All About Enhypen’s Jay: Profile, Birthday, Father, Type, etc.

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Meet the Next Big Thing which Formed by Big Hit Entertainment, the Charismatic Jay from Enhypen

The next big thing in K-pop is always produced every year. Not to mention the idol groups that have been debuting since the previous year. Getting people’s attention is indeed quite hard for some groups, but there are groups that have caught attention since their debut days.

For example, the group that debuted under one of the biggest companies in the K-pop industry. This is the company that debuting BTS, the K-pop group with a lot of achievements that has gone international.

The group that we’re going to talk about in this article is Enhypen!

Enhypen is a group that made a debut under Belift Lab, the collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM in 2020. Enhypen was formed through a survival show called “I-Land“. The group consists of seven members which are Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki.

But we’re not going to talk about Enhypen in general. Instead, we will talk about one of the members in Enhypen. This is the member that has caught attention since his pre-debut days. It’s none other than Enhypen’s Jay!

Jay is the main rapper of Enhypen. He’s also famous for his English skills since he was born and raised in the States. Not only can rap, but he was also pointed as one of the lead vocalist and lead dancer. He’s really a full package, has a good voice and dancing skills.

So now, let’s see more of Jay’s potential. You will fall in love with him, even more, when you find out about his charms!

Enhypen’s Jay’s Profile

Before we get to know more about Jay’s charms, let’s see the basic things about him first that we can learn from his profile. You probably just knew him, but you can learn some of his personality in the big picture just by knowing his zodiac sign, MBTI type, blood type, etc.

Let’s see the full profile of Enhypen’s Jay!

Full name: Park Jongseong

Korean Name: 박종성

Chinese Name: 朴綜星

Stage name: Jay

Nickname: Ambition, Won Fontain, Chiljeon Selling, Dachshund, Wanpannam, Hwaseoja, Undefeated Mu-kang, Hwasaeng, Angry Birds

Birthplace: Washington, Seatle, United States

Birthdate: April 20, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Horse


  • Gochon Elementary School
  • Gochon Middle School
  • Incheon Haewon Middle School
  • Incheon Haewon High School
  • Hanlim Performing Art High School

Position: Main rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood Type: B


Family: Parents

Debut date: November 20

Debut year: 2020

Agency: Belift Lab

Official Site: Enhypen’s Official Site

WeVerse: Enhypen’s Official WeVerse

Twitter: Enhypen’s Official Twitter

Japan Twitter: Enhypen’s Official Twitter for Japan

Member’s Twitter: Enhypen’s Official Member’s Twitter

Facebook: Enhypen’s Official Facebook Page

Instagram: Enhypen’s Official Instagram

Weibo: Enhypen’s Official Weibo

YouTube: Enhypen’s Official YouTube

TikTok: Enhypen’s Official TikTok

VLive: Enhypen’s Official VLive

Enhypen’s Jay’s Facts

Congratulations, you have gained some knowledge of Jay from Enhypen. His basic info is quite different from other K-pop idols, right? He was born in Seattle but graduated from Korean schools. So, what happened with Jay, actually?

Let’s see some interesting facts about Jay that will make you understand him better!

  • Jay is an only child.
  • Jay’s nationality is Korean-American, but his parent is Korean
  • Jay was born in Seattle, but his family moved to South Korea when he was 4th grade or around 10 years old.
  • Jay’s favorite color is purple.
  • Jay’s favorite season is fall.
  • Jay’s favorite fashions are 1. Retro sexy, 2. Boots, big shoes, 3. Blazer, shirt, 4. Big pants, 5. Gorgeous accessories.
  • Jay likes accessories such as necklaces, chains, earrings, and rings.
  • Jay’s most important thing is a watch from his father.
  • Among other members, Jay sleeps faster. When laying down, he has the ability to fall asleep within 5 minutes.
  • Jay’s most confident sport is badminton.
  • Jay can speak Korean, English, and Japanese. As for Japanese, it was said that he learned through self-taught.
  • Jay cooks quite well especially among the members, but he can’t cook ramens well.
  • The artist that he looked up to is Rain.
  • During an interview, Jay said that he eats honey when he’s stressed.
  • Jay has a cat allergy.
  • Jay was rumored to be dating ITZY’s Yuna, but they clarified that they weren’t dating.

Enhypen’s Jay’s Pre Debut and Family: Living in Washington, Father’s Occupation, etc.

We have learned about basic things about Jay, as well as some interesting facts about him. All of that makes us know him more, but isn’t it better if we can learn about his story, especially before he debut?

As you already know, Jay was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the United States on April 20, 2002. Jay is an only child. He has been living in the States for around 10 years of his life, making him be able to speak English fluently. He also speaks Korean just like the native because his mom and dad are both Korean.

Just so you know, Jay’s father is the president of Sinar Tour.

Jay came back to South Korea along with his family. Jay was a 4th grader back then, he had to move school to a Korean school in Gochon. Even as a child, he moved to a lot of cities in South Korea. He moved to Incheon when he was in middle school. But then he moved to Seoul because he wanted to pursue his dream to be an idol.

Actually, Jay wasn’t that interested in becoming an idol at first. But he got offered to join an audition. He took the lesson for about 2 to 3 days and managed to join the company. But for some reason, Jay left the company. He saw BTS’s performance that makes him aim for joining Big Hit Entertainment. He took the lessons for about a month or two and got accepted in Big Hit Entertainment.

Enhypen’s Jay’s in I-Land

The reality show with a theme survival program is getting popular these days. After YG Entertainment forming a boy group called WINNER in “Who Is Next” and iKon in “Mix and Match”, or how JYP Entertainment forming Twice and Stray Kids, followed by the popularity of the “Produce 101 series”. Then again, people are interested in the concept of a survival program.

In 2020, Big Hit Entertainment joined the collaboration with CJ ENM by forming a new boy group under Belift Lab. They searched for the members with a survival program called “I-Land”. The boy group would only consist of 7 members, but the participants are 22 trainees.

Just like the name, I-Land, the show has a concept to give the participants comfort by living in a 3-floor complex. But it’s only for the 12 participants that performed well. However, the other participants will go to the ground.

Jay is one of the few participants who was a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee. The other trainees came from various backgrounds and companies.

The program has invited a lot of artists as a guest, for example, BTS, Seventeen, TXT, etc. It was a pleasure for the participants to be able to take lessons from such big idols like them.

The reality show used a vote as the system. And Jay was getting quite big numbers of votes that could keep him in the show. In the end, he made it to the final line-up and was able to debut with Enhypen.

Good job, Jay!

Let’s see some performances of Jay in I-Land!

What do you think of Jay’s performance in I-Land? He has been a trainee since 2017 in Big Hit Entertainment, no wonder he got really nice skills.

Enhypen’s Jay’s Debut

After the ups and the downs from I-Land, finally Jay could make it to debut with Enhypen. He managed to debut on November 20, 2020, along with the other six members are Heeseung, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki.

The group name, Enhypen, was revealed in the last episode of I-Land. The name Enhypen was used because of the symbol hyphen that was believed as connection, discovery, and growth.

Starting from October 22, 2020, Enhypen released the teaser for their upcoming debut. Here are the teasers from Enhypen!

What do you think of the teasers? They look really promising and the concept also suited them well.

Now let’s see the photo profile of Jay which released before their official debut date!

Woah, his eyes look so fierce and sharp. It makes his face to be much more cooler!

The boys from Enhypen also gave a reaction to their debut trailers!

And now, let’s see the official debut day for Enhypen. They held a showcase for their debut that was aired on Mnet. You can watch it or even re-watch it on YouTube!

Now let’s see the music video of Enhypen with their debut song, “Given Taken”!

What do you think about the boys’ performance? They are so handsome and talented!

It’s still not enough if it’s only one music video. Let’s see the other music video from Enhypen’s first mini-album, “Let Me In”!

Enhypen also released the dance performance of “Given Taken”!

Not only one video but two dance practice videos!

Seeing Jay performed with the boys makes us proud, especially we know the story before he made a debut. Good thing that he’s now doing well with Enhypen!