A Successful Actress and Singer, Here Are Apink’s Jung Eun-ji’s Top Songs and Dramas


Apink’s Jung Eun-ji’s Top Songs and Dramas

Jung Eun-ji is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress, and voice actress. The idol was born on August 18, 1993, with Jung Hye-rim as her birth name. She first debuted as a member and main vocalist of the South Korean girl-group Apink on April 19, 2011. Eun-ji is known as the “powerhouse” of the group, for her full, rich voice. As the main vocalist of the group, Eunji is responsible for managing the high notes and has a big part in all the songs.

In 2012, she made her acting debut in the coming-of-age drama, Reply 1997. Since then, she’s had roles in several dramas and has also done various voice acting gigs. She released her debut solo album, Dream, in 2016.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details on the successful actress and singer, Jung Eun-ji’s, top songs and dramas! So, stay tuned!

Jung Eun-ji’s Top Solo Songs


Apink’s Jung Eun-ji has been recognized as having one of the best voices and being one of the best female vocalists among K-pop idols. When she debuted as the main vocalist of Apink, she hadn’t actually received any prior trainin,g and only trained for two months with the group before their official debut.

She’s proven that she’s an amazing singer, as she has been singing original soundtracks for Korean drama series since 2012, in addition to releasing a solo album and doing collaboration songs with other singers, which almost always top the charts. Here are several top solo songs from the amazing singer, Jung Eun-ji.

All For You, featuring Seo In-guk


Jung Eun-ji has truly  become a double threat with her acting abilities being extremely strong, as well and her as well as her singing abilitites. When she debuted as an actress through the drama Reply 1997, she not only showed her awesome acting skills but also showcased her beautiful voice whens he recorded some of the drama’s soundtracks. In Reply 1997, Eun-ji recorded two promotional singles, “All For You” and “Our Love Like This”, featuring her Reply 1997 co-star Seo In-guk for the drama’s soundtrack.

All For You by Eun-ji and Seo In-guk is the duet remake project of an original song by 1990s idol group Cool, which was released on April 21, 2000. The music video for “Love Story Part 1: All for You” was released on August 28, 2012, through Stone Music Entertainment YouTube.

Just the Way We Love, featuring Seo In-guk

On September 3, 2012, Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk released the music video for their second duet song from the Reply 1997 soundtrack, titled “Just The Way We Love”. The song is also a duet remake project for “Love Story Part 2: Just The Way We Love”. The part 2 of their duet remake project is “Just The Way We Love” by Joo Young-hoon ft. Lee Hye-jin from the soundtrack of the 1999 romantic film, Love Wind Love Song.

In their second duet, Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk provide more emotional music that perfectly suits the drama, Reply 1997. Their voices harmonize wonderfully in the song and they have done a great job remaking song.

The lyrics of “Just The Way We Love” tell about how a couple will love each other even though life becomes hard, even if they get old and tired they promised to love each other just like they are now. “Can you love me even though I’m not enough for you?
I have nothing but love to give to you so do you still love me? Someday even if we get old and tired, let’s promise to love just like now till the day you are in my arms. And we close our eyes even on that day, let’s be together.” It is a piece of the song’s lyrics.

Break Up to Make Up, featuring Huh Gak


In 2014, Jung Eun-ji collaborated on a duet song with her label-mate, male soloist Huh Gak, with the song titled “Break Up To Make Up”. On July 4, 2014, the music video for Break Up to Make Up was released on YouTube. The song was well-received by fans and ranked at the top of major online music charts in South Korea such as Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Naver Music, and Genie. Just a few hours after they released the song, they placed first on Melon and Bugs, and, on the same day, they became first on other music charts, as well. 

“Break Up to Make Up” expresses the emotions of the couple’s experiences after they have broken up and gotten back together. The lyrics of the song express how the couple was longing for each other and they were not okay after they broke up. In the chorus, Huh Gak fisrt sang Why this woman? Why this woman? Why on earth cannot I forget this woman? After she leaves, why does she keep making me cry?” Then Eun-ji also sang “Why this man? Why this man? I cannot forget him even if I die, I’ll tell you once again, just once again. Let’s stop fighting now.”

The agency of the two skilled vocalists, A Cube Entertainment, held an event for couples that are experiencing the same situation like the song. On July 13, 2014, couples who sent their pictures and stories to A Cube Entertainment’s official Facebook page had the chance to become the main characters in the special music video for “Break Up to Make Up.”

Its You


On March 6, 2014, Jung Eun-ji released her first-ever solo song, titled “It’s You”, for the South Korean drama series Three Days. “It’s You” is co-composed by Oh Chang-hoon and Park Sung-ho, and is the theme song for the new drama, as well as Eunji’s first OST project. A short time after it was released, and before it even aired, the song ranked first on the top real-time charts Bugs, Soribada, and Daum Music.

She sings the song “It’s You”, which stirs emotions with the piano and string sounds. The song tells about a sad love story. “In my aching heart, in this difficult love, flickering in a cruel time. In case my sad love that only looked at you gets buried in sadness.”

Hopefully Sky


On April 18, 2016, Jung Eun-ji officially debuted as a solo singer with her first mini-album, Dream, five year after her debut with APink. Just the day before Apink’s 5th anniversary, Eun-ji released the title track of her mini-album, titled “Hopefully Sky”, featuring Korean folk artist Harim. Her mini-album consisted of 6 songs. The title song, “Hopefully Sky”, is co-produced by Duble Sidekick, long candy, and EASTWEST, and was written by Eun-ji, herself. “Hopefully Sky” ranked on the top South Korean music charts, and the album sold 30,000 copies upon its release.

Hopefully Sky is a track that recalls Eunji’s childhood days, when she spent time with her beloved father. The song is nostalgic, with a mix of folk and stylish pop sounds. The concept is also refreshing, adding the season of spring makes the song more attractive and expressive. The music video shows Eun-ji’s childhood memories, and she is slowly revisiting her favorite places as she strolls alongside a little girl playing alone on the sidewalk. She visits a school and paces down flower-strewed streets, sings of her hometown as the site of the brightest star in the sky, and sits down at a time-worn, upright piano to play her song.

The melody of the song is instantly memorable and the lyrics are also so pretty. “Hey little child don’t get weak. Don’t live carrying all of the sadness alone. Dad where do I go. So I can live as your heart did. We can see the biggest star in our neighborhood. In the spring when warm sunlight blooms the flowers. You know what is the biggest sky. You are my sky. Life without regret. Memories when I was poor. I was happy.”

The Spring


One year after successfully debuting Dream in 2016, Jung Eun-ji released her second album, “The Space”, in 2017. Her second album was released on April 10, and the music video for the title track, “The Spring“, was also unveiled on the same day.

Like her solo debut song, “Hopefully Sky,” her second title track, The Spring, again features the Korean folk artist Harim and focuses on a spring theme, although the music video looks more nostalgic and wistful than her more bright and cheerful debut. But, the songs seem to perfectly match the spring season.

The Spring tells about love and loneliness.

“I think spring is coming again
Almost sick of the cherry blossoms
They bloomed overnight, I hate it
But spring is coming again

You’re spring, spring spring spring
You, where did you go?
You’re spring, spring spring spring
The spring wind is blowing.”