Everything About JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bro’: Cast, Show Concept, Guest Appearances, and More

Episode 62 – Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Shindong

In this episode, Leeteuk teased Heechul about how he treated women back in the past and revealed about him getting a girlfriend at a night club.

But of course, Heechul took revenge by revealing Leeteuk’s ex-girlfriend too.

Episode 83 – CNBlue’s Yonghwa, Zico

In this episode, they were divided into two teams, team A and team B. They played Whether It’s True or Not which one team member would go against a member of the opposing team and each of them had to ask about anything alternately but were not allowed to answer. The one who answered or failed to give a question would lose. It’s funny to see them trying really hard to ignore the question!

Episode 85 – EXO

Baekhyun talked about how he tried to bond with the members by taking a shower together and got to know them better.

Episode 86 – Kim Jong-kook, Lee Jong-hyuk

Kim Jong-kook’s appearance made the cast members tense. They tried to attack Jong-kook only to get attacked back.

Episode 87 – BLACKPINK

Jennie tried to convince the cast members that she could eat snacks without making any sound. Yet she failed to show her talent even though she tried again for the second time.

Episode 88 – Girls’ Generation

The girls tried to guess a song but the one who gave hints was only allowed to use gesture and some of them just randomly guessed while the hinter went crazy with the gestures.

Episode 100 – Super Junior

Super Junior indeed deserves the title the king of variety shows. From the beginning, they dared to tease the cast members and cracked them up.

This time, Heechul got to make a question for guessing time since he became a guest with Super Junior. The other Super Junior members teased him so much that Heechul could not stand it.

This time, Shindong confessed that he hated Super Junior members, especially Donghae, back in the past because they tended to wear his clothes without his permission. He got mad because he bought it with his money and it was tough days to earn money, not to mention his clothes were quite pricy at that time. The other members then revealed about Donghae’s way of being mad by crying so they always feel guilty.

Episode 133 – HaHa, Noh Sa-yeon

Haha seems to know everybody from the cast members that he could just expose anybody anytime. He revealed that he was Kang Ho-dong’s victim in the past and also part of a group of Kang Ho-dong’s victims.

Episode 118 – Park Jin-young (JYP), Got7

To imagine Got7 together with their own senior and CEO, JYP in the same variety show is funny enough though. But seeing them together in Knowing Bro where they are all the same age friends? Even more hilarious!

Jinyoung became the representative to receive a punishment that was to get water splashed. The others suggested JYP splash him but then changed to the leader JB. Instead of splashing Jinyoung, JB splashed the others while Jinyoung only got splashed a little.

Jackson revealed that he was confused by the Korean age system such the term of ‘fast birth’ (in Korea, anyone who was born in the first 2/3 months of the year is considered older than the ones who were born in later months). He said that he figured that JB was the same age as him, only being older by less than 2 months, after 1.5 years after they first met.

Episode 132 – SHINee’s Minho, Key

Minho was teased for being so passionate that their CEO, Lee Soo-man, didn’t want to sit with him but Minho and Key revealed that the one their CEO always avoided was actually Heechul instead of him. Minho then added that he had to bow 90 degrees because Heechul asked him to do that 10 years before so whenever he met him he would bow that much.

Episode 139 – Red Velvet

Cast members were wondering about Joy and she answered in a chill way!

In this episode, the cast members had to guess which Red Velvet member pretends to listen to music.

Episode 152 – TWICE

In this episode, Jeongyeon shared about her embarrassing experience in the toilet followed by other members’ embarrassing experiences as well.

Episode 159 – EXO

EXO once again made a funny appearance. Baekhyun showed off his tap dance talent and gave an example of exaggerative stunts during action movies. They also revealed that Sehun often practices doing some action moves and showed them. Meanwhile, Chen shared that he was shocked when he first saw D.O doing a kiss scene.

Here is a compilation of funny moments on the program!

Special Episodes

Sometimes the program uses concepts other than Brother School as follows:

Episode Title Guest
23 Never Ending-Audition – Knowing Girls I.O.I
34 Brothers Club VS Sisters Club Lovelyz
44 Girl Group Laboratory DIA
51 Duet Project – Univers Cowards TWICE’s Momo
59 Ultimate High School Matchup Cosmic Girls
71 Promise Fulfilment for Achieved 5% Ratings
107-108 Question-Solving Picnic Oh My Girl
114-115 Knowing Bro Music Video Battle Song Eun-yi, Yoo Se-yoon, Hong Jin-young

Let’s check the cuts of some special episodes below!