Everything You Need To Know About K-Pop Female Idols Who Have Shocking Accidents On Stage


Find Out Some About K-Pop Female Idol’s Accidents On Stage!

Being a famous K-Pop Idol certainly has to show their best for their fans. The idols always do extra hard work to get perfect performance. However, it is possible that they will get a problem due to their hard work and have some accidents on stage when performing. Starting from Red Velvet’ Wendy to AOA’s member which had a shocking accident on stage.

In this case, Channel-Korea will give you “Everything You Need To Know About K-Pop Female Idols Who Have Shocking Accidents On Stage”. So keep reading everyone!

Red Velvet’ Wendy


On December 25, 2020, there was bad news from Red Velvet’ Wendy. She had an incident that make her have a temporary hiatus from the group and can’t be participated and joined to promoting their new song at that time, “Psycho”. Wendy suffered a serious injury because she fell from the stage with a height of 2.5 meters when she was doing a rehearsal for Aladdin OST, “Speechless”. 


She fell from a tunnel-shaped stage and there were no stairs below, also no lights on when she did the rehearsal. Until finally due to the accident, Wendy had to suffer a fracture in her temple and her wrist. As a result of the incident, Wendy’s cheekbones had to crack and also had to be rushed to the hospital and hiatus from the group for two months to recover.

SHA SHA’s Wanlin


Not only Red Velvet’ Wendy who got a shocking accident on the stage, but SHA SHA’s Wanlin also experience the same thing. In August 2018 the SHA SHA group did their showcase come back for their 2nd single entitled “What The Heck” and this comeback is their first comeback after the three other members must decide to leave the group. To fill the empty room, the agency added 3 new members to join and one of them is Wanlin.


At the end of the showcase, Wanlin suddenly lost consciousness and fainted on the stage. All members cried and were shock because of her condition and she was rushed to the hospital. But turned out, Wanlin’s health condition wasn’t good before the showcase, because she forced herself to did a performance and also nervous because of her first showcase as SHA SHA’s member. The consequences because of the incident, she was forced to take a rest for a while from her activities with SHA SHA and focus on her recovery.



In 2019, YG Entertainment’s girl group BLACKPINK held a world tour named “BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA”. Then during the tour at one of the countries that Indonesia, there was some incident that caught the attention of their fans, one of which was a small incident of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

The incident or an accident happened when Rose, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo were singing “BOOMBAYAH”. Then, there’s one part where Jennie has to jump and the other members catch her. But when Jennie was ready to jump, Jisoo suddenly forgot the choreography until Jennie’s right leg hit her ear. Jennie realized that her right leg was on Jisoo’s ear, then she hugged her and make sure that ‘is she okay?’. While Rose and Lisa chuckled and then they back to the performance.

Because of that accident made BLINKS worry about Jisoo’s condition, and then Jisoo responded to her fans by writing “Don’t worry, see u blinks” on her Instagram story.



In 2015, G-Friend was performed in inje SBS Radio Public Broadcast and they performed with few songs on there. But unfortunately, when G-Friend performed a song Me Gustas Tu, there were moments or accidents that make everyone surprised. The members fell or slipped on stage many times, including Eunha.

Yuju is the member who repeatedly slipped on the stage but compared to Yuju, Eunha was the opposite. She almost didn’t get the accident, but approaching the last minute Eunha also slipped, and fortunately, she didn’t fall. But when they performed at Ulsan University on September 20, 2018, with the same song Eunha fell by her side. It was obviously bad when seeing her face with a painful expression, after that she could be seen adjusting herself quickly to continuing the stage.

This incident happened because the stage were they performed was very slippery due to rain, but even so, Eunha and the other members still continued their show professionally and energetically. Because of all this, Eunha and the group are referred to as a talented group.



Regarding the accident on stage, it turns out the group that formed by Starship Entertainment has also experienced it. In 2010, SISTAR performed with the song “Shady Girl” at Let’s Start Sharing Concert event, more precisely on August 28th, 2010.

When they performed, there was an accident that makes all audiences and everyone around shocked. The rapper of this group Bora slipped on stage, her face even hit the stage because she falls so hard. Bora slipped because her feet tripped by her own feet.

At first, the other members didn’t care or respond to her because they thought it was just a little problem and Bora would be fine. But apparently, She didn’t wake after falling until the music was stopped and she was taken to the hospital. However, because her condition was serious, Bora had to be rest for 3 weeks because her thumb was injured and broke also other collisions.

AOA’s Seolhyun


Because of working too hard, it will certainly make our health condition decrease, this has happened to AOA’s Seolhyun. On December 15th, 2018 AOA appeared on Fortnite Korea Open and when they performed Seolhyun made everyone worried. Seolhyun looks limp and listless after performing a song, even Seolhyun can’t control or balance her body to the point of vomiting.

When she bends down, she doesn’t seem to have the strength to stand up anymore. Until finally, the members told her to go inside and not join the group for the next song. When she turning around and wanted to go into the room, Seolhyun suddenly fell, and then the two AOA’s members drove her to the staff there and taken to the hospital.

Girls Day’s Hyeri


When Girls Day promoted their song titled “Something” on M! Countdown on January 16th, 2014, the maknae from the group fainted after finished the performance, and this made everyone including the staff and members are worried. Seeing Hyeri faint, their manager immediately rushed to carry her and bring her down from the stage then followed by other Girls Day members. Hyeri was taken to the hospital and she was diagnosed with flu and fatigue.

Apparently, before that, Hyeri’s condition wasn’t good but she still forced herself to entertain her fans. As a result of the incident, Hyeri had to rest and not join the group on Music Bank even though her condition felt better.

f(x)’ Krystal


The last shocking accident comes from f(x)’ Krystal. On October 18th, 2014, SM Entertainment held SM Town concert ins Shanghai, China. At the concert, All SM Entertainment artist performed their songs, including f(x) group. At that moment, f(x) sang several songs include “Red Light”, and after sing the song suddenly the younger sister from Jessica Jung fell on the stage. Because of this incident, Krystal was taken to the medical room and get rested.

As a result of this all, the fans are convinced that Krystal collapsed because of exhaustion. The fans though she fainted because the concert was held in the middle of her schedule to do shooting for My Lovely Girl drama. But SM Entertainment didn’t give any statement about this incident and made fans get mad.

That’s all about some incidents of shocking accidents on stage that happened with K-Pop Female idols. Don’t forget to put your thought regard of this in the comment section!