Enhypen’s Pets: Here Are Some Sweet Moments Between Them and Their Fluffy Pals

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All About Enhypen Members’ Pets!

Calling all of the Engenes and pet lovers out there! If you’re new Engenes, you should know that some members of Enhypen have some pets! If you’ve been wondering whether Enhypen members have pets, then this article will satisfy your curiosity. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with detailed information about the pets that the members have, and we are going to share some photos of the members and their pets.

List of Enhypen Members’ Pets!

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Enhypen consists of seven members: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Niki. Among the seven members, only four members have pets. This is the list of the four members’ pets.

Enhypen Members Pet Name
Jake Layla
Sunghoon Gaeul
Niki Bisco
Jungwon Maeumi


So, that’s the list of the members’ pets. Like most pet lovers, the four members share some adorable moments with their pets. Are you ready to see the moments, as well as the details of their pets? If you’re ready, keep scrolling, and you’ll find many lovable shots shared by the members and their fluffy pals.

Jake’s Pet: Layla

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Recently, the four members went crazy uploading their pets’ photos on social media. The trend was started by Jake, by uploading his photo with Layla when celebrating National Puppy Day.

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Jake seemed so happy with the Cream Border Collie. He captioned the photo writing: “Happy National Puppy Day!! Thank you for always making me happy, I love you so much! Always stay healthy, let’s go for more walks again and have fun together!”

Based on the caption, we know that Jake is very happy spending time with Layla. Layla was born on October 31st, 2014, and she’s turning into a 7-year-old dog. She has Collie-type cream fur. In some moments, Jake is seen scrolling his phone to show his moments with Layla to his members.

Sunghoon’s Pet: Gaeul

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Besides Layla, another member of “Enhypen’s Pet Team” is called Gaeul. The white French poodle belongs to Sunghoon. Sunghoon frequently posted photos of his tiny pooch during the last holiday season.

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The puppy was born on July 8th, 2017. She has a very adorable body shape: white fur, small body, and a cute face like most poodles. Sunghoon really gives Gaeul a lot of love. He takes very good care of Gaeul and makes her a playmate.

Niki’s Pet: Bisco

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When his two members started posting pictures of their pets, Niki didn’t want to be left behind and wanted to join the trend. He showed his adorable and cute puppy, named Bisco. Bisco is a small dog with thick fur. With light brown and white fur, Bisco looks so cute that Niki is attracted to him. However, Bisco’s breed is unknown, and he may be a mixed puppy from two very different breeds.

Talking about Bisco, there’s an interesting fact that all Engenes probably have known. Last year, on April Fools’ Day, Niki decided to temporarily make Bisco the administrator of Enhypen’s official Twitter account. Niki changed the account’s profile name, bio and profile photo to Bisco’s. Many Engenes were shocked by the change, and they thought the account had been hacked! Some Engenes responded positively to the change, by changing the fandom name into Biscuits (typically, it’s Bisco’s fandom name).

Jungwon’s Pet: Maeumi

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Besides Jake, Niki, and Sunghoon, another member who also has a pet is Jungwon. Among the other three members, Jungwon is still a beginner in the pet world. He just got his small Maltese dog recently, named Maeumi.

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Like most Malteses, Maeumi has a very small figure. However, his body is not as small as poodles like Gaeul. On National Puppy Day, the Jungwon-Maeumi couple was seen playing at a dog park accompanied by member Jay.

Okay, that’s all about the Enhypen members’ pets. Apart from those four members, the three members Heeseung, Sunoo, and Jay don’t have any pets. However, they are often seen accompanying the pet-owner members taking their dogs for walks.

So, what do you think about Layla, Gaeul, Bisco, and Maeumi? Are they gonna be popular, just like their owners?