K-Drama Throwback: Let’s Revisit Eric Mun and Seo hyun-jin’s Romance In ‘Another Miss Oh’

7. Park Do-kyung and Oh Ha-young’s kisses

Of course, we cannot forget about this legendary kisses, the very kisses that grants them the ‘Best Kiss Award’ at the 2016’s tvN10 Awards. From the passionate one to the sweet chaste one, Park Do-kyung and Oh Ha-young’s hot kisses will make you swoon!

Upon seeing the on-screen moments and chemistry between Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin, we can conclude that both of them are a really phenomenal actor and actress. No wonder they are awarded ‘Best Couple’ at the 2016’s 5th APAN Star Awards. Through their actings, we can feel the roller coaster of emotions between Park Do-kyung and Oh Ha-young.

A truly best K-drama couple.


Eric Mun and Seo hyun-jin’s Off-screen Moments

As we have seen the on-screen moments of Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin, then what about their off-screen moments? Are they really good friends once the camera stop rolling?

Well, the answer to that question is a big YES!

Through their behind the scene footage, we can see that they both develop a comfortable friendship to build their on-screen chemistry. Both of them are really good friends and act casual with each other.

They even got rumored to be dating for a while after the drama was finished airing. It is unsurprising since the chemistry between Eric and Seo Hyun-jin was well established. Evidently both of them successfully won 2016  for the Romantic-Comedy King & Queen category.

Though in the end, the rumor was denied. “That is not true. We think the misunderstanding happened because they were quite close, ” said Eric’s representative. This rebuttal was also conveyed by representative Seo Hyun-jin. “The rumor that he’s dating Eric isn’t true. They are close because they play drama together.”

Later, it is revealed that Eric has been dating actress Na Hye-mi since 2014 even though he just started to admit it in 2017. They both even married in 2018.

Although not end up together as a real-life couple, Eric and Seo Hyun-jin is still a very good friend and screen partner. They both deserved praise for their professionalism in displaying strong chemistry even though Eric has already had a girlfriend at their time.

There is a little behind the scene story of their infamous kiss scene. Seo Hyu-jin admitted that she and Eric needed a lot of practice before they were ready to act in front of the camera. Even for the actress, she felt like she was acting an action scene rather than a romantic scene.

It feels like we are practicing fight scenes rather than romantic scenes,” Hyun-jin said. “If our chemistry is not perfect, then we will feel awkward. So we practice very diligently.”

Hyun-jin also admitted that the kissing scene with Eric in the 9th episode of the drama was really very intimate. “The kiss on the wall was very intimate and even made us unable to stop afterward,” she added.

Meanwhile, Hyun-jin also revealed that Eric was the one who suggests the idea for a romantic scene in the last episode. This Shinhwa member apparently wanted to try something different to conclude the end of Another Miss Oh. This was a reference for the scene where Park Do-kyung and Oh Ha-young was passionately kissing before awkwardly busted by Jin Sang (Kim Ji-sook).

“He has a good idea. He proposed a romantic scene in the last episode,” she continued. “He said we should try different moves to show that Jin Sang was hiding.”


After the ending of Another Miss Oh, Eric also praised Seo Hyun-jin for the success of the drama.

Eric said, “Seo Hyun-jin’s acting was very good, and she is very cheerful on location. Even though she has a lot of dialogue, and didn’t sleep the night before, she still carries good energy on location. She is a very good person. “

Then Eric continued, “Hae-young is a charming character and Seo Hyun-jin brought it very well. Her character can look very annoying, but she is able to display it well. Even though I’m physically tired too. After five days of filming without sleeping, it’s Hae-young who has a lot of dialogues with me. “

Speaking of the first kiss scene that Eric did with Hyun-jin, he said “There was a lot of pressure because this is a big thing after nine episodes. And before Do-kyung and Hae-young did the scene, Anna and Hoon did it, and they did it very well. ”

Talking about what Eric likes, he said, “Whether I lead or not, I still like it.” he continued, “It’s hard for men like me to do kiss scenes in front of many people and cameras, but this is more difficult for actresses. Besides that, Hae-young did well. “

In the end, they both successfully bought the good energy and strong chemistry to the set. Well done, Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin!

So, we have come to an end in this Another Miss Oh’s main couple nostalgia edition. What do you think about the drama and this couple? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!