EvoL’s Jucy: Profile, Facts, and ‘Show Me the Money 2’

EvoL’s Jucy’s Appearance On ‘Show Me The Money 2’

evol jucy profile

Jucy passed the second contest on the audition of Show Me the Money 2 which aired on June 14, 2013. Juicy said, “I participated in the contest as a rapper, not as a member of a girl group,” and revealed the reason for the contest without mentioning or highlighting the agency or group. The girl group which debuted with her, EvoL, made a comeback with the second mini-album SECOND EVOLUTION in March 2013 and has been active until recently with a different style through the title song “Get Up.”

evol jucy profile

The fans also sent support for EvoL’s Jucy’s first appearance on the show with various comments, such as “I felt like I really enjoyed rap,” and, “It was warm to encourage each other and create a harmonious stage in a survival program where we have no choice but to compete.”

Jucy, a member of the girl group EvoL who participated in Mnet’s Show Me the Money 2 and was selected for the Top 25, showed potential as a rapper, and she announced her mixtape that was titled Universe.

The mixtape consisting of 11 tracks in total features authentic hip hop and the latest is “Jucy Fresh” featuring Deepflow of Vismajor Crew who is active in the underground hip hop scene and major hip hop albums. It is an album that contains Juicy’s unique rap on various tracks such as trap-style music. The release of a mixtape by an active girl group rapper is more meaningful because it is the first time for Jucy to release her own songs in the Korean music industry.

In one of the clips uploaded by Mnet on YouTube, the episode shows EvoL’s Jucy who is present as a contestant using her real name Kim Joon-hee. There, she met contestants who were mostly male and was told to choose one of the contestants to come forward with her and to rap in a collaborative manner. Of course, this opportunity was done well by EvoL’s Jucy by training with contestant number 24.

Besides that, we can also find a short clip of EvoL’s Jucy’s performance showing her rap skills when auditioning for Show Me the Money 2 and collaborating with one of the male contestants. Some of the judges who were assessing her performance during the audition also seemed impressed with how EvoL’s Jucy rapped in front of them and nodded their heads along with the beat.

A few years later, EvoL’s Jucy and Topdogg’s members Kido and Yano appeared in Mnet’s survival program Show Me the Money 4 that was aired in 2015. Previously, Jucy participated in Show Me the Money 2 in 2013, and when she was in high school, she drew attention with her rapping for the theme of the online game Sudden Attack.

Cho PD, who overwhelmed the Korean music industry in the 90s, was recognized for his skills by leading major hip hop crews in Korea in the early 2000s and then tasted the feat of reaching world stars. Through Show Me the Money 4, Cho PD chose EvoL’s Jucy and Topdogg’s Kido and Yano in the lineup as his rebirth.

Stardom Entertainment said, “The golden choices from Cho PD which have been shown through many albums and performances have participated in Show Me the Money 4. We are planning to show an explosive rap and charismatic stage in accordance with the modifier of hip-hop masters. He expressed his strong confidence, saying, ‘Please support us.'”

EvoL’s Jucy, who was challenged as a female winner for the first time in history following the previous winners of Show Me the Money 4 such as Loco, Soul Dive, and Barbie, previously had also participated in Show Me the Money in 2013 and showed off her overwhelming rap skills behind her cute appearance.

With EvoL’s Jucy’s comeback on the stage of Show Me the Money 4, she gave the best possible effort when it came to appearing in front of the judges. Some viewers who watched the previous season will definitely notice EvoL’s Jucy’s presence this season, but unfortunately, EvoL’s Jucy failed to audition for Show Me the Money 4.

EvoL’s Jucy’s YouTube Channel

evol jucy profile

After EvoL was declared disbanded in 2015, EvoL’s Jucy also chose another way to start a solo career and didn’t seek to be a girl group member anymore. When viewed from her social media, EvoL’s Jucy is seen more often uploading her daily activities and sharing things she likes lately. Besides that, EvoL’s Jucy also has an official YouTube channel, too! If you are curious about what content is uploaded there, let’s take a look at the session below.

As you can see from the information that was attached on EvoL’s Jucy’s information, she has a YouTube channel, xX쥬시Xx, with 2.24K subscribers. On this platform, EvoL’s Jucy uploads videos she has recorded and also edits to keep in touch with her fans via YouTube.

If you look at the thumbnail of the video uploaded by Jucy, it seems like she shows many definitions of the MBTI that she uploaded to find out what kind she currently has. The title of the video shows different MBTI types, but all of them seem to show a thumbnail of her face. Maybe it can be assumed that she has a fickle personality and wants to share talking about her personality through her YouTube channel.

However, that was not all. Several songs released by EvoL’s Jucy have also been successfully uploaded to the YouTube channel. There are 3 songs that can be seen on the YouTube channel with the titles “Bell,” “오래 오래,” and “I Know Why.” The songs can be found at the bottom of Jucy’s YouTube channel.

Then, there are also several vlog collections that were successfully recorded by Jucy when she was just active as a YouTuber. Fans, of course, can see some videos from Jucy’s daily life from when she hangs out with friends or even other videos that she uploads with content that is trending at that time.

evol jucy profile

Well, that’s all the information that can be given about the rapper from EvoL, Jucy, who is currently more active in her daily life as a non-celebrity and often uploads her activities on social media. Even though she is currently on hiatus as an idol, it is also good for us to continue to give support so that she can remain enthusiastic about her current career.

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