How Tall Is EVERGLOW’s Aisha? See Comparisons to Her Height Here!

everglow aisha height

Learn More About EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s Height That Looks Amazingly Tall!

K-pop idols, of course, have a lot of demands wherever they are. Their appearance is the main aspect to stand out while performing on stage. This is also the main attraction of one of the members of a South Korean girl group, EVERGLOW’s Aisha.

Did you know that EVERGLOW’s Aisha is one of the girl group members who has an above average height? If you look at her body at a glance, she looks slim, and when compared to the other members, she looks taller than the other EVERGLOW members. So, what is the actual height of EVERGLOW’s Aisha? Let’s find out more facts in the article below!

EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s Real Height


Some people may already know that EVERGLOW’s Aisha is taller than the average K-pop idol. When it comes to appearance, EVERGLOW’s Aisha is arguably one of the members who stands out the most because she is a tall female K-pop idol.

So, how tall is EVERGLOW’s Aisha?

According to her official profile, EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s height is 174 cm or 5’8”. When compared to other members in the girl group who popularized “DUN DUN,” Aisha is the tallest member despite her young age. This is undeniable because the members look shorter than EVERGLOW’s Aisha.

When it comes to women’s height, the average height of Asian women is between 150-169 cm. So, EVERGLOW’s Aisha is included among Asian women who have above average height. Standing at 174 cm, she will certainly look taller than other women.

EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s taller than average height also means she has to wear bigger clothes. If women usually wear sizes S-M clothes, EVERGLOW’s Aisha can wear clothes in sizes L to XL, depending on the outfit.

Some women may not know that the size of clothes is also influenced by height and weight. Even though EVERGLOW’s Aisha has a slim body, it is possible that she has a larger dress size than the other members because she is taller. However, that’s not a bad thing because every human being has a different height and weight.

Tall and slim like a supermodel, do you admire EVERGLOW’s Aisha who always looks super fabulous?

EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s Height Compared to Other Members

EVERGLOW has become one of the most influential and popular girl groups since they debuted in 2019. With six members, EVERGLOW has members who are quite powerful and remain charismatic to this day. One of the most noticeable members is Aisha who has a height that can be considered quite tall among other EVERGLOW members.

Let’s see the comparison between EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s height with other members in the session below!

When posing with one of the youngest members in EVERGLOW, Aisha and Yiren are kind of a perfect combo. The two members, who are the youngest members of the group or the maknae line, have their own charisma by displaying a very good girl crush aura alongside EVERGLOW’s Aisha‘s tall height and EVERGLOW’s Yiren‘s ethereal beauty.

When it comes to height, EVERGLOW’s Yiren is 163 cm tall and shorter than EVERGLOW’s Aisha who is 174 cm. There is a gap of about 11 cm between the two of them, but they are such a great match as the powerful maknae line.

Another member who is a visual of the group is EVERGLOW’s Onda. She is one of the members who is close to EVERGLOW’s Aisha. EVERGLOW’s Onda, who has a height of 165 cm, is actually a bit taller than EVERGLOW’s Yiren, but when compared to EVERGLOW’s Aisha, her height is certainly much shorter.

EVERGLOW’s Aisha is 174 cm tall and EVERGLOW’s Onda, who has an average Asian female height, has a 9 cm gap.

EVERGLOW’s Mia who is in charge of being the girl crush also seems to be one of the members that can be easily spotted while the group is performing on stage. Being the main dancer of the group, EVERGLOW’s Mia seems to have a charisma that stands out and is also balanced with the other members.

EVERGLOW’s Mia has a height of 163 cm and is much shorter than EVERGLOW’s Aisha when compared to one another. However, they also have a good relationship in the group despite their height difference which of 11 cm.

One of the members whose real name is Park Ji-won has a much shorter height than the other members. You could say that EVERGLOW’s E:U has a much smaller appearance and looks very cute when compared to the other members, especially with EVERGLOW’s Aisha who is the tallest member.

EVERGLOW’s E:U is the main rapper of the group and has a height of 161 cm which is indeed the shortest of the other members who are mostly between 163 to 165 cm. EVERGLOW’s Aisha who has a height of 174 cm is certainly the top member with the tallest height compared to EVERGLOW’s E:U who has a gap of 13 cm.

Now, we’re heading to find out about EVERGLOW‘s leader, Sihyeon, who has almost the same height as EVERGLOW’s Aisha. The member whose real name is Kim Sihyeon has the second rank among other members with a height of 168 cm. This height is close to EVERGLOW’s Aisha with a height of 174 cm. The height gap between the two of them is only 6 cm.

What do you think about EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s height compared to the other members?