10+ Dating Rumors Behind Super Junior Member Eunhyuk! Be Ready, ELFs!

9. Sandara Park, First Woman in Eunhyuk’s Instagram Posts

sandara park

Recently, ELFs shocked when Eunhyuk for the first time uploaded a photo of a girl. He used to take pictures with girls but in a group photo. This lucky girl was Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. Many fans become jealous because of this photo, even in the next photo Eunhyuk also upload photos of rapper DinDin and showed how beautiful Switzerland is.

The reason behind this photo was they were in new JBTC2’s variety show Borrow Trouble Season 2: Paradise. In this show, they had to go on vacation to Switzerland as a backpacker, which they have to travel in minimum accommodation.

On the latest episode, DinDin mentioned that it was rare to see YG Ent and SM Ent artist appearing on a show together. Eunhyuk and Dara agreed to this statement. Eunhyuk thought that it will be a sort of wall and never be able to get along with YG Ent’s artist. He said so because he initially intimidated with YG hip-hop vibes which they looked fierce and sassy so that he did not even dare to approach.

For Dara, as she first debuted she never said hi to SM Ent artist because she was afraid of dating rumors. Also as the response for the Eunhyuk’s opinion about YG Ent artist, she said that at the first everyone would think she was mean but she actually an introvert person. She also said that she fit SM Ent personality perfectly.

10. Soloist IU, The Most Scandalous Dating Rumor of Eunhyuk!

iu and eunhyuk

In early November 2012, on her Twitter account, IU accidentally posted a questionable photo with Eunhyuk. Even though that photo was not on her page for longer than 2 minutes because she deleted it, many people already saved it and it became the most searched topic on online search engines. Why was it so scandalous? Take a look at the picture below:

iu and eunhyuk

In the picture, they both seemed like they were lying in a bed. It became worst by IU wearing the pink pajama and Eunhyuk seemed shirtless with that kind of expression. These made harsh public judgments towards them, especially people’s disappointment because IU had been known by “Nation’s Little Sister” (cute and innocent image). Many people wondering whether that was accidentally posted by IU, her account was hacked, or anything.

Loen Entertainment made an official statement shortly after. They said IU was sick and Eunhyuk came to see her and that photo also took on a sofa. IU was meant to tweet something and uploading the photo was a mistake. They deeply apologize to all the people, especially to Eunhyuk, SM Ent, and fans for causing any possible harm. They beg to not spreading any false rumor between IU and Eunhyuk. For the SM Entertainment, they chose to keep quiet because Loen Entertainment already made their statement.

Loen Entertainment also admitted that it was true IU and Eunhyuk were close, even Eunhyuk ever had dinner with IU’s mother, but their relationship only between senior-junior. Rumors about IU and Eunhyuk dating before this scandal was spreading rapidly later. Many people assumed that IU and Eunhyuk had been dating backstreet for almost 2 years because of much evidence, so that this official statement from Loen Entertainment was a cover-up. Though there were many harsh comments towards IU and Eunhyuk, some positive vibes also occurred to support IU to be strong while facing this misunderstood scandal. Also, people said IU was already 20 and she was legal enough.

6 months after this scandal, IU appeared on the variety show Incarnation and spoke about this scandal. She felt really sorry to everyone. She also said shortly after this scandal, Eunhyuk had time to ask about IU because he worried about her so much. IU said that she didn’t have the right to feel okay, she just wanted to apologize to everyone.

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