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Do you know the actress from South Korea named Na Hye-mi? She’s one of the cast from the popular drama webtoon, Cheese In The Trap, which starred many famous actresses and actors, such as Park Hae-jin, Oh Yeon-seo, Park Ki-woong, Yoo In-young, Sandara Park and others.

One of the other things that Na Hye-mi is known for was her sudden wedding with Eric Mun, member of the legendary boy-group, SHINHWA.

If you want to know more about Na Hye-mi and see her full profile, check out the article, below!

Profile and Facts of Na Hye-mi


Full Profile

Real Name : Na Hye-mi (나혜미)

Stage Name : Na Hye-mi (나혜미)

Birth : Icheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea, February 24, 1991

Zodiac : Pisces

Height : 170 cm

Blood Type : AB

Education : Hwasu High School, Chung-Ang University major in Theater and Film

Profession : Actress and Model

Family : Eric Mun (husband)

Official Sites : Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/luvvvmi/)


  1. Na Hye-mi started her career as an actress in the movie Address Unknown, which is released in 2001
  2. Na Hye-mi took a hiatus from the entertainment industry to study at Chung-Ang University
  3. Na Hye-mi continued her career as an actress, appearing on the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick, which is aired on 2006


Drama Series

  • 2018 – My Only One (aired on KBS 2/role as Kim Mi-ran)
  • 2017 – My Sassy Girl (aired on SBS/role as Bo-young)
  • 2013-2014 – Melody Of Love (aired on KBS/role as Jung Hye-young
  • 2006-2007 – High Kick! (aired on KBS/role as Hye-mi)
  • 2006 – Over The Rainbow (aired on MBC/role as Kwon Ji-hye)


  • 2018 – Cheese In The Trap (role as Da-young)
  • 2001 – Address Unknown

Personal Life

As reported from Soompi on February 2-17, Eric Mun has been dating actress Na Hye-mi.


Their dating news was confirmed by Eric Mun’s agency, E&J Entertainment, by saying that he’s dating Na Hye-mi. Back in 2014, the two denied they were dating, but following the announcement of their marriage in 2017, they confirmed that they had been seeing each other since 2013.

However, the dating news between Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi seemed pretty obvious to SHINHWA fan’s, ever since Na Hye-mi was caught attending Shinhwa’s 16th Anniversary Concert in March 2014, and the affection between the couple could be seen very clearly. The two were also spotted together going to a shopping mall near Eric Mun’s home.

Besides that, Dispatch caught them stepping out from Eric Mun’s Porsche, wearing matching jackets while enjoying some quality time during Christmas at Guangjin-gu, Seoul.


Eric Mun casually put his arm around Na Hye-mi’s shoulder, but they walked apart as soon as they reached the parking lot.

Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi were also seen together at a PC Cafe, Ski Resort, Grocery Market, and many other places, which made the public believe that the two had a special relationship with each other. A representative of Eric Mun even said after they confirmed the dating news, that Na Hye-mi’s name will come up as the result if anyone searched Eric Mun on portal sites.

In May 2017, there was highlight news about Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi’s wedding, that the two celebrities would be holding their private wedding photoshoots. The pre-wedding photoshoot hasn’t been revealed yet, but it was reported that Na Hye-mi looked really beautiful wearing a wedding dress, and her husband to be, Eric Mun, was looking manly during the photoshoot session.

The couple was seen to be in high spirits as they enjoyed the wedding photoshoot, with the bride, Na Hye-mi, always laughing along with Eric Mun’s humorous personality.

As reported from Allkpop, Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi released their wedding photoshoot as the couple officially married on July 1, 2017, which was attended by their family and close friends. Eric Mun also commented on his marriage by saying, “Thank you for everyone and my fans who already congratulate us as we begin a new chapter in our life. We will live happily as a family.”

The newly married couple had a 12-year age gap, Eric Mun was 38 years old and Na Hye-mi was 26 years old when they wed.

After their marriage, they went to Maldives for a honeymoon. Their happy moments ended up with some controversy when a clothing sponsorship admitted that the couple broke a promise that had been arranged between them and the sponsors.

Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi spoke out to the media, saying that the wedding and their honeymoon were arranged by themselves, not with the agency who admitted a sponsorship. The couple thought that the controversy didn’t make sense at all, as the two were surrounded by reporters soon as they flew back to Korea and arrived at the airport.

The couple’s agency has also confirmed that the two weren’t involved in any such controversy and the news about them wasn’t true.



Na Hye-mi married Eric Mun. He is also known as a member of the legendary South Korean boy-group, SHINHWA. Eric Mun (에릭문) has the real name of Mun Jung-hyuk (문정혁), and he was born in Seoul, South Korea, February 16, 1979.


Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi dated each other for more than four years, although the two denied their dating news back in 2014. Their relationship surfaced in public after Eric Mun announced their marriage plans through Shinhwa’s Company on Facebook on April 17, 2017, and the couple married on July 1, 2017.

Let’s check out Eric Mun and Na Hye-mi’s wedding pictorial below!


Latest News

September 13, 2018, was the first time Na Hye-mi appeared on a variety show since she debuted. The actress and model became a guest star on Happy Together, along with her co-stars in the drama ‘My Only One’, such as Uee, Yoon Jin-yi, and Lee Jang-woo.


Na Hye-mi confessed that she felt nervous since it was the first time for her to be on a variety show, and promoting the drama during the show, but she also talked about the love story with her husband, Eric Mun.

“I never been close with Eric but he is the one who found out about me. He [Eric Mun] then texted me by saying, ‘Hello, I’m Eric’ then I though it was only a person who wanted to prank me out. It turned out Eric call me and said that he saw me in the magazine. After that, we become friends.”

Na Hye-mi answered whether she liked Eric Mun at the time, and she said many of her friends are big fans of SHINHWA, but she had a chance to see G.O.D more often because she was a trainee on Sidus HQ.

“When Eric Mun proposed me, we went on a trip before the wedding day. I was in such a bad mood because we had to argue and he left without saying anything which is made me in disbelief since he is not that type of person. I ended up sleeping with angry that time.

When I fell asleep, he came back into the room and put something in my hand then left again. I found a card and it sad ‘Come outside’ which it makes sense like he’s going to propose. I woke up and take out a white dress before going to the bathroom and put a makeup since I couldn’t even go out while wearing a tracksuit. I was really in a bad mood that time and never thought there was a sign of propose a month before the wedding day.”


“When I walked out and see him, he was at the beach and waiting for me on the white sand. Seeing him act like that, I felt sorry about what happened a few moment ago. When he left as we argue before, he went outside to bought some flowers and ended up by proposed to me that night.”


Na Hye-mi also shared her own stories, that she always woke up at 12 AM and she thinks that she really needs to get back home, even though she is already at her house with her husband.

The actress, who played in Cheese In The Trap, also spoke out about her strange habit to her husband, and he responded by saying, “You’re like me and I am like you.”


“When we announced our wedding day, I received many malicious comments and people seemed hate me for a long time. I feel hurt and sad, but along with my appearance through this drama [My Only One] I wanted to hear only the good things.”

The sweet couple, Na Hye-mi and Eric Mun, have pet names for each other. Eric Mun called his wife ‘Hammy’, and Na Hye-mi calls her husband ‘Hyuk’, as Eric Mun’s real name is Mun Jung-hyuk.



That’s all the information about Na Hye-mi! She’s appeared on dramas, movies and also worked as a model, too. Na Hye-mi’s life has been blessed since she finally married Eric Mun.

After all, let’s hope for the best for the newlywed’s life so that they will build a great relationship as a happy family in the future, and wish luck for Na Hye-mi’s career and personal life too!