EvoL’s Say’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Solo Career

EvoL’s Say’s Solo Career

evol say profile

EvoL’s Say is a Korean R&B singer-songwriter. She debuted as a member of the girl group EvoL in 2012, and after the group disbanded in 2015, he signed a contract with Universal Music and debuted as a solo artist through her debut single “CIRCLE” in 2017. On May 21st, 2018, her first full-length album CLAASSIC was released.

She is using her own ‘eyes’ as the official logo, and it is said that the design was made with the goal of making music directly visible through stage performance without stopping to listen to music.

evol say profile

Prior to her solo career, she was in charge of the leader, vocals, and choreography position in EvoL. In SHOW ME THE MONEY 2, she appeared as a feature in Mad Clown’s first preliminary song “Let It Go”. EvoL’s Say once participated in a public audition for JYP Entertainment.

Her dancing skills are quite good. She liked to dance since she was a child and when she was 9 years old, she even made her own choreography. It is said that she learned to dance by herself. In middle school, she was active in dance club activities and often went to various performances. In high school, she worked part-time as a dance instructor. During her time in the girl group EvoL, she was the main dancer and frequently participated in choreography.

Even after her solo debut, she continues to release choreographed songs such as “Encore” and “ZGZG”.

EvoL’s Say also can play the piano for a long time. Her language proficiency is considerable. In particular, her English skills are quite notable. Most of the lyrics are in English, and conversations can be done freely. Beside that, it seems that she can speak Japanese. EvoL’s Say’s mother majored in traditional music and her father played guitar and composes. That is why it is said that she was influenced a lot by her parents for music. In particular, she learned Korean dance and pansori from her mother.

Recently, EvoL’s Say who works under a new stage name SAAY, worked on EXO’s Baek-hyun’s J-POP album’s track “WHIPPIN” and the mini-album Vol. 3 with the title track “Bambi” being lyrically composed by SAAY.

EvoL’s Say as a Solo Artist, SAAY

evol say profile

EvoL’s Say, who is currently pursuing a career as a solo artist under the name SAAY, released her latest mini-album FEELosophy, on October 20th, 2020, which features an animated music video by JUSTHIS for the title track “OMEGA”. FEELosophy has 8 tracks, such as “FANTASTIC”, “OMEGA”, “A.M.A.F”, “PLAYER”, “HOLD ME UP”, “ALOHA”, “A.M.A.F Remix (Feat. JUSTHIS)”, and “ARE & BE”.

SAAY was in charge of being the most important person while making this album as the album chief director and music producer. The genre owned by some of the songs on this album is also RnB which is also done by several musicians, such as DEEZ as the chief producer and music producer, SOULTRiii as the music production, JoXuatrii (aka Jun Hyung Park) and SOULTRiii as the mixed and mastered, TSUZOO as the music video art, Dylon Lee, Seohoi Park (Universal Music Group) as the A&R, and managed by Taeho Lee.

evol say profile

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