Full Profile Members of Everglow (Facts, Age, Height, Weight, and Debut)


When did EVERGLOW debut, and how many members are in the group?

EVERGLOW is the new 6-member girl group from South Korea under Yuehua Entertainment. The group’s members’ names are Sihyeon, E:U, Yiren, Mia, Aisha, and Onda. Sihyeon, Onda, and Yiren are notable for appearing and competing in MNET’s Produce 101, Produce 48, and Idol School. In March 2019, they made their official debut by releasing the digital single album Arrival of Everglow.

Their group has a fierce concept and chose hip-hop as their debut genre. This successfully attracted the attention of the lovers of K-Pop.

Are you guys curious to learn more about these six cute girls? Let’s check out their details!

EVERGLOW members’ full profiles and interesting facts

One of the hottest K-pop girl groups right now, the six pretty girls of EVERGLOW are here with the latest updated profiles and facts fit for baby For Ever and everyone who wants to get to know each of them a little better. So let’s check out the profiles of members of EVERGLOW from the oldest until the youngest.

Full profile of E:U

everglow e:u
  • Real Name: Park Jiwon (박지원)
  • Stage Name: E:U (이유)
  • Date of Birth: May 19th, 1998
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Height: 161 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Blood Type: O

Interesting facts about E:U

everglow e:u

As a leader, she gets some positions as Main Dancer, Main Rapper, and Vocalist. Her representative color is purple. She is the oldest member of the group, and the others call her Sweet Unnie. E:U used to be a model before debuting as an idol. She was a model for the brand STARE Shoes. Her stage name has the meaning Especially for U. Before debuting with EVERGLOW; she previously posted some vlogs on Yuehua’s YouTube Channel pre-debut.

Her unique points are her husky voice and her small hands. She has a big passion for her job, as her role model is Lee Hyori. She likes watching mukbang videos; the Korean Television shows Running Man and Law of The Jungle. She watches American TV Shows, too, and her favorite show is 13 Reasons Why. Many fans say that E:U looks like a mix of CLC’s Elkie and Sorn.

She likes fried food such as hamburgers and french fries and hates peppers and raisins. She also likes fruits such as mango and melon. Her favorite activity is taking the subway. She has an older sister, her sister named the dog’s family Kongsam because its eyes look like beans.

Full profile of Sihyeon

everglow sihyeon
  • Real Name: Kim Sihyeon (김시현)
  • Stage Name: Sihyeon (시현)
  • Date of Birth: August 5th, 1999
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Blood Type: B

Interesting facts about Sihyeon

everglow sihyeon

She is best known for her appearance in Produce 101 and then in Produce 48, where she landed on the 40th and 27th spot, respectively. Her height is 168 cm. Her training period is two years and ten months long. Her specialties are singing and dancing, and she has some unique points, too. She is a hard worker, has a long neck, bunny teeth, and healthy hair.

Her representative color in the group is green, but her favorite color is purple. And her position is the Lead Vocalist. Her nicknames are Positive Queen, Flower Sihyun, and Syeon. Sihyeon was an independent trainee when she first joined Produce 101, but after that, she finally joined Yuehua Entertainment. She idolized TVXQ’s Yunho and Sunmi. Many people said that she looks like Miss A’s Suzy.

Sihyeon loves pets and makes nail-art. Her hobbies are cooking and collecting some pieces of stuff. Sihyeon likes Disney’s animated movie Frozen. IZ*ONE member Yena and Eunbi are her good friends. Sihyeon hates red vegetables.

Her roommate in EVERGLOW’s dorm is E:U. She was chosen as a new MC for SBS MTV’s music program The Show in early 2020. Her favorite movie is Frozen. Her favorite foods and beverages are americano, black noodles, rice cake, oreo cheesecake, and melon. She is not good at reading directions.

Full profile of Mia

everglow mia
  • Real Name: Han Eunji (한은지)
  • Stage Name: Mia (미아)
  • Date of Birth:  January 13th, 2000
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: A

Interesting facts about Mia

everglow mia

Her stage name, Mia, means Beautiful Child. She positions as Main Vocalist and Main Dancer, and her unique point is her low voice. Mia’s passion for dancing led her to pursue the life of an idol. Red is her representative color in EVERGLOW. Mia has so many role models for her, such as BoA, Hyorin, Ailee, and Park Hyo-shin.

The other members often call her Haneunji Maneunji, Mya, Han Mia, and Miji. She really hates hospitals and everything related to them. She’s also afraid of the dark and thunder. She loves chocolate and Indie Pop music. She loves pets, as well.

She is originally from Gimhae. Alongside Onda, she is the overspender of the group. Her roommate in EVERGLOW’s dorm is Onda. In her free time, she likes to spend the day sleeping all day; she hopes that she can sleep 24 hours straight. Her favorite thing to do is taking a selfie.

Full profile of Onda

everglow onda
  • Real Name: Jo Serim (조세림)
  • Stage Name: Onda (온다)
  • Date of Birth: May 18th, 2000
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Blood Type: B

Interesting facts about Onda

everglow onda

Onda was introduced as 4D Charm Girl in the group, and her stage name has the meaning Come To Me in Korean. Her position in EVERGLOW is Lead Vocalist, same as Sihyeon’s position. She has got pink as her representative color for the group, similar to her cheerful personality.

She first became known for appearing in the survival show Idol School, where she finished on the 40th rank. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Ariana Grande are her role models. She is a big fan of the Harry Potter movies and Twilight. Onda has such an inspirational motto, namely, “Always think deep and let’s work hard.”

Her roommate in EVERGLOW’s dorm is Mia. Just like her roommate, Onda is also the overspender of the group. She, Mia, and E:U are right-handed. Compare to the other members; she is the easiest member to scare. She is good at the magic eye. She has flexible fingers to the extent she can easily make heart sign with them.

Full profile of Aisha

everglow aisha
  • Real Name: Heo Yoorim (허유림)
  • Stage Name:  Aisha (아샤)
  • Date of Birth: July 21st, 2000
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Blood Type: B

Interesting facts about Aisha

everglow aisha

EVERGLOW’s Aisha is one of the tallest female idols in K-Pop in general. She’s a former JYP Entertainment trainee who then chose to leave them and join Yuehua Entertainment as their trainee, which led her to debut as a member of EVERGLOW. Aisha grew up with a passion for performing and showcasing her talent. Her representative color is black, and her positions in the group are Lead Dancer and Lead Rapper. Yuehua Entertainment revealed her as the last member of EVERGLOW to be introduced.

Aisha’s talents are not only dancing and singing, but she can also speak Japanese, as well. Aisha’s unique points are her duality and her charming eyes. Her stage name is inspired by Asia, hiding the meaning of Aisha, who will be the idol who will take over Asia. She used to attend Hanlim Multi Art School, and she took dance lessons at Night Dance Institute. Aisha’s role models are Sunmi and K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK.

Although her color in the group is black, Aisha has some favorite colors besides black, purple, and mint. Her nicknames are Yoom and Judy. For your information, Her nickname Judy comes from the main character of the animated movie ZOOTOPIA. Aisha doesn’t like vegetables and fish. In the group, she is best friends with Yiren.

She was born on the same day as ITZI’s Lia. Her roommate in EVERGLOW’s dorm is Yerin. She is a big fan of JYP band Day6; she really loves to listen to their songs every day. She has strong arms to the extent she can easily break an apple with her hands. She is left-handed.

Full profile of Yiren

everglow yiren
  • Real Name: Wang Yiren (왕이런) (王怡人)
  • Stage Name: Yiren (이런)
  • Date of Birth: December 29th, 2000
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: AB

Interesting facts about Yiren

everglow yiren

Yiren is the fourth member that Yuehua Entertainment revealed. She is the youngest member of the group, and her positions are Maknae, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, and Visual Center. She is best known for appearing in Produce 48, where she was voted as the Top 1 Visual Center due to her beautiful appearance and grace. Her training period lasted for two years and two months.

Yiren is also a great dancer. She has a special talent for dancing traditional Chinese Dance. White is her representative color in the group. The other members call her Pomeranian. Yiren’s role models are Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Jun Ji-Hyun. Her hobbies are shopping and cooking, and she is EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s best friend. She hates fish, the same as her best friend in the group.

According to some of her friends, Yiren studied dancing for more than 10 years. She is close with IZ*ONE Yena; they are from the same company. The other member, Mia, describes her personality as caring, lovely, and meticulous. Her roommate in EVERGLOW’s dorm is Aisha. Her favorite food is pasta.

Label company of EVERGLOW

Label company of EVERGLOW

Yue Hua Entertainment is a Chinese multinational entertainment group and talent agency based in Beijing founded in June 2009. The company is the home of many K-Pop artists, including UNIQ, Cosmic Girls (co-managed with Starship Entertainment), Hyeongseop X Euiwoong EVERGLOW. It also managed one of IZ*ONE member named Choi Ye-na.

Who are EVERGLOW’s leader and maknae?

Who are EVERGLOW's leader

The leader of the group is E:U. She was born on May 19th, 1998, making her the oldest member of EVERGLOW. It is common in idol groups to choose the leader based on age. On the other hand, the group’s maknae, also known as the youngest, is Yiren. She was born on December 29th, 2000.

EVERGLOW members’ height: from the tallest to the shortest

EVERGLOW members' height
  • Aisha: Even though she is considered the youngest member of the group, her height is 174 cm. It is pretty tall for female idols.
  • Sihyeon: Following Aisha, Siehyon is 168 cm. She is the same height as Apink’s Naeun, Cosmic Girl’s Eunso, and EXID’s Hani.
  • Onda: In the third place, there is Onda with 165 cm. Compare to other members, her height is in the middle, making her neither the tallest nor the shortest.
  • Mia: Alongside Yiren, Mia’s height is 163 cm. There are many female idols of the same height, such as Eunha and Umji from GFriend, F(X)’s Krystal, and Mamamoo’s Solar.
  • Yiren: She is 163 cm making her the 2nd shortest member of the group alongside Mia. She is the same height as Sistar’s Hyorin and Wonder Girls’ Yoobin.
  • E:U: The group’s leader, E takes the last place:U with 161 cm. Many other female idols are shorter than she is, but she is the shortest in the group compared to other EVERGLOW members’ height.

EVERGLOW members’ age: from the oldest to the youngest

EVERGLOW members' age
  • E:U: As she is the group leader, E:U is also the oldest member of the group. She is 22 years old. It is common in the K-Pop industry to choose a leader based on age.
  • Sihyeon: With a one-year difference from the leader, Sihyeon is 21 years old. She was born on August 5th, 1999. Her same-age friends are Red Velvet’s Yeri, NCT’s Lucas, Mark, Hendery, and Xiaojun.
  • Mia: In EVERGLOW, there are four maknae, including Mia, who is 20 years old. She was born on January 13th, 2000. She is the same age as ITZY’s Ryujin.
  • Aisha: Alongside Mia, Aisha is also 20 years old. She was born on July 21st, 2000. She is the same age as Stray Kids’ Felix.
  • Onda: She is the third youngest in the group, Onda is also a 20-year-old girl. She was born on May 18th, 2000. Her same-age friends are Weki Meki’s Seojung, Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE, and Rocket Punch’s Yeonhee.
  • Yiren: The last maknae of EVERGLOW, she is 20 years old. She was born on December 29th, 2000. Her age is the same as CLC’s Eunbin and Chanhee of SF9.

EVERGLOW members’ positions

EVERGLOW members' positions
  • Mia: Her position in the group is as the main vocalist and main dancer.
  • E:U: Besides being the group leader, E:U is also the main rapper and main dancer.
  • Aisha: Her position in the group is lead rapper and sub-vocalist.
  • Yiren: The maknae of the group is the one with the most positions in the group. Yiren is responsible as lead dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, visual, center, the group’s face, and maknae.
  • Onda: Her position in the group is as lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual.
  • Sihyeon: She is the lead vocalist, visual, and the face of the group.

EVERGLOW’s official debut


EVERGLOW made their debut with the song titled “Bon Bon Chocolat” part of the digital single album Arrival of Everglow. In their album, they made the debut with three songs. The remaining two are titled “Moon” and “D+1,” respectively.

“Bon Bon Chocolat” is a song of the EDM genre written by Melanie Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schultz, and Jurek Reunamaki. According to soompi.com, contrary to their sweet-sounding song, the music video features the six members powerfully dancing to the beat, showing their performance skills. On YouTube, this music video has surpassed 25 billion views with many positive responses in the comment section.

According to billboard.com, EVERGLOW’s debut with “Bon Bon Chocolat” launched them into the Top 5 Debut on the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart and to be the week’s highest new entry. Their song’s cut sold 1,000 downloads in the week ending March 21st, according to Nielsen Music.

Now, let’s check out their Music Video before you scroll down again.


EVERGLOW’s showcase

Here are some showcase videos of EVERGLOW’s debut.


EVERGLOW’s latest news


EVERGLOW’s debut became the ‘kicker’ in the K-Pop world that launched them into the Top 5 Chart on their debut. And here are the latest activities of our lovely EVERGLOW. According to kpopping.com, EVERGLOW tops Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart with “Bon Bon Chocolat.” And they attended the 2019 KCON at Madison Square Garden and the Javits Center, New York, the United States, on July 6th and 7th.

EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment once received a penalty from the Chinese government because their Chinese members appeared at the Korean military camp. Apparently, Yiren is the only Chinese member in the group. They performed at the Korean military camp through the tvN program “Soo Mi’s Side Dishes.”

A rumor sparked in mid-2020 about a Stray Kids member being in a relationship with an EVERGLOW member. The names of both sides are still unknown.

In September 2020, EVERGLOW announced their latest comeback, the release of their 2nd mini-album titled -77.82X-78.29 with the title song “LA DI DA.”

And here are the latest posts from EVERGLOW on their official account.


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EVERGLOW really made a successful debut with their powerful dancing that is perfectly mixed with their sweet song. Hopefully, they will keep going like this and become one of the most popular girl groups in the K-Pop world and around the world, too. Keep supporting the ladies, and that was all about EVERGLOW from us. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!