10+ Dating Rumors Behind Super Junior Member Eunhyuk! Be Ready, ELFs!

6. KARA’s Gyuri, Secret Admirer

eunhyuk and kara gyuri

On a TV Show Nocturnal that aired in KBS2TV, Eunhyuk and Gyuri being a guest in the show. Eunhyuk said that Shindong asked him about who was a suitable partner for him as a radio DJ on MBC FM’s Shim Shim Ta Pa because his previous partner, Kim Shin-young left the show. As a reply, Eunhyuk highly recommended Park Gyuri, leader of girl group KARA. He also proudly said, “If it was not me, Gyuri would have never become a radio DJ”.

Everyone including Gyuri was shocked by this statement. Gyuri spontaneously asked Eunhyuk, “By any chance, are you interested in me?”Eunhyuk suddenly flustered and the MCs forced him to answer but he couldn’t. The MCs said that Eunhyuk was bad at lying and literally had an interest in Park Gyuri.

In fact, they were actually close and often caught using the same things, so that many people assumed they were dating. They even got a nickname HyukRi (Eunhyuk-Gyuri) couple.

7. SNSD’s Sooyoung, Love at First Sight

sooyoung and eunhyuk

Eunhyuk ever talked about his special relationship with SNSD’s Sooyoung before they were debuted in KBS2 TV variety show Nocturnal Habits when they both came as a guest. He said that they were really close before, and they often go to board game room together. Mischievously he said, “Back then, Sooyoung liked me a little.” Respond to this statement Sooyoung suddenly replied, “It wasn’t Eunhyuk that I liked, it was the board games!”.

Eunhyuk also said that the first time he saw Sooyoung in her photoshoot, Sooyoung was so pretty with her long hair and looked like a Barbie doll. He thought that she was the prettiest out of all the SNSD members. People assumed that he fell in love in a first sight.

8. Soloist BoA, Hottest Skinship Choreography

eunhyuk and boa

When Eunhyuk was being a guest on Radio Star along with other members of Super Junior, he revealed his relationship with BoA, a South Korean solo singer under the SM Entertainment. He said that even they were in the same age, BoA debuted first so that she become his senior and things always be awkward if you have a deal with seniors.

In the past when Eunhyuk was a trainee, he had a chance to be close with BoA with filling her song Girl On Top with rap part. Unfortunately, as he already practiced so many times, the producers decided the rap part was unnecessary and Eunhyuk just filled in as dancers.

The next chance was when Eunhyuk was chosen to do a couple dance with BoA in her new track Only One. At first, Eunhyuk called her “BoA-sunbae” (senior BoA) but not anymore. BoA also ever said that the first time they debuted they became so awkward. But then Eunhyuk texted BoA, “When will be we met to speak more comfortable?”and since that Eunhyuk and BoA become closer. According to the relationships issues among them, they confirmed that they are just best-friend.

But, on a variety show Strong Heart, Eunhyuk revealed his nasty plan with BoA in his couple dance. As we know that BoA had a dance duet with other idols such as TVXQ’s Yunho, SHINee’s Taemin, EXO-M’s Luhan, and EXO-K’s Sehun. All of the choreography were focused on the skinship, not how good the choreography was. Because of that, BoA’s partner became more intimate with her like Yunho made his face really close with BoA and Taemin would waving BoA’s hair if they were holding hands.

Eunhyuk thought that he should be better than the others and had an idea. He will kiss BoA! Surprisingly, BoA reaction to this was laughed and said, “Just do it if you can”. Unfortunately, Eunhyuk’s mission was failed because when they performed on SBS Inkigayo, BoA used headset microphone right above her lips. Eunhyuk felt so awkward because he already tried to be close with her face.

But however, many people agree that Eunhyuk has more chemistry with BoA among BoA’s previous partners.