Get To Know Epik High’s Tablo Better Through ‘The Tablo Podcast’

Learn More About The Tablo Podcast, Built by Rapper Epik High

The Tablo podcast is a podcast that hosted by Epik High, who talks about various topics that intrigued or interested him. Epik High is also South Korean musician, rapper, writer, luminary, and guru. Let’s get to know more about this podcast, on Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

About The Tablo Podcast

The Tablo podcast was started by Epik High, a K-pop Asian dad, and who will have people laughing their butts off with his unique brand of dark humor, tearing up with heartfelt stories, learning valuable life lessons, geeking out over geek-worthy subject matter, and tickling their intellectual curiosity with his deep conversations with amazing, eclectic guests. This podcast claimed that it’s not the one we deserve, but it’s the one we definitely need.

How To Send Questions To Tablo

Anyone can send any question or recommendation to Tablo. In order to get your question answered in the podcast, you can send the question through some Tablo channel, like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @TheTabloPodcast. Everyone is very welcome to share their thoughts there.

Podcast Series Current List

#1 The Accidental Scientologist Who Sees Dead People

This is the first episode and introduction of this podcast. The opening words of the Podcast were spoken by his daughter’s voice. So, cute voice!  Epik High explained about himself background and admit he is introvert. He didn’t really know how he would talking about on the episode. He gave listeners the chance to ask him any question through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. He was there talk with his companion, his manager in LA, there as emotional support.

He talked about his relationship with his daughter, Haru, sharing their opinions of Marvel movies. Somehow, the conversation ended up moving to the topic of ghosts.

#2 The Brussels Black Hole Incident

Tablo talked first about his manager, Eddie Nam, his supporter and his background. He is the man people call Epik High. Then Tablo revealed that he was more close with his manager than he was with his wife, because of working together to create albums.

He also talked about face, a black hole, in a majestic Belgian theater.

#3 How To Become A Billionaire

On this episode, the podcast was talking about the secret to success, where Tablo and Eddie Nam revealed the perfect advice to never follow. For reference, if you are part of the iGeneration, or Generation Alpha, which includes his daughter, Haru, you may not like listening to this, since you may get insulted or nod to agree.

#4 Tom Holland Is Jacked

On this episode, Tablo was talking about a movie that most people loved, but they actually pretend don’t like. It also talked about getting heat with Rotten Tomatoes, and whether they serve tomato soup or spaghetti sauce?

They talked about why Tablo’s manager, Eddie, hates Spider-man and whether Tablo should get jacked and rip his shirt off on stage? Episode 4 of The Tablo podcast tackles life’s hard questions so that you don’t have to. This is a fun and revealing episode.

#5 Farther From Home

In this episode, Tablo pits himself against disapproving parents, tries to meditate on the Sony vs Disney Spider-Man debacle, and takes on all of Silicon Valley to protect your privacy, with nothing but a teddy bear in his hands.

He also talked about a question came to his inbox, which he rarely looks at. He is more active on Twitter that any other social media.

#6 What I Do When I Feel Like Sh*t

In this episode, Tablo takes a highly accurate personality test online, tries to convince us he has a superpower, reveals his secret to feeling better (read: Disney ballads), and drops some insights on happiness.

Fun Facts

Epik High is not reading all the DMs that come in his inbox. He is not really taking care of his Facebook, either. He has a team to manage his social media, instead. Haru, his daughter is a genius, who has great ideas no one has ever thought of before.

Latest News


The Tablo Podcast now is coming to episode 10. TEpisode #7 is called Do U Want Ur Love Scrambed or Sunny Side Up?, episode #8  is How To (NOT) Get A Job, and #9 is called Far From Homeless, with Jacob Batalon. That’s all about The Tablo Podcast by Epik High, the podcast that you may like to hear to brighten your day. This podcast is so light and easy to understand, since they talk about daily life and the humor in it. Please give your opinion and share your thoughts about this podcast, below!