Check Out BTOB’s Eun-kwang, Sung-jae and Hyun-sik’s Special Trip To Taiwan on KBS ‘Battle Trip’

Final Result

The concepts of the two teams in this episode were really different. While the older people would prefer Old Boy Tour’s trip plan, the younger ones would prefer Ttuittui Ppangppang Tour’s trip plan.

Kim Sook said that she really wanted to go to Jiufen, the Spirited Away place. Their trip to this place made a good advantage for BTOB team to win the battle, meanwhile, the budget comparison was really a lethal weapon to defeated Kim Jong-min and Ji Sang-ryeol. And then, BTOB team won this battle.

If you guys really want to watch it, you can take a look at this:


Latest News

In March 2019, after BTOB’s Eunkwang, Minhyuk, and Changsub enlisted for their military service, Sungjae became the temporary leader for the group.

And for the Battle Trip latest news, former members of I.O.I that now have their own path of career, Chungha and Kyulkyung, confirmed that they will star in the variety show Battle Trip.

According to the reports on on August 8th, 2019, Chungha and Kyulkyung are shooting for Battle Trip in Guangzhou, China.

“Chungha and Kyulkyung are doing a shoot at Guangzhou, China. This will be airing in September,” said the one who is responsible for making Battle Trip.

That was all the information about Battle Trip episode 16 in Taiwan. Don’t forget to keep supporting your beloved idols and watch Battle Trip. We will see you guys in the next article!