Learn More About Singer Eru: Profile, Facts, Song, Drama, and His Relationship Scandal


Learn More About Eru’s Profile, Music, Acting, and More!

Jo Sung-hyun or famously known as Eru was an American-Korean singer who made his debut in 2005. He became really famous not only in South Korea but also in another country! In this article, let’s get to know more about Eru’s profile, music career, acting appearance, and more!

Eru’s Profile


Birth Name: Jo Sung-hyun (조성현)

Stage Name: Eru (이루)

English Name: Andrew Jo

Date of Birth: New York City, USA, July 5, 1983

Age: 37 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Blood Type: AB

Education: Berklee College of Music, Dankook University

Occupation: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Actor

Years Active: 2005 – present

Label: JIN-A Entertainment, Eru Entertainment, The Awesome Entertainment

Eru’s Facts

  • Eru was born to Korean parents in the USA and lived for several years before moving to South Korea.
  • He has one older brother.
  • Eru’s father is a famous Trot singer named Tae Jin-ah.
  • He loves to watching movies, playing games and piano, etc.
  • His favorite artists are Eric Benet and R. Kelly.
  • His favorite music genres are R&B, Soul, and Pop.
  • Eru used to dreamt of becoming a producer, which made him composed many songs.
  • Eru made his debut as a singer in 2005.

Eru’s MV Throughout the Years and Collaboration with Foreign Artists


Here are Eru’s music videos and song collaboration throughout the years!

The single White Tears was released in 2011, along with the music video! From the scene, Eru’s heartbreaking moment was portrayed when his girlfriend died. He was still reminiscing the good old days with his love.

In 2012, Eru made a collaboration with BEAST’s Junhyung through the single I Hate You. It was known as the ballad song, which narrated someone who couldn’t get over their love.

Eru has released a collaboration single with Indonesian actress Atiqah Hasiholan entitled Black Glasses! The single was released in 2013 and became one of the official soundtracks from the Indonesian movie Hello Goodbye. Black Glasses was filled with both Korean and Indonesian languages.

The love song entitled Saranghaeyo was a collaboration between Eru and Indonesian artist-comedian Sule, which was also released in 2013! The lyrics were written in Korean, English, and Indonesian. Even Eru sang some part in Indonesian as well.

The single Garosu-gil was Eru’s collaboration with Lucky J’s J-Yo, which was released in 2015. Its music video was used the black and white concept. Eru also appeared with his piano performance. Meanwhile, J-Yo has appeared with his dance performance!

Eru’s Special Popularity in Indonesia


Eru’s popularity expanded not only in South Korea but also in other countries. Especially in Indonesia, Eru’s popularity was extraordinary due to his huge fandom in that country. The singer has been held his solo concert in Indonesia three times, and the enthusiast from fans remained as amazing as ever!

Aside from that, Eru also collaborated with Indonesian artists, which made his popularity expanded even more. From his acting collaboration with an Indonesian actress in Hello Goodbye, song collaboration with an Indonesian artist, Indonesian fans welcomed his career wholeheartedly.


Although he was hesitant to expand his career outside South Korea, his talent was eventually acknowledged by people. Indonesia also became the first country outside South Korea where he expanded his music career.

Eru’s K-Pop Shop in Indonesia


Eru also expressed his love and gratitude toward his fans in Indonesia in an attractive way. He opened up a K-Pop merchandise shop named “K-Pop Shop by Eru,” located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Through the shop’s grand opening conference, Eru was explained that his shop provided a bunch of K-Pop merchandise designed by him, such as physical albums, stickers, photocard, T-shirts, and many more.


Furthermore, the singer explained that his business in the K-Pop shop was marked as his gratitude toward the loveable fans in Indonesia. Through his K-Pop shop, Eru also wanted to get closer with his fans who bought the merchandise.

Eru’s Drama Appearances


After becoming a successful singer, Eru also challenging himself into another experience as a K-Pop idol. He went to acting experience and made several roles in some K-Drama. Let’s get to know more about Eru’s acting appearance!

Eru in You Are Too Much


You Are Too Much was narrated story about singer Jung Hae-dang who knew with the name Yoo Gi-na. She worked as a singer in a nightclub and wanted to become a real singer. She also impersonates the performance style of diva singer Yoo Ji-na. That’s why she used Yoo Gi-na as her ‘stage’ name.

you are too much

On the other side, there was a talent agency owner Park Hyun-joon. His family was quite complicated, which made him wanted to get revenge. He announces that he would be marrying Yoo Ji-na, but somehow the fate also brought him to meet with Jung Hae-dang.

In the drama, Eru was in charge of the role of Park Hyun-sung. He was the younger brother of Park Hyun-joon. Due to his father’s desire, he was married to Go Na-kyung even though he didn’t love her.

Eru in Angel’s Last Mission: Love


The drama was narrated about a ballerina Lee Yeon-seo, who has to stop her career as a dancer due to her blindness from an accident on the stage. It changed her whole life, even changed her into an emotional person. One day, Lee Yeon-seo met with someone named Kim Dan.

angel last mission love

Kim Dan wasn’t human since his actual existence was an angel. Due to his fault, Dan has to do one mission to help humans find their true love. That human who has to be helped was Lee Yeon-seo.

In Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Eru played the guest role as Ko Sung-min. He has appeared in episode 5 and episode 7. Ko Sung-min worked as a detective and helped people to solve a case. The drama was starred Kim Myung-soo (L) and Shin Hye-sun.

Eru’s Relationship Scandal: Forcing His Girlfriend To Have an Abortion?


Eru was reported to be dating song lyricist Choi Hee-jin, and both of them were involved in a scandal back then in September 2010 when she was reported to be pregnant. Choi Hee-jin accused Eru’s father, Tae Jin-ah that he has been forcing her to have an abortion. Choi Hee-jin also revealed that Eru’s father given her US$2000 to do an abortion, but she rejected that.


The accusation was posted through Choi Hee-jin’s Cyworld account, which surprised people, especially Eru’s fans. The scandal was affected both Eru and his father’s life and career. However, all of the accusations were lie, and Choi Hee-jin eventually released her apology letter through a press conference. The letter was released in the lawyer’s office and signed by Choi Hee-jin and her parents.

tae jin ah

That was everything about singer Eru! From his music until his acting career, Eru seemed to always impressed people with his talent. Let’s always support him and looking forward to his upcoming project!

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