EPEX’s Keum’s Profile, Facts, Dramas, Pre-debut, and Fancam

EPEX's Keum profile

Everything You Need to Know about EPEX’s Keum

Keum is a member of C9 Entertainment’s boy group EPEX. He is known for being a contestant in Produce X 101 in 2019. On June 8th, 2021, Keum debuted with EPEX (formerly known as C9ROOKIES) by releasing their 1st EP BIPOLAR Pt. 1: 불안의 서.

Actually, there is still a lot of information about Keum that we are going to share with you, so, you should keep reading this article.

EPEX’s Keum’s Profile

EPEX's Keum profile

Name: Keum Dong Hyun (금동현)

Stage Name: Keum (금)

Birthday: May 14th, 2003

Birthplace: Okcheon-gun, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 57 kg

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Agency: C9 Entertainment

Occupation: Singer, Actor

Group: EPEX

Years Debut: 2021

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: B

EPEX’s Keum’s Facts

EPEX Keum facts
  • Keum’s MBTI type is INTP.
  • He studied at Hanlim Multi Art School.
  • Keum is the first member of EPEX that was revealed by the agency.
  • Keumdongii is his nickname.
  • He was a trainee for over two years.
  • His specialty is urban dance.
  • Listening to music and daydreaming are his hobbies.
  • In EPEX, Keum got the position of center, main dancer, and rapper.
  • Keum is really an unexpected person.
  • His charming points are his energy and his smile.
  • After Produce X 101, Keum carried out his schooling and has been making a vlog about his daily life.

EPEX’s Keum Pre Debut

EPEX Keum predebut

Keum is a member of EPEX that has a pretty smile, is good-looking and cute at the same time. But, how was he when he was a child or when he was still undergoing his trainee days? Don’t worry, we have his pre-debut photos, so check them out below.

EPEX Keum predebut

The photo above was taken when Keum was still a trainee; he really looks younger.

EPEX Keum predebut
EPEX Keum predebut

EPEX’s Keum is pretty in pink! He is such a cute baby.

EPEX Keum predebut
EPEX Keum predebut

The photo was taken when he was in elementary school. His cheeks seem squishy and he is also cute with the glasses.

EPEX Keum predebut

Instead of looking scary, he looks so sweet when he has put on makeup to look like a vampire, like in the photo above.

EPEX’s Keum in Produce X 101

EPEX Keum produce x 101

Before debuting, this main dancer of EPEX was a contestant in Produce X 101. Produce X 101 was a survival show program in South Korea that aired on Mnet, and from this program, they formed a new idol group, named X1 (now disbanded).

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EPEX Keum produce x 101

EPEX’s Keum managed to join the B team in the first episode and ranked 23rd. As time went by, his name started to become more and more known by many people and he even got himself a fandom name, namely Kumrangdan (금랑단).

EPEX Keum produce x 101

He made an outstanding performance in every episode, so he always got a good place. In Episode 10, he performed “Super Special Girl” during the concept evaluation. Keum managed to enter the final round. In the final, he performed “To My World” and “Dream For You”. Here is one of his video performances.

Unfortunately, he only made it to 17th place in the final round and didn’t secure himself a position for debut with X1.

EPEX’s Keum’s Dramas

EPEX Keum drama

Keum didn’t give up easily when building his career, and he is also the type of person who is full of surprises. All his fans were surprised when they heard about his participation in a web drama.

EPEX Keum drama

On December 19th, 2019, (before debuting with EPEX), his agency announced that he officially joined a web drama entitled Best Mistake 2, scheduled to be aired in 2020. In this web drama, he got the role of Kang Ah Hoon (supporting role).

In 2021, he was also confirmed to be starring in Best Mistake 3 with the same role. Then, in May 2021, Keum appeared in the tvN drama titled Scripting Your Destiny as a guest, playing himself.

EPEX Keum drama

EPEX’s Keum’s Focus Fancam

EPEX Keum drama

A fancam is a popular term among K-Pop fans. This term refers to a video that is recorded by fans’ cameras and after that, they upload it on social media or any online platform, such as YouTube.

Fans record the performance of their favorite idols so other fans can see them and watch the video over and over again. There are two types of fancams: the first is a fancam for the group, the second one is an individual focus fancam of one of the members of a K-Pop group.

This is also done by EPEX and Keum fans. Therefore, we provide some of Keum’s focus fancams that show his performances. Let’s watch them below.

EPEX’s Keum’s Focus Fancam (“Lock Down”)

EPEX’s Keum’s Focus Fancam (“No Questions”)

EPEX’s Keum’s Focus Fancam at a Fan Signing Event

Well, that’s all the information about former Produce X 101 contestant currently known as EPEX’s Keum. After reading this article, what do you think about him? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also share this article on your social media.