Which One Loves and Hates Mint Chocolate in ENHYPEN?

enhypen mint chocolate

The Sweet and Hate Relationship of Mint Chocolate Among ENHYPEN

Mint chocolate becomes viral in South Korea for a reason, the combination of this flavor brings many people curiosity. ENHYPEN members including Heeseung, Jay, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki also expressed their opinion on mint chocolate.

Niki and Sunoo are two of the member that likes mint chocolate. Mint chocolate started hitting South Korea after Baskin Robbins released this ice cream flavor. Find the details story of who loves or hates mint chocolate in this article in Channel-Korea below!

ENHYPEN Revealed About Mint Chocolate Preferences


Mint chocolate started viral in South Korea, this flavor appeared on many food derivations like ice cream, macaron, etc. The taste is significantly different and debatable among people. ENHYPEN members also divided their opinion into mint chocolate: Sunoo and Niki revealed that they love mint chocolate but others do not. Check the details below!

ENHYPEN’s Member Who Likes Mint Chocolate: Sunoo and Niki


Sunoo is an ENHYPEN member that fell in love with mint chocolate. Mint chocolate is his favorite ice cream and always makes him smile. Even the ENHYPEN’s leader, Jay always makes sure there’s mint chocolate for Sunoo, the sunshine of the group! Besides, mint chocolate, he also enjoys rainbow sherbet.


Niki also expressed that he likes mint chocolate. He loves mint and chocolate, so he doesn’t bother with the combination. Only Sunoo and Niki agree with this mint chocolate flavor. Others come different.

ENHYPEN’s Members Who Hate Mint Chocolate But Love Other Flavors: Jake, Jay, Sunghoon, Jungwon, Heesung


Somehow other ENHYPEN members including Jake, Jay, Sunghoon, Heeseung, and Jungwon are exposed to disagree with mint chocolate flavor. Sunghoon said on his VLive that the taste of mint flavor is like brushing teeth in the middle of eating chocolate. The taste is interesting and he doesn’t like it.

Check this video of Sunghoon declaring that he didn’t enjoy the mint chocolate above!


Heeseung is also not a fan of mint chocolate, he prefers rainbow sherbet ice cream a combination of raspberry, pineapple, and orange.

Jay, the leader, prefers pistachio instead of mint chocolate.


Sunghoon likes coffee flavor which has sweet and a bit of bitterness.


Jake prefers a normal flavor combination of milk, dark, and white chocolate. This is called Mom is Alien in Baskin Robbin ice cream.


Jungwoon is similar to Jake, he likes Mom’s Alien ice cream flavor more than mint chocolate.

That’s all about ENHYPEN members’ preference regarding mint chocolate. Not all love mint chocolate, however, Sunoo and Niki choose it as one of the flavors they love. Do you like mint chocolate, what do you think? Put your comment and share your thought too on Twitter. Keep supporting ENHYPEN on their music and career in the future.