Everything You Need to Know About Park Si-hoo: Age, Movies, TV Shows, and Drama List

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The Handsome Korean Actor Park Si-hoo

Park Si-hoo is an actor born in 1978 in South Korea. Park Si-hoo is Park Yong-hoon’s son, who was a former model in the 1960-1970’s era, and his younger brother is a former baseball player for Hyundai. Si-hoo started his career in 1994 in the television series My Son’s Women, and he started his official television series debut in 2005 with Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang as Hong Chae-rin’s boyfriend. As time goes by, Park Si-hoo’s popularity is increasing, especially when he played in Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess in 2010. One of Si-hoo’s popular dramas is The Princess Man in 2011. Before he began acting, he was an underwear model.

Park Si-hoo got his first award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2007 in the category New Star Award. Since that, Si-hoo is getting famous. Si-hoo is from a wealthy family, but he is a child who is obedient to his parents and doesn’t want to use his parents’ money. He started his career with his own business and experienced very difficult times.

Does Park Si-Hoo Already Have a Wife?

Until now, Park Si-hoo still has not married and does not have a known girlfriend. He has also never been rumored to be dating anyone. So far, there are only the hopes and desires of his fans for him to date a playmate from a drama or film he starred in.

Park si-hoo

For example, when he starred in the drama Cheongdamdong Alice that aired on SBS, he was paired with Moon Geun Young. Both of them got a lot of sympathy from Korean drama fans because of their amazing acting and characters. At that time, people thought that the two were close, especially after Park Si-hoo said his ideal type is a girl who is active, cheerful, and short. So, people think that their characteristics are like Geun-Young, who is short, has a cheerful personality, and has a cute face.


Park si-hoo
Park Si-hoo

But, the news is not true because they only became partners in the television series and Park Si-Hoo says that he never wants to share his love story to the public. Si-hoo is indeed a person who doesn’t want to spread his personal life, and he only focuses on his career in the entertainment world.

Although he never been reported as dating anyone, five years ago, a woman reported being a victim of sexual harassment. Si-hoo admitted that indeed he had a one night stand with a woman, but both were really drunk and he disagrees with the accusation. The reason Park Si-hoo doesn’t want to share stories about his personal life is that he is more comfortable like that, and he thinks it’s very good for him. Although he has given reasons, his fans still want to know about his love life.

Park Si-Hoo in My Golden Life

Park Si-hoo

The drama My Golden Life is Park Si-hoo’s return after the case addressed to him in 2013. Park Si-hoo returned to acting in 2017 and starred in the drama My Golden Life. The ranking of the drama is still inferior to the drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop which achieved a rating of 30.2%. Although the rating is not very good, it turns out that what makes this drama interesting is the storyline of classic family stories with elements of chaebol (large business conglomerate) and children exchanged. Shin Hye Sun and Seo Eun also played in this drama as exchanged twins.

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In My Golden Life, Park Si-hoo acts as Choi Do-Kyung who is the only heir to the Haeseong Group. He is the third generation of chaebols who have succeeded in returning from the United States. He is a man with an extraordinary physical appearance and elegance. He is proud of the fact that he practices Noblesse Oblige unlike other chaebols in power.

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During the drama’s press conference, Park Si-hoo once again apologized for the 2013 alleged sexual harassment case that threatened his career for several years.

Park si-hoo

Through this drama, his career began to peak again, and he received many film and drama offers.