Who Is ENHYPEN’s Visual? Learn More About The Answer, Here!

ENHYPEN's Visual

Get To Know More About ENHYPEN’s Member’s Visual Ranking

ENHYPEN (hangul: 엔하이픈) is a South Korean boy group that consists of 7 members: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. All members in this group are the finalists from ‘I-Land’ and already have a lot of fans. They also highlighted that ENHYPEN has members with excellent visuals.

Good visuals will also automatically attract the attention of many people. However, who is the best visual from ENHYPEN? For that, let’s get to know more about ENHYPEN’s visuals and find out which of them has the most rank based on Korean beauty standards!

ENHYPEN’s Visual Rank Based on Korean Beauty Standard

ENHYPEN's Visual

When it comes to Korean beauty standards, K-Pop idols are very concerned about their visuals and the quality of their demeanor when performing on stage. The criteria for having the highest rank in Korean beauty standard is straight eyebrows, double eyelids, big eyes, slim nose, full lips, v-shaped, small face, and pale skin.

Here’s the list of ENHYPEN’s members who fit the criteria of Korean beauty standards:

Rank ENHYPEN’s Members
1 ENHYPEN’s Jungwon
2 ENHYPEN’s Heesung
3 ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki
4 ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon
5 ENHYPEN’s Sunoo
7 ENHYPEN’s Jake


So, is your bias in the highest rank? Without waiting any longer, let’s get more details about ENHYPEN’s visual and know their best features in this session below!

1st: ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

ENHYPEN's Visual - Jungwon

In the 1st rank, ENHYPEN’s Jungwon takes the top spot when it comes to visuals. His appearance can be said to really reflect K-Pop male idols with handsome, neat, and charismatic visuals.

He has all the criteria of Korean beauty standards with straight eyebrows, double eyelids, a slim nose, full lips, big eyes, a v-shape, and many more.

2nd: ENHYPEN’s Heesung

ENHYPEN's Visual - Heesung

Just like the 1st rank, ENHYPEN’s Heesung also has more or less the same visual criteria. She has very pretty double eyelids and straight eyebrows that look natural. Not only that, his pale skin also makes him shine even more when he is on stage.

These criteria make his visuals even more handsome. The weakness might be that ENHYPEN’s Heesung doesn’t have a v-shape, but it doesn’t affect many things because he has already fit the Korean beauty standard.

3rd: ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki

ENHYPEN's Visual - Ni-ki

Apart from his nationality, ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki managed to rank 3rd when it comes to ENHYPEN visuals based on Korean beauty standards. He definitely looks like a prince charming with his natural looks and pale skin.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki also has a small face and thin lips that seem to attract the attention of female fans. What’s lacking in visuals is his monolid eyes and v-shape. You can say that ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki’s visual is unique and most stand out, right?

4th: ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

ENHYPEN's Visual - Sunghoon

In the 4th rank, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon has straight eyebrows which might also be his charm to attract the attention of many fans. His small nose and full lips have also met the visual criteria based on the Korean beauty standard.

Instead of having a strong jaw, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon has a v-shaped shape that makes his face look small. Nonetheless, there are many K-Pop male idols who have the same facial features as ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon.

5th: ENHYPEN’s Sunoo

ENHYPEN's Visual - Sunoo

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo also has a monolid which is almost the same as ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki. For his visuals, he got 5th rank which stood out for his charm, such as a slim nose, full lips, pale skin, and straight eyebrows.

When you take a closer look at ENHYPEN’s Sunoo’s visual, he almost looks like a manga that comes out from a cartoon! Especially with his haircut which makes his appearance looks unreal.

6th: ENHYPEN’s Jay

ENHYPEN's Visual - Jay

In the 6th rank, ENHYPEN’s Jay has a charm that shows that he also has charm with his big eyes, pale skin and double eyelids. The downside is that it doesn’t have a v-shaped, small nose, straight eyebrows and pale skin.

However, ENHYPEN’s Jay has many individual international fans who also love his natural visual no matter what his visual rank is.

7th: ENHYPEN’s Jake

ENHYPEN's Visual - Jake

The last rank was received by ENHYPEN’s Jake. He has charming visuals with straight eyebrows, double eyelids and full lips. Almost the same as ENHYPEN’s Jay, he has the least features that match the criteria of the Korean beauty standard.

The member who comes from Australia has a strong personality that can be seen in his visuals. He has a strong jaw and sharp eyes, so many fans are attracted to his masculine vibes.

Well, that was all for the information about ENHYPEN’s visual rank. No matter what the opinion and rank about visuals, let’s keep sending them a lot of support and love as much as you can. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!