Get to Know Sechkies’ Eun Ji-won: Wife, Family, Running Man, and TV Shows

Eun Ji-Won’s Appearance on SBS’s “Running Man”

running man eun ji-won

Eun Ji-Won has made 5 appearances in episodes of SBS’s “Running Man”, 4 times alone and 1 time with other SECHSKIES members. Eun Ji-Won appeared as a guest along with a different artist in every episode. Here is the list of every episode he appeared in.

Eun Ji-Won’s Running Man Appearance Episode List
Episode Theme Guest
141 Animal Kingdom Eun Ji-Won and Jessica Jung
209 Legend VS Young Blood Chun Myung-Hoon, Danny Ahn (G.O.D), Kai and Sehun (EXO), Taemin (SHINee), Moon Hee-Jun (H.O.T), Soyou (SISTAR), Eun Ji-Won (SECHSKIES)
252 High School King Eun Ji-Won, Jay Park, Jessi (Lucky J), San E, Verbal Jint
326 Steamed Rice Stealer Race All SECHSKIES members and Hwang Woo-Seul-Hye
383 Winter Kingdom Survival All SECHSKIES members, Lee Elijah, Soyou (SISTAR)


Eun Ji-Won’s Appearances on TV Shows

eun ji-won tv show

Eun Ji-Won has been active as entertainer after the disbandment period of SECHSKIES. He acts as host, guest, and even actor in several dramas. He can be seen in several famous variety shows, with other famous hosts and entertainers such as MC Kang Ho-Dong, Comedian Lee Soo-Geun, and many more.

Eun Ji-Won MC Show List
Year TV Network Show Partner Host
2008 – 2009 SBS SBS Inkigayo Huh E-Jae
2009 MBC Lord of the Rings Lee Soo Geun, Marco
2010 KBS Idol League Moon Hee-Joon
2012 tvN Three Idiots Lee Soo-Geun, Kim Jong-Min
Mnet Show Me The Money, Season 1
2013 Show Me The Money, Season 2
QTV Handsome Boys Communication – EunHee Clinic Moon Hee-Joon
KBS Immortal Songs
Vitamin Lee Hwi-Jae, Park Eun-Young
2014 JTBC Same Age Kim Gu-Ra, Moon Hee-Joon, Brian Joo


Eun Ji-Won’s Drama List
Year TV Network Drama Title Character
2001 MBC Nonstop Eun Ji-Won

(Special Guest)

2007 New Heart New Resident (Cameo)
2012 tvN Reply 1997 Do Hak-Chan
2013 Reply 1994 Do Hak-Chan (Cameo)
2016 JTBC Listen to Love (Cameo)


Eun Ji-Won’s Variety Show List
Year TV Network Variety Show Title
2003 MBC Parody Theater Rooftop Room Snake
Match Made in Heaven
2005 Imagination Summer Expedition
2006 SBS Truth & False
2007 KBS 1 Night 2 Days
MBC Come to Play
SBS Jiwhaza
KBS Are You Ready?
SBS Quiz Showdown!
2009 Intimate Note Season 2
MBC School Mobile World Card
MBC Every1 Monarch of the RIng
2010 KBS Star Golden Bell season 2
MBC Every1 Midnight Idol
SBS Sweet Potato
2011 KBS Escape Crisis No. 1
MBC Star King
2012 MBC Jewelry House
2013 SBS Hwasin : Controller of the Heart
MBC Star Gazing
SBS Thank You
tvN The Genius 2
QTV Handsome Boys of the 20th Century
KBS Beauty and the Beast
2014 KBS Million Seller
MBC World Changing Quiz Show
OnStyle W.I.S.H (Where is My Super Hero?)
SBS Magic Eye (TV Series)
tvN First Day of Work
2015 SBS Law of the Jungle – Episode 166 – 170
tvN New Journey to the West
KBS The Human Condition 2
MBC The Capable Ones
JTBC Mari And I
2016 tvN New Journey to the West, Season 2
JTBC Strong Man
SBS Flower Crew
MBC My Money Partners – Next-door CEOs
KBS Please Look After Me
Gura Cha Cha Time Slip
2017 tvN New Journey to the West, Season 3
NaverTV Plan Man : New Beginning
tvN The Dynamic Duo
New Journey to the West, Season 4
Kang’s Kitchen

Eun Ji-Won as an Actor on tvN’s “Reply 1997”

eun ji-won reply 1997

“Reply 1997” is one of the hit drama series of “Reply”, made by television cable channel tvN. Eun Ji-Won played Do Hak-Chan. Do Hak-Chan was a transfer student from Seoul who is good at sports and has an enviable porn collection, but he has one weakness which is an inability to interact properly with girls. Through character development in the drama, Do Hak-Chan bravely tried to interact with girls and paired up with character Mo Yoo-Jung, played by Shin So-Yul.