Everything About JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bro’: Cast, Show Concept, Guest Appearances, and More

5. Kim Hee-chul


Appearances: Episode 1 – present
Nickname: Psycho (돌I, 돌+아이; the actual spelling is an insult as well as swear word)
Other nicknames: Psycho Brother, Universe Big Star, TV Maniac, Mr. Kim Stop-It, Kim Hee-mi, King of Seriousness, Human Jukebox, Music Master, Music Search Engine, Impersonation Machine, Gangwon-do Representative, Knowing Bro/Brother School’s Anti-Smoking Honorary Ambassador, Ace of Jokes, Zoruzima Master
Main and occasional theme songs:
– Super Junior – Sorry Sorry and Mr. Simple

He is the craziest member of the cast and is known for his blunt and straightforward comments that he is willing to tamp down if his longtime acquaintances become guests. He is usually teased for rubbing his hands when entering the class and having ‘magnets’ in his leg due to his past car accident in 2009. He is also known as the anti-smoking ambassador because he used to smoke in his youth and quit to let others know that smoking is harmful. He was the first of the group to do so (He and Kang Ho-dong have quitted, Kim Young-chul is a non-smoker). He becomes a transfer student (guest) whenever Super Junior is promoting.

6. Min Kyung-hoon


Appearances: Episode 2 – present
Nicknames: Ssamja (쌈자)
Other nicknames: Min Ssam-ja, Ssamgu, Maknae (youngest), 4D Brother, Pervert, Trash, Jerry, Slug, Kang Ho-dong Sniper, Homebody, Limbo King, Bad Acting Boss
Main and occasional theme songs:
– Buzz – Thorn, Coward, and Reds Go Together
– George Michael – Careless Whisper
Kyunghoon feat. Heechul – Sweet Dream

He is the youngest member and sometimes is referred to Seo Jang-hoon’s son. He is known for his mature and suggestive comments. He shows a rebellious attitude towards the oldest member, Kang Ho-dong. He is often teased for his head voice and exaggerated vibrato since he is the vocalist of the band Buzz but he is the worst dancer among the brothers because of his not-synched body rhythm. He is known for his lack of knowledge of business entertainment, especially names, so they make jokes that a celebrity is really famous if Min Kyung-hun knows about him/her. Many celebrities, mostly idols, ask him if he knows who they are. But he is the most skillful among the members thanks to his training of martial arts since elementary school.

7. Lee Sang-min


Appearances: Episode 14 – present
Nicknames: The Sad One (안쓰러운 애)
Other nicknames: God of Music, Debtor, Good Wife – Wise Mother, Kang Ho-dong’s Left-Hand Man, Roora’s Honorary Ambassador, Bachelor
Main and occasional theme songs:
– ending song of Screening Humanity
1997 Spring (Calmi Cuori Appassionati OST)
– Cries and Whispers (Oldboy OST)

He is often teased for his divorce status and infamous financial debt that caused him to frequently give his honest advice to young idols. He was a successful songwriter and producer mostly for hip-hop and dance music. He is known to have a muscular body since he managed to lose 22 kilos. He has a nickname that was given by Lee Soo-geun, that is an abbreviation of His Current Situation Is Miserable (Hangul: 재 모양이 량하다 [Hyeonjae Moyang-i Cheoryanghada]), referring to him being in debt. In 2018, after he finally paid off all of his debts, he made a low-limit credit card for the first time in 13 years. He even bought the members iced americano as his credit went from rating Grade 10 (worst) to Grade 6.


Hwang Chi-yeul


Appearances: Episode 1 – 6
Nickname: Kang Ho-dong’s Rising Right-Hand Man (강호동의 신흥 오른팔)

After his leave, he appeared again as a guest in episodes 32 and 80.

Kim Se-hwang


Appearances: Episode 1 – 7
Nickname: Folding Screen (병풍)

He is known for being the guitarist of the rock band N.E.X.T, that in one episode, he was referred to as one of the three biggest guitarists of Asia by the production team. It was the first time he appeared in a variety show.

Memorable Guests

Among all the celebrities that have have been guests, there are several celebrities that seem to have left such a great impression and are memorable enough in one episode to later be invited as guests for many times. Let’s check out the top 5 celebrities who have been invited the most!

Jo Hye-ryun

The least of the top 5 is Jo Hye-run, a comedian who has appeared in the program for 7 times. She appeared in episodes 10, 41-42, 60, 95-96, and 115.

In episode 95, Hye-ryun played Three No(s) along with Sun-hwa, Soo-geun, and Hee-chul. The title was Woman With No Dignity and it was about Hye-ryun who tried to steal Sun-hwa’s husband, Soo-geun. Then Hee-chul appeared who turned out to be another lover of Soo-geun.

Hong Jin-young

The second least is Hong Jin-young, a former member of the girl group SWAN that debuted in 2007, who currently is a trot singer and entertainer. She has appeared 8 times on the show, in episodes 17, 41-42, 60, 95-96, and 114-115.

In episode 42, she gave a guessing game and whoever got wrong would get a plastic-hammer hit. She gave strong hits and did it a lot that everyone called her God Thor.

Park Mi-sun

The third is a comedian and TV host Park Mi-sun who has appeared in the show 9 times, in episodes 10, 41-42, 60, 95-96, 115, 147, and 165.

In episode 60, Hee-chul had to choose between April’s Chaekyung and Park Mi-sun. Park Mi-sun made Hee-chul speechless with her words and the audience sure enjoyed the situation because Hee-chul looked troubled to choose.

Shindong (Super Junior)

Super Junior members are known for being funny in variety shows. Shindong happens to be one of them and also became the first male idol group member who has appeared 11 times in the program. He appeared in episodes 62, 100, 114-115, 118, 132, 134, 137, 139, and 159-160.

In episode 62, Shindong made a guessing game and Kang Ho-dong managed to answer correctly. Shindong then shared his “dirty” story during his college years.

In episode 100, when Heechul made a guessing game, Shindong made him speechless with his comments.

Jang Sung-kyu

Far from Shindong and the other three, Jang Sung-kyu is the one who has appeared the most in the program, that is 52 times, which is why many call him the unofficial member of Knowing Bro and he mostly appears as the teacher of the school. He is a former JTBC news anchor, TV host, and also actor. He appeared in episodes 11, 23, 33, 42, 44, 46, 53, 57, 59, 61, 66, 73, 74, 76, 77, 81, 82, 85, 90, 94–96, 100, 106, 110-112, 114, 128, 130, 136, 138, 141-142, 144-145, 147, 149, 152-153, 155-156, 160, 162-163, 165, 167, 169-171, 173, and 180.

Here is a compilation of Jang Sung-kyu’s appearances!

Funny Moments

Knowing Bro is full of laughter and humor because of the unique concept and games they have. Here are some of the funny moments that have happened in the program.

Episode 66 – Kim Hee-sun

Kim Hee-sun challenged the cast members to do a famous Japanese wall confession where the male usually pushes the female to the wall before confessing.

Episode 46 – INFINITE

In this episode, they played a game in which the team (INFINITE versus cast members) must battle to tap the ball using their chest. Dongwoo started and failed the game immediately, while Woohyun and Hoya successfully passed the ball but Sungyeol and Sungjong made a hilarious way of accepting the ball!

Episode 53 – I.O.I

During the guessing game, Somi got stressed because no one got the exact answer to her question.