Everything You Need To Know About BLOCK B’s Agency, Seven Seasons: Company Profile, Controversy, and More

Latest News

After Zico’s departure, the other members continue to pursue their individual and sub-unit projects while Block B’s return as seven-member group is still under discussion. Not long after that, the Block B members started their military service, one by one. On December 20, 2018, Jaehyo became the first member who enlisted. Due to his knee injury, he enlisted as a public service worker.


On June 10, 2019, Taeil made a surprise announcement about his enlistment through a hand-written letter. It was later confirmed by a source from the agency, who added that the artist wished to enlist quietly, however he wanted to greet his fans before enlisting so he wrote a letter. In the letter, Taeil promised to be healthy and do well in the military. He also hoped to return as a healthier and a more mature man.

The most recent news about enlistment came from B-Bomb, who revealed that he would start his enlistment as a conscripted police officer at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on October 10. Ahead of his enlistment, he planned to release a single, “Finale”, on October 4.


Meanwhile, Zico finally made his solo comeback after establishing his own agency, KOZ Entertainment. He dropped two music videos, of “Daredevil” and “Human”, from the first half of his studio album, Thinking Part. 1, on September 30.

Despite the controversy, Block B has shown their talent and music internationally. Even though Block B’s future plan has yet to be decided, we support all the members’ activities and wait for their comeback in the future!