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evol say profile

Everything You Should Know About EvoL’s Leader Kwon So-hee

Being one of the idols in South Korea entails many struggles that must be overcome by a person before they debut and set up a stable career in the entertainment industry. Likewise, the career of one of the members of girl group EvoL that debuted in 2012 with a single titled “We Are a Bit Different”, who sadly experienced a career decline and they had to be disbanded.

Behind it all, all members certainly did not rejoin the group and had to start a new career path and re-debut as solo artists or girl group members. As an example, EvoL’s Say, who held the position of leader and was also a member with great potential in the group, has now restarted her career as a solo artist and has a pretty good reputation in the music industry.

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EvoL’s Say’s Full Profile

evol say profile

Real Name: Kwon So-hee (Hangul: 권소희)

Stage Name: Say (Hangul: 세이)

Birthday: April 13th, 1993

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 170cm (5’7″)

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Family Members: Parents, a brother, and a sister


  • Sinduk Middle School
  • Eonnam High School

Official Sites:

EvoL’s Say’s Fun Facts

evol say profile
  1. EvoL’s Say’s official fandom name is Slaayer
  2. EvoL’s Say was born in Busan, South Korea
  3. EvoL’s Say is a fan of metal band Megadeth and J-ROCK group X-Japan
  4. EvoL’s Say helped write the lyrics to Super Junior-M‘s Henry‘s song
  5. EvoL’s Say has a clothing brand called SLAAY
  6. EvoL’s Say has a ritual before a concert which is to say encouraging things to herself
  7. EvoL’s Say’s stage name has changed to SAAY; she added one more ‘A’ to her previous stage name when she was promoting with EvoL to develop her new image as an artist
  8. EvoL’s Say’s stage name means ‘Say to the world through the music’ and ’Become a speaker through music’
  9. EvoL’s Say is one of the female idols who have 50 songs that have been registered by KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association)

EvoL’s Say’s Visual

South Korean entertainment no doubt has several singers who are also prioritized to have very beautiful and handsome visuals. Many admire singers or entertainers from South Korea, because apart from being talented, they also have visuals that are even above Korean beauty standards. In this case, EvoL’s Say also has visuals that look unreal and she has also been a model on several occasions.

Let’s take a closer look at EvoL’s Say to find out more about her visual.

evol say profile

EvoL’s Say, who used to be the leader of the group, actually has a very high spirit as a leader. Not only from visuals or appearance, but EvoL’s Say can amaze everyone with her talent and her beauty as well. Like in the picture above, we can see EvoL’s Say’s face from very close with shades of red light shining on her face. The pose also seems to give a sensual and sexy impression.

evol say profile

Beside that, EvoL’s Say can also look feminine and has a pretty good fashion taste. After joining Universal Music to continue her solo career, EvoL’s Say, who changed her stage name to SAAY, is now seen posing in the studio of her new management label. In the photo above, she is wearing semi-formal clothes and natural makeup to come to the office and take pictures there. Can you recognize SAAY in formal attire like this? She looks naturally beautiful, right?

evol say profile

If you visit EvoL’s Say’s official Instagram account, you will find many aesthetic pictures that show her side of being the female solo artist who, of course, has a charm with more fierce and badass vibes on her image. You can also see how attractive EvoL’s Say is with a makeup concept that is made very beautiful and suitable for her to wear, but seems to be able to hypnotize many people just by staring at this picture.

evol say profile

One of the former members of the girl group, Kwon So-hee, also has a talent for making excellent music. As written in the fun fact section, EvoL’s Say is one of the female idols registered with KOMCA and has copyright-protected songs. She is certainly one of the talented musicians from South Korea and also pursues her career in the entertainment industry to continue to maintain a stable artist image. Not only as a musician, but EvoL’s Say’s visuals also look pure and beautiful as you can see in the photo above, right?

evol say profile

The charm and charisma of EvoL’s Say can change immediately if she is performing on stage. It’s not easy for girl group members who continue their careers as solo artists and have to do their own performances, but EvoL’s Say or now known as SAAY can actually optimize her stage performance by going solo. You can see in the photo above, which is one of the captured moments where EvoL’s Say is rocking her solo stage. Her charm as a female solo artist really shines and she also looks very bold when performing.

evol say profile

There’s no question about EvoL’s Say’s fashion taste. She always looks trendy on any occasion, especially when uploading photos to her Instagram account. This is one of the photos that was uploaded when she was casually hanging out on the sidelines of her schedule. EvoL’s Say looks like an Instagram baddie who makes cool poses all the time and also the clothes she wears always look cool and different than usual. The female solo artist, who is famous for her single “ZGZG” really inspires people from various perspectives.

evol say profile

Talented women, who can make music, can sing and rap, are also good at dancing, as well as other skills such as modeling and many more have opened up many opportunities for EvoL’s Say to try. She is slowly starting her career as a female solo artist and there is a special spotlight for her to continue to shine and create. EvoL’s Say has that iconic style and is unique from a music perspective, so many people keep their eyes on SAAY and her future career in the music industry.

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EvoL’s Say’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancams are usually video recordings uploaded by fans of a certain idol group. However, many focus fancams also cover idols or singers from individual fans who come to certain performances, such as concerts, comeback stages, fan signing events, busking, etc., to provide support for their favorite K-Pop idols.

This time, we invite you to take a look at some collections of EvoL’s Say’s focus fancams so you can find out more about her performances while promoting with the girl group.

On September 4th, 2012, EvoL performed at the 3rd Radio Public Broadcast and delivered their single “We Are A Bit Different”. From the focus fancam above, we can see that EvoL’s Say has blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and bangs which is the hallmark of her image while promoting with the group. She looks very cheerful and energetic in this focus fancam and sings live on stage. EvoL’s Say looks very radiant and also wears the same stage costume as in the “We Are A Bit Different” music video.

On October 20th, 2012, EvoL again performed their single “We Are A Bit Different” at an event. At this event, we can see EvoL’s Say who looks more casual with a jacket outfit and long hair that is left straight while performing on stage with other EvoL members. Here, we can also see EvoL singing live and also a stage performance from EvoL’s Say from her focus fancam, and she always performs optimally and can hype up the crowd.

On September 8th, 2012, EvoL held their performance at Lotte World as an introduction to the group during their debut era and performed several songs, such as “We Are A Bit Different” and other singles at the event. As usual, EvoL’s Say, who held the position of leader at that time, was able to make a more lively performance even though EvoL were still rookies at that time. She also appeared energetic while doing the choreography and displayed a cheerful expression where she showed that she was having fun while performing on stage.

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