Did ENHYPEN’s Members Have Plastic Surgery? Find Out Their Past and Current Appearances Here!

enhypen plastic surgery issue

Is It True That ENHYPEN Had Plastic Surgery?

Have you heard about the sensational boy group ENHYPEN? They have seven members who have gorgeous visual appearances and remarkable talents! No wonder they have become one of the most successful K-pop groups ever since their first debut. However, some people are questioning whether the members had plastic surgery or not.

Even so, the rumors about ENHYPEN’s plastic surgery are still unclear because there is no official statement from the agency about ENHYPEN’s plastic surgery issue. But, some people have noticed the differences between them. Check out the list of people’s speculation about ENHYPEN’s members’ plastic surgery:

  • Jay: Nose job, pointed and sharp nose.
  • Jake: Nose job, smaller and narrower nose after debut.
  • Ni-Ki: Don’t get any because he was young.
  • Jungwon: Don’t get any but due to weight loss, his facial features look different.
  • Sunghoon: Nose job, his nose bridge looks different from the past.
  • Sunoo: Nose job, more pointed nose after debut.
  • Heeseung: Eyes and nose job, also possibly has a teeth veneer.

Then again, the rumors are not confirmed by the agency. And even though it’s not a huge difference, the possibility is always there.

Through this article, Channel Korea will go over the rumor, so stay tuned!

ENHYPEN’s Plastic Surgery Rumor Is Not Confirmed by the Agency


The rumor of ENHYPEN plastic surgery has been spread after they gained popularity. People started to look for more information about the members including their pre-debut appearance or performance, and more. However, people started to question their past appearance.

The rumor of they might have had plastic surgery spread through the Internet, and people became kind of suspicious and started speculating. Let’s take a look at ENHYPEN’s before and after debut appearances here:

Jay’s Before and After Debut


Jay from ENHYPEN possibly had a nose job done. Some sources also found out that his nose in the past wasn’t as pointy as it is now. However, people might not notice the differences. Jay’s nose looks very natural and matches his facial features. Do you think Jay’s nose in the past and his current nose have the same appearance or not?


Jake’s Before and After Debut


Jake‘s facial appearance might look the same as in the past, but there’s a slight difference as well. His nose looks a bit sharper than his nose in the past, but people mostly barely notice the difference. For other features, they haven’t changed much, don’t you guys think?


Ni-ki’s Before and After Debut


There are two opinions regarding Niki‘s facial appearances. Some people believe he didn’t undergo any plastic surgery, but some people believe he did. People thought he didn’t have any work done since he was only 14 years old at the time.


Meanwhile, in South Korea, people should be at least 15 years old to have plastic surgery. Between his pre-debut and debut picture, do you spot any major differences?

Heeseung’s Before and After Debut


Just like Jay, some people think that Heeseung might have gotten a nose job. In the past, his nose didn’t look as pointed as now since there was a little bump on his bridge. For other aspects, people noticed he might have gotten a teeth veneer as well. For other features, there are no major differences, or at least it was just a makeup effect that made his appearance look different.

credit of ondoiland

Jungwon’s Before and After Debut


People thought that Jungwon barely underwent any plastic surgery, but the major difference must be in how he lost some weight. In the past, his cheeks looked more chubby, and now, he has a thin and well-shaped face. Other facial features look different, possibly because of his weight loss effect. What do you guys think?

credit of tto

Sunoo’s Before and After Debut


Sunoo‘s visual appearance looks pretty much the same as his past. However, people notice that he has a more pointed nose currently as compared to his nose’s appearance from the pre-debut pictures. For his sharp eyes, it also looks the same. Even if he indeed had a nose job, his visual still looks as natural as ever.

credit of @tjsoo_

Sunghoon’s Before and After Debut


It seems like people are accusing ENHYPEN’s members mostly of nose jobs, including Jay, Sunoo, Heeseung, and now Sunghoon. Compared to his pre-debut and current appearance, Sunghoon‘s nose looks sharper than before. If in the pre-debut picture his nose has a slight bump, now it isn’t visible. Do you think the same?


That’s everything about ENHYPEN‘s plastic surgery information! After all, no matter what they have been going through, the only important thing is to respect their decisions. Let’s just focus on their career and support them in the future! Don’t forget to share this article on your social media as well!