Epex’s Wish: Profile, Fun Facts, Past Activities, Debut Era, Etc.

Epex's Wish profile

The Mesmerizing Leader Who Brings Hope to Everyone, EPEX’s Wish!

Do you know about the rookie boy group EPEX? It is a new boy group under C9 Entertainment and consists of eight members who are very talented and attractive. We’re not going to talk about the whole group EPEX, but let’s start specifically with one of the members, EPEX’s Wish!

From the name, we can assume that he will bring hope and be a great “wish” for fans. Do you want to know more about EPEX’s Wish? Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you that matter, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of EPEX’s Wish

Epex's Wish profile

Birth Name: Kwak Da-wit (곽다윗)

Stage Name: Wish (위시)

Date of Birth: June 11, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: A

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Position in EPEX: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer

Occupation: Singer

Years Active: 2021 – present

Label: C9 Entertainment

Associated With: EPEX

Fun Facts About Wish That You Need To Know!

EPEX's Wish's profile
  • EPEX’s Wish is from Seoul, South Korea
  • His audition song was “Tempo” by EXO
  • Wish’s nicknames are Kwak Da Wish, Gak Dawit, Natural Science Major Dawit, and Golden Wishtriever
  • Wish graduated from Yangpyeong High School
  • Wish has an older sister
  • His MBTI type is ESFJ
  • During his pre-debut era, it was revealed that Wish went to the Philippines a lot
  • Wish’s shoe size is 285 mm
  • Wish is very good at boxing, and he can also multitask
  • He thinks that his charming points are his cunning and clumsiness
  • Wish revealed that his “Soul Food” is hot chicken-flavored noodles, but he also likes chicken drumsticks

Get To Know EPEX’s Wish’s Ideal Type Here

epex's wish

EPEX’s Wish is known as someone who is dependable, realistic, debating love, and loves eating as well. With that kind of personality, many fans have been wondering what kind of ideal type he is probably looking for. Even though we are as curious as you are, we have to be more patient until Wish reveals his ideal type to the public!

Wish’s Past Activities

epex's wish

Long before Wish’s debut with EPEX, he was prepared to enroll in PE at a university until he was in the 1st grade of high school. However, he eventually decided to chase after his dream to be a singer and K-pop idol.

Later on, Wish became a trainee under C9 Entertainment, and he was known to possess a charming voice. Aside from that, during his pre-debut era, Wish also went to the Philippines several times. Finally, he was the seventh member to be revealed for the final line-up debut of the boy group EPEX.

Wish’s Debut With Epex

EPEX K-Pop group

After Wish was announced as the seventh member of EPEX, the group then made its official debut on June 8, 2021, by releasing the first EP entitled Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety with “Lock Down” as the title track. EPEX itself consists of eight members and is managed under C9 Entertainment.

For those of you who don’t know, the group’s name EPEX stands for “Eight Apex.” It also means that the group would be gathering eight youths from eight different apexes. This term also refers to the eight members of EPEX.

EPEX K-Pop group

Following the success of the group’s first EP, they also returned with a second EP entitled Bipolar Pt.2: Prelude of Love on October 26, 2021, with “Do 4 Me” serving as the album’s title track.

Watch the Fancam Performances of Epex’s Wish

EPEX's Wish

Get ready to get captivated by these amazing focus fancam performances of EPEX’s Wish here:

Even during Wish’s debut era with EPEX, he was radiating such bright and powerful vibes, especially while performing on the stage. The EPEX’s leader looked very captivating while performing “Lock Down” with the other members, and with that “uniform” outfit, the youthful look was increased!

During the “Do 4 Me” performance, EPEX’s Wish successfully stole the attention with his orange-reddish hair. While wearing the white shirt and black shorts, his style and performance hypnotized the fans!

Even though EPEX is still a rookie boy group, the talents from all of the members including Wish have been portrayed very well. We do hope to see and listen to more music from EPEX in the future! Do you also think that EPEX’s Wish is such an adorable leader? Tell us your opinion regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!