10+ Dating Rumors Behind Super Junior Member Eunhyuk! Be Ready, ELFs!

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The Dancing Machine’s Relationships Among Girls

Lee Hyuk-jae, more commonly known as Eunhyuk (born in April 1986), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor who gained popularity with Super Junior, a boy group. Being a famous celebrity since his debut in 2005 (13 years ago), he must be surrounded by beautiful and talented women celebrities. Therefore, it is not surprising that many rumors spread about Eunyhuk’s relationships with some celebrities. Some of them are IU (the hottest rumor), some SNSD members, and even Sandara Park! Not only with celebrities, but his pre-debut love life also is an interesting story.

Let’s check below to look further!

1. Pre-Debut Love Life


When Eunhyuk was younger, his family was living with some financial problems, and his father had health issues. But, Eunhyuk kept socializing like other people, such as having a girlfriend at the time.

Like a normal couple, they should have been going on dates and giving each other gifts, but Eunhyuk did not have enough money. He even often borrowed money from his friends, but he felt so wrong and decided to not do that again. Because of that, Eunhyuk kept avoiding dates because he did not want his girlfriend to feel hurt. So, the relationship ended and Eunhyuk let her go in the name of love.

When he was in high school, he also had a girlfriend. His girlfriend threatened him that if he did not get scores above 85, she would date another guy. Unfortunately, he got an 84 at the time. Later, his girlfriend called him and said she went to the cinema with a guy. Eunhyuk was so angry.

2. Choi Jung-won, Eunhyuk’s crush

choi jung won

In a reality show¬†Beatle’s Code 2, Eunhyuk made a surprising statement that he had a crush on a woman since a long time ago. He said that she was his ideal type and she admired her so much. This lucky girl was Choi Jung-won (born on May 1, 1981) who is a South Korean singer and actress. This beautiful woman already starred in some famous movies and dramas.

Eunhyuk admitted that he joined as the member in Choi Jung-won’s online fan club. At the time Eunhyuk got madly about, he left a message in the sites that he wanted to meet Choi Jung-won. As the response for this message, Choi Jung-won’s manager contacted him and asked if he wanted to meet Choi Jung-won in person. Unfortunately, when his dream comes true Eunhyuk could not make it because of his busy schedule. Even the meeting was rescheduled, Eunhyuk once again could not make it. Poor Eunhyuk.

Because of this statement, many people rumored that they were dating. But, two of them had confirmed that was not true.

There was a cute moment in 2007 when Choi Jung-won was MC for a show, she suddenly waving hands to the Super Junior’s sit place. Then, the other members teasing him spontaneously.

3. SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Best Friend or Girlfriend?

eun hyuk and hyo yeon

It’s not a secret that members of SNSD and Super Junior are close to each other. Because the CEO of SM, Lee Soo-man allowed and advised to have a relationship in the same house production, there were many rumors aired among the SM Idols, including Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon had known each other since they were trainees. Eunhyuk even learned some dance moves from Hyoyeon because she stood out among the other trainees. Hyoyeon also uploaded photos of them together on her Instagram account several times. Even though they do look like lovers, there’s no official statement that they are in a relationship.

Fans really hoped that they are an actual lover. They were called Hyoyuk, a nickname for the idol couple by fans. Fans often collected or shared some cute and sweet moments between Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk in online fan club or blog. One of them is when Hyoyeon texted Eunhyuk, he replied “sorry, Eunhyuk’s number already change”. Hyoyeon got mad after that.