10+ Dating Rumors Behind Super Junior Member Eunhyuk! Be Ready, ELFs!

4. Lee Hyun-ji, The Triangle Love

lee hyun ji

Back to 2010 on a TV show Happy Together Season 3Eunhyuk said that he ever had a bitter triangle love. The story was like in a drama. He confessed that he had celebrity girlfriend who still had a crush (or even dated) another male celebrity.

This painful reality was known when Eunhyuk was hosting a music program as the main MC. When his girlfriend’s ex was on the stage, he suddenly got a text from his girlfriend. Evidently, the text was not meant for him but for the girlfriend’s ex. She said that she had good memories with the ex while they were together, like he often made love signs on stage for her. She also thinks about how they would be if they became together again. After seeing this text, Eunhyuk got extremely mad and ran to the bathroom to vent his anger. He hurt his hands at the time.

In response to Eunhyuk’s painful story, everyone on the set was expressing their sympathy for him.

After this story was broadcast, people talked about the two specific idols as Eunhyuk mentioned about. Many people speculated that Eunhyuk’s ex was Lee Hyun-ji, a singer, actress, and model. Whereas the girlfriend’s ex was Youngsaeng, member of SS501 boy group. What do you think?

5. Soloist G.Na, Pre-Debut Ex-Girlfriend?

g. na

Discussion about Eunhyuk’s pre-debut girlfriend is always a hot topic, especially in an online fan club of Sasaeng fans (fans who followed the news of their idol 24 hours). There was a rumor that Eunhyuk ever dated a trainee named Choi Jina around 2007.

They (rumored) dated about a few years ago but their relationship did not last long. It might because Choi Jina, who supposedly debuted in a girl group called Five Girls, was canceled due to the financial problem of the agency. This made Choi Jina had to go home to her hometown in Canada. Because Choi Jina was not debuted yet, there was not much news about them.

Eunhyuk ever being asked about his relationship with her but he never confirmed anything. Now, Choi Jina successfully debuted as a solo artist under the auspices of Cube Entertainment.