Get To Know ENHYPEN Members’ Siblings and Their Relationships Here

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Let’s Meet the Siblings of ENHYPEN’s Members!

Do you know about ENHYPEN? They are a 7-member boy group under Belift Lab and were created through the show I-LAND. Ever since the group’s debut in 2020, all the members have drawn attention, and everything about that is just increasing the fans’ curiosity.

During certain moments, ENHYPEN’s members were exposed to their family members, including their siblings, which made the fans curious about further information regarding their siblings. In this article, Channel Korea will tell you full information regarding ENHYPEN’s members and their siblings, so keep on reading!

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung’s Siblings

Let’s start with the oldest member in ENHYPEN, Heeseung. It is known that Heeseung has an older brother who is two years older than him. However, there is no specific information about Heeseung’s older brother such as his name or his occupation.

At the same time, the fans acknowledged the good relationship between Heeseung and his brother after Heeseung was caught talking on the phone with him. With that simple interaction, it is seen that Heeseung is very close with his brother as they simply talk to each other very often and even tease each other as well!

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon’s Siblings

Not only considered as the visual of the group but ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon is considered a great oppa as well. Yes, Sunghoon is the older brother of his younger sister! Her sister’s name is Park Ye Ji, and she is five years younger than him.

Moreover, Sunghoon is very protective of her sister. When he was being asked about who is the ENHYPEN member that he would introduce to her sister, Sunghoon said that it was none of them! Ever since they were younger, Sunghoon was very close to his sister. You can also check out some of their adorable childhood pictures together!

ENHYPEN’s Jake’s Siblings

Next, there is ENHYPEN’s Jake, the Korean-American member of ENHYPEN. Well, his ethnicity is Korean, but he gained Australian citizenship while staying in the country with his whole family. Jake was born into a wealthy family, and it is reported that Jake has an older brother just like ENHYPEN’s Heeseung.

There is no further information regarding Jake’s older brother, but the only thing that people know is that he was born in 2000 which is two years before Jake was born in 2002. Jake once explained that his brother stays in Australia because he has to attend university while Jake stays in South Korea. But, he explained that his brother visits him when he can!

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo’s Siblings

A little different from the previous members, ENHYPEN’s Sunoo has an older sister. It was also revealed when Sunoo had a phone call with his sister! Through that moment, both Sunoo and her sister were very cheerful while talking on the phone which made ENHYPEN’s fans think that the siblings’ interaction was adorable!

Although there is no information about what year ENHYPEN’s Sunoo’s sister was born, she is known as Sunghoon, and stans Jay in the group since she asked Sunoo to talk about his groupmate once he got home to meet his family!

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon’s Siblings

Just like ENHYPEN’s Sunoo, ENHYPEN’s Jungwon has an older sister as well! Even though Jungwon once explained that he spent a lot of time with his grandmother since his parents were busy with work, Jungwon revealed that he is very close with his sister.

The other way around, their relationship is sometimes filled with some arguments just like the common relationship among normal siblings. Jungwon’s sister is known to be two years older than him as well.

He once told a story about when they were in school and got scolded by their parents. At that time, he and his older sister had to go to the library to study and have lunch there. However, they didn’t want to and went to a café while spending their lunch money. Such a hilarious memory, right?

ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki’s Siblings

If most ENHYPEN members have only one sibling, it is different for ENHYPEN’s maknae, Ni-ki. He is surrounded by two siblings. They are an older sister and a younger sister so he is a middle child!

Many fans have acknowledged Ni-ki’s older sister. Her name is Konon, and she was born in 2004. Konon is well-known as a great dancer, and she even does dance covers of ENHYPEN’s songs as well.

Meanwhile, Ni-ki’s younger sister’s name is Seola. Besides that information, there are no further details about her. However, she was once caught dancing cutely with Ni-ki’s older sister, too!

ENHYPEN’s Jay’s Siblings

Last but not least, we have the main rapper and the lead dancer, ENHYPEN’s Jay! Just like ENHYPEN’s Jake, Jay was born outside of South Korea and has two citizenships since he is Korean-American. He is the only member in the group who is the only child in his family. Despite that fact, Jay can feel the warmness and how it would feel if he had siblings after meeting with his groupmates in ENHYPEN.

That is everything about ENHYPEN members’ siblings! Most of the members have one or two siblings except for ENHYPEN’s Jay since he is the only child. However, all of them are well-known for their lovely side when it comes to family!

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