakura is one of the members who caught attention a lot. She already has HKT48 before debuted in IZ*ONE. She will be predicted to go back to Japan and promote with HKT48 just like before she went to Korea, despite being so popular in Korea.


Even so, many fans want her to be in the K-pop industry, just like most of the other members from the “Produce 101” series, which made a debut in Korea as a solo artist or in a K-pop group.

sakura miyawaki

But still, there wasn’t any confirmation about her future yet. Let’s hope what’s best for Sakura in the future, whether in Korea or Japan. We wish her the best!


That’s all the information that we can gather for you to learn more about Miyawaki Sakura. Just like her beautiful name, she’s also a beautiful and talented idol. She even has debuted at a very young age and has performed musical shows since the 3rd grade. No wonder fans in Japan and Korea love her so much. She also has a lot of fans internationally. Let’s wish the best for Sakura! Which of Sakura’s charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment!