Let’s Take a Look at Eun Ji-won’s Tattoo and the Meaning Behind It!


Eun Ji-won, All-Rounder Entertainer

Eun Ji-won was born on June 8th, 1978. He is a rapper, host, dancer, and composer from South Korea, who is the leader of South Korea’s first generation idol group SechsKies. After the group’s dissolution in 2000, Eun Ji-won pursued a solo career in 2001 with his first single, “A-Ha,” and has focused mainly on hip-hop since then. In addition to his music career, he has appeared in various hit shows, both on TV and the web, such as 1 Night 2 Days, Reply 1997, Barefooted Friends, and New Journey to the West.

On April 14th, 2016, SechsKies held a reunion concert for fans, 16 years after their dissolution as part of the popular Infinite Challenge program. They have returned to promote as a group and have signed a contract with the famous label, YG Entertainment.

Eun Ji-won attended the Hawaiian Mission Academy, from 9th grade to 12th grade. He went to school with his fellow SechsKies member, Kang Sung-hun.

The nickname of Eun Ji-won in SechsKies is “Ketchup” because of his dark skin. “Eun Choding” (“Kid Eun”) became his nickname later, in the Happy Sunday reality-variety show: 1 Night 2 Days because of his childish persona at the event.

Eun Ji-won is the only member of SechsKies who has faced criticism since the disbandment of the band due to the change in music genres from pop music to hip-hop and rap. Former boy band member Moon Hee-joon from HOT also changed the genre of the music he creates, becoming a rock musician rather than becoming a pop singer, after deciding to go solo (SechsKies is a HOT competitor).

Eun Ji-won’s Tattoo and The Meaning of His Tattoo!


Eun Ji-won has a tattoo on his right arm! The meaning of his tattoo is hidden in the Chinese character for his last name “殷” (Yīn) or in Korean “Eun.”


Netizens’ Reaction to Eun Ji-won’s Tattoo!


“Eun Ji-won’s tattoo is very tiny huh hahahahah, so cute,” said the netizens.

“I really love his tattoo! I’m gonna get a new tattoo related to Eun Ji-won,” added a netizen.

“I need a thread where we can see Ji-won and his upper arm tattoo. They are so few pics of it because it’s often covered. But I really love his tattoo and the meaning behind it, 1kyne/Yellkies if you have some could you share it with me,” another netizen said.

“I’m really curious about Eun Ji-won’s tattoo. What does it mean? Help,” said another netizen.

“I’m probably the only one who wants to see more of Eun Ji-won’s tattoo. I mean he already looks good but that tattoo gives me shivers every time I see a little bit of it. So sad that it is covered most of the time,” added another.

“When fans were shouting ‘take the jacket off’ he replied, ‘I didn’t check my outfit in advance, didn’t know I was wearing a sleeveless shirt on top… I should check my outfit from now on.’ He was shy to show his tattoo, the next day he changed his outfit to short sleeves,” another netizen said.