Get to Know The Sub-Unit of Day6, Even of Day: Profile, Debut, Etc.

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All About Day6’s Sub-unit, Even of Day’s Members Profile

Do you know that besides debuting boy group and girl group, the popular and one of the most powerful K-pop agencies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment also had a band debuted under their agency? If some of you mostly only know TWICE, 2PM, GOT7, Stray Kids, and ITZY as JYP Entertainment’s artists, then you have to get to know about this band that we’re going to talk about. They probably are not dancers, but they indeed can make your ears dance by listening to their songs.

It’s none other than Day6, the first and only one band from JYP Entertainment.


However, we’re not going to talk about Day6 in general. We will discuss the sub-unit of Day6 that is just as cool as Day6 itself. It’s Even of Day!

Let’s get to know more about Even of Day. Just scroll down to find out more!

Even of Day’s Bio

even of day

Debut date: August 31, 2020

Members: Young K, Wonpil, Dowoon

Mini-album: The Book of Us: Gluon (2020)

Title Track: Where the Sea Sleeps (2020)

Leader: Dowoon

Instagram: @day6kilogram

Twitter: @day6official

Even of Day’s Members Profile

day6's even of day

Let’s get to know them better by reading their full profile, starting from the leader, the oldest to the youngest!

Young K’s Profile

young k

Full name: Kang Yonghyun

Stage Name: Young K

Birthdate: Ilsan, December 19, 1993

Height: 180 cm

Nickname: Brian, Kang Bra

Hobby: Eat, Sleep

Position: Bassist

Hometown: Ilsan, Toronto

Wonpil’s Profile


Full name: Kim Wonpil

Name: Wonpil

Birthdate: Incheon, April 27, 1994

Height: 176 cm

Nickname: Yeonpil (pencil), Pirimiri

Hobby: Aegyo, collecting action figures

Position: Keyboardist

Hometown: Incheon

Dowoon’s Profile


Full name: Yoon Dowoon

Name: Dowoon

Birthdate: August 25, 1995

Height: 177 cm

Nickname: Don, Drum

Hobby: Drum, Game

Position: Drummer

Hometown: Busan

Even of Day’s Discography


Even of Day’s Mini Album

  • The Book of Us: Gluon
    • Landing ~Intro~ (WITH DENIMALZ 3)
    • Landed
    • Ocean ~Interlude 1~ (WITH DENIMALZ 3)
    • Where the Sea Sleeps
    • Forest ~Interlude 2~ (WITH DENIMALZ 3)
    • Thanks To
    • To Be Continued ~OUTRO~ (SUNG BY DENIMALZ 3)

Even of Day’s Debut

On August 31, 2020, they debuted Day6 comeback with their sub-unit, Even of Day, for the first time. The sub-unit consists of three members, excluding the guitarist-line, Young K, Wonpil, and Down. Even though the sub-unit doesn’t have a guitarist, the music they produced is still as good as ever. Young K as the bassist, tried so hard to matched his bass to fill up the guitar part for their music.

The title track was called “Where the Sea Sleeps,” a song with a chill and soft vibe with Wonpil and Young K’s vocal. Their voices match really well, especially when they harmonize in one line. Let’s listen to the song while taking a look at the music video!

Unlike the other music video of Day6, Even of Day used Denimalz, the animal dolls of Day6 members, for their music video. The music video’s story was basically Don, Pil, and Kke (the denimalz version of Dowoon, Wonpil, and Young K) that get lost because their ship is broken, but in the end, they managed to find a way together. Along with Jje and Bang (the denimalz version of Jae and Sungjin).

Even of Day also performed well in the music shows!


Day6’s Hiatus: The Truth Behind Even of Day

even of day

In 2020, Day6 comeback for the first time on May 11, after completing their second world tour, Gravity, in January 2020. Day6 came back with a song called “Zombie” in a mini-album called “The Book of Us: The Demon”.

However, a day before the song “Zombie” was released, JYP Entertainment announced that Day6 couldn’t promote the song due to some members’ mental health issues. It was so sad, but then again, Day6’s happiness is the number one priority after all.

Since then, Day6 hasn’t shown in any music show or TV/Radio program with the five of them. However, the three of the members were promoting with Even of Day in August until September 2020. They released a song called “Where the Sea Sleeps.”


Jae is also active in his personal project, eaJmusic, on YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok. As for Sungjin, when he went live in V Live, he said that he still couldn’t sing for a while when fans asked him to sing a song. After several months, Sungjin was finally ready to greet the fans frequently on VLive.

However, in March 2021, Sungjin greeted fans on VLive and informed them that he would go to the military soon, the same day as he turned on the VLive broadcast. So shocking! Check out the full story of Sungjin’s hiatus here.

Hopefully, Day6 can come back together as five again anytime soon. Let’s wait and cheer for Day6’s members project anywhere!


That’s all the information about Day6’s sub-unit, Even of Day. The leader is Day6’s maknae himself, Dowoon. Even though they didn’t perform as a full team, Even of Day managed to produce high-quality music! If you’re a fan of Day6, you can wait for them to come back while reading our articles about Day6 in Channel-Korea. Cheers!