Everything You Need to Know About Park Si-hoo: Age, Movies, TV Shows, and Drama List

Park Si-hoo’s Full Profile

Name       : Park Si-hoo (Park Pyeong-ho)

Born          : April 3, 1978

                  Eunsanmyeon, Buyeou Country, 

                  South Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Age           : 40 years old

Education   : Hanyang University – Theater and Film

Zodiac        : Aries

Years active: 1993 – present

Occupation : Actor

Agent         : Hoo Factory

Park Si-hoo’s Movies

Year Title Role
2000 Chunhyang Extra
2007 Mr. Bullet
2012 Confession of Murder Lee Doo-seok
2014 Scent Kang ln-joon
2018 After Love Kim Sung-joon



Park Si-hoo and Song Ji-hyo

Park si-hoo

Park Si-hoo is currently starring in a new drama that was released on August 13, 2018, and he is acting alongside Song Ji Hyo who is known for the TV show Running Man. Song Ji Hyo and Park Si-Hoo themselves have long been on hiatus.

Park Si-hoo

Drama Lovely Horribly focuses on the love of two people with different fates where one-sided happiness ends with the other side’s ugliness. The drama they played was a horror-comedy genre. Even so, they are always cheerful behind the scenes.

This drama is still on-going on the KBS2 channel every Monday-Tuesday at 22:00 KST (10:00 PM). So, guys, don’t forget to keep watching their new drama!


Park Si-hoo’s Drama List

Year Title Role Network
1994 My Son’s Woman MBC
1996 Sibling Relations MBC
1999 Sister’s Mirror KBS1
2002 Sunlight upon Me Lee Seok-hoon MBC
2005 Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang Hong Chae Rin’s Boyfriend KBS2
Let’s Get Married Kang Jae-Ho MBC
2006 Which Star Are You From? Han Jeong-Hoon MBC
2007 How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor Yoo Joon-Seok SBS
2008 lljimae Shi-hoo/Cha-dol SBS
2008 Family’s Honor Lee Kang-Seok SBS
2010 Queen of Reversals Gu Yong-Sik MBC
Haru; An Unforgettable Day in Korea (tourism short film)
Prosecutor Princess Seo ln-woo SBS
2011 The Princess Man Kim Seung-yoo KBS2
2012 Cheongdam-dong Alice Cha Seung-jo SBS
2016 Local Hero Baek Si-Yeon OCN
2017 My Golden Life Choi Do-Kyung KBS2
2018 Lovely Horribly Yoo Philip


Park Si-hoo’s News

In 2013, Park Si-hoo was exposed to a sexual harassment case. Si-hoo was reported by a woman with the initial A. In the woman’s statement, she said that she met Si-hoo in a bar, and when the woman was heavily drunk, she was taken to Si-hoo’s apartment and she confessed that Si-hoo raped her. However, the accusation was rejected by Si-hoo. And, Park Si-hoo’s shocking confession was revealed with him saying he had not raped the woman, but he claimed that they had sex on the basis of love and coercion.

Park si-hoo

Apparently, the woman deliberately trapped Park Si-hoo to extort money. In 2014, Park Si-hoo had time to play in a drama but the event of the case finally forced him to cancel the drama. Furthermore, Si-hoo has played in a Chinese drama. He made his comeback in the drama My Golden Life, and even though the drama succeeded in returning his popularity, his fans still couldn’t accept the case that had happened to him.

However, that is no reason for Si-hoo to stop coming back to the acting world, and he is getting a lot of offers to play in new films and dramas. And, in 2018, the latest drama was released on August 13, 2018, with the title Lovely Horribly. His latest drama was aired for several weeks and immediately got a pretty good rating.