Get To Know ENHYPEN: Members Profile, Facts, Debut, MV, and More!

ENHYPEN’s Career Journey


ENHYPEN members used to experience a lot of practice and struggle while chasing after their dream. Transferred from one agency to another agency, moved from one country to another country, high competition and passionate feelings also filled their career journey. And finally, all of their hard-work was eventually pay off.

Check out ENHYPEN’s career journey here!

Participated Through I-LAND


All of the ENHYPEN members used to come from different agencies during their pre-debut era. Heeseung, Jungwon, Sunghoon, and Jay were trainees from Big Hit Entertainment in the past. ENHYPEN members started to gain recognition from people through their appearance on I-LAND.

I-LAND was a survival-reality show made by Belift Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ&EM. Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki used to participate in the show before choosing as the final line-up to debut as ENHYPEN! Throughout the show, all of the contestants competed to reach the final line-up to debut as the boy group members.


They have performed a bunch of performances as singing, dancing, rapping, and more! For the score, it was used the global voting system as well as the judges’ evaluation. Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, and Ni-ki were selected from the global voting. Meanwhile, Sunoo was selected from the Producer’s selection.

As the final result, Jungwon was the contestant who got the highest votes. The second was Jay, following by Jake, Ni-ki, Heeseung, and Sunghoon sequentially. Even though Sunoo wasn’t involved as the contestant with the highest votes, the Producers thought he had good potential for its characteristics.

Check out some of their performance during I-LAND here:

Official Debut as ENHYPEN


November 30, 2020, has been marked as the important date for ENHYPEN since it was finally debuted and released its debut project, a mini-album entitled Border: Day One! Previously, ENHYPEN made the fans get very excited by posting several teasers through their YouTube channels, such as Choose-Chosen and Dusk-Dawn trailer.

ENHYPEN also released a music video for Given-Taken from the mini-album, which presented as the title track. For their debut stage, ENHYPEN was performing the single through MBC’s Music Bank on December 4, 2020. Since their first appearance, ENHYPEN has gained a lot of attention even reached global attention as well!


All of ENHYPEN’s official sites have been followed by many people as of their Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Not to mention that the album selling has increased rapidly, which leads them to win the ‘Next Leader’ award from the 2020 The Fact Music Awards!

ENHYPEN’s MV and Live Performance


From ENHYPEN’s first debut, they have released some amazing music video concepts! Their charisma is also portrayed through a bunch of live stage performances as well. The fans also have to wait for a long time to see their live stage performance since it was one of the attractiveness of every boy group. Let’s take a look at ENHYPEN’s magnificent music video and their live stage performance here!

Given-Taken became the group’s first music video as well as their debut single! Through the video, ENHYPE members have emphasized their charms with a mixture of dreamy and darker concepts. The hazy lighting throughout the scene also made people could have focused their eyes on ENHYPEN only! The members also appeared with vintage outfit style, which reminded us of vampire-look-a-like style!

For the next single, ENHYPEN also released the music video for Let Me In (20 CUBE)! The vibes have still reminded us of  Given-Taken concept, but some differences are spotted as well. ENHYPEN members looked even more youthful with casual outfits and a fairy-tale concept! There was some scene taken in such a beautiful forest, with the bright light from the fireflies!

ENHYPEN has brought such a different concept through one of their live stage performance than their debut concept! The members have appeared with the colorful style and the boyfriend-material vibes, which made them looked even more adorable. Their powerful dance performance harmonizing perfectly with their stable vocal as well!

Let Me In (20 Cubelive version became one of the most awaited performances from ENHYPEN! Through their performance on Mnet, ENHYPEN members were showing off their boyish and masculine image. Dominated with black and blue, the outfit style also matched with ENHYPEN members perfectly! ENHYPEN is truly an alluring group.

That was all of the information about ENHYPEN! People could have noticed their hard work from their pre-debut appearance until their current fame. All of the members were made people getting amazed by them as well as enjoyed their music! Well, what do you guys think about ENHYPEN’s debut?

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