Actress Esom: Profile, Drama Appearances, and Dating Rumors with Zion. T


Model Turned Into Actress: Esom and Her Amazing Appearance in K-Dramas

Esom is a South Korean actress famous for her attractive visuals and her various role in acting performances. Her fans also praised Esom for her career since she has transformed from a model into an actress. Let’s get to know more about Esom here!

Esom’s Profile


Birth Name: Lee So-young (이소영)

Stage Name: Esom (이솜)

Date of Birth: Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea, January 30, 1990

Age: 30 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 175 cm

Blood Type: A

Education: Mirim Girls’ High School, Sejong University (majored in Film Arts)

Occupation: Model, Actress

Label: Artist Company

Years Active: 2008 – present

Official Page: Lee Som

Instagram: esom_

Esom’s Fun Facts

  • She used to dream of being fashion model due to her appearance as a model in magazine since her childhood
  • She also received a lot of modeling offer since she was child
  • Esom changed her dream into becoming an actress when she was much older
  • Esom had a good proportion of height since she was child, which made her looked perfect in modeling
  • Esom made her debut through Check It Girl (model survival show) in 2008
  • She has appeared in a bunch of K-Pop idol’s music video such as TVXQ’s Wrong Number, G-Dragon’s She’s Gone, TASTY’s Day n Night, and many more
  • She was known as a good listener and appreciate friendship a lot
  • She also quite ‘hard’ on herself but loved herself at the same time
  • Esom wanted to be like Vanessa Paradis, a French actress
  • She loves to drink a coffee in the morning, chit-chat with her friends, and watching movies
  • She wants to appear in action or thriller movies one day
  • Due to her unique visual appearance, Esom also being able to received various role in her acting experience

Esom’s Appearances in Drama and Movies


Since her acting debut in Second Half, Esom was taking a bunch of various roles afterward. Her acting appearance mostly came up from the movie, but she appeared in some television drama. And here are some of Esom’s best acting appearance:

Esom in Scarlet Innocence


Scarlet Innocence has been marked as one of the best appearances of Esom in acting, especially in K-Movie! The movie was filled with betrayal, revenge, and love story as well. Meanwhile, Esom was in charge of the role of Deok Yi, an innocent woman who worked in an old playground.

scarlet innocence

Scarlet Innocence tells about Shim Hak-kyu, a professor involved in a scandal that made him leave Seoul. He also got separated from his wife and his daughter due to the scandal. Later on, Shim Hak-kyu was becoming a lecturer in a small country.

scarlet innocence

Hak-kyu met with Deok Yi, and their encounter had turned into a romantic relationship. However, their relationship became a scandal. Even Deok Yi got pregnant from her relationship with Hak-kyu. Their relationship was over, Deok Yi also went to an abortion, and Hak-kyu returned to Seoul. Eight years later, Deok Yi came into Hak-kyu’s life again with another’s identity. She wanted to given revenge on him for everything that he has done to her in the past.

Esom in Third Charm


In The Third Charm, Esom amazed people with her charming appearance and her great acting! She was in charge of Lee Young-jae with her co-stars Seo Kang-joon who played the role of On Joon-young.

Lee Young-jae was known as a hard worker and honest person who worked as a hairstylist assistant instead of went to college. Her friend has arranged a blind date which leads her to meet with On Joon-young, a young-preppy guy who wanted to work as a police.

the third charm

The Third Charm tells about Joon-young and Young-jae’s love story. They were met on a blind date in their 20s and decided to date due to love at first sight. Later on, the couple had found a lot of differences within their relationship, which lead to an end.

the third charm

In their 30s, Joon-young and Young-jae reunited and somehow getting back together in the relationship. This time, both of them experienced their differences as a couple. Moreover, Joon-young and Young-jae also meet with other people who know them better. Their relationship was at stake again.

Esom in Because This Is My First Life


Esom also gained a lot of attention due to her appearance in Because This Is My First Life! She played the role of Woo Soo-ji, which is known as one of the lead female characters’ best friends. Woo Soo-ji used to live in a foreign country. It also made her to had an independent and free personality.

because this is my first life

Because This Is My First Life tells about career, relationships, and marriage. Yoon Ji-ho has experienced a difficult situation where she has to found a new home. Her best friends Woo Soo-ji and Yang Ho-rang were helping her to live in an apartment without paying the deposit first.

because this is my first life

The apartment owned by Nam Se-hee, who loved to waste his money. As time went by, Yoon Ji-ho and Nam Se-hee were known each other and started living together as a housemate.

Esom’s Love-Life: What’s Her Relationship with Singer Zion. T?

Esom & Zion. T

Let’s talk about Esom’s personal life, especially her love life! Esom used to report dating the famous singer Zion. T after they were spotted in Jeju Island together. Moreover, both of them also posted their vacation in Jeju Island through social media with a ‘same’ symbol which made the public assumed that they were dating. Zion. T also caught by reporters while picked her up at her home.

zion t & esom
esom & zion t

However, both Esom and Zion. T’s labels were denying the rumors and explained that their relationship only about sunbae and dongsaeng. Their agency also revealed that Esom and Zion. T went to Jeju Island with other friends as well.

That was all of the information about Esom! She has proven her talent through her model, and people acknowledged acting experience, which made her talent. What do you guys think about Esom’s acting appearance? Let us know through the comment below!

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