All You Need to Know About ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna’s Dating Rumor

enhypen jay and itzy yuna

Are ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna Dating?

Dating rumors are something that K-Pop celebrities have to deal with since their life has become the center of attention, especially toward the fans and public. Just like what had happened to ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna when the two of them surprised everyone with their dating rumor. Are you curious how the two of them tangled up in a dating rumor? Find the answer through the article below by Channel Korea!

ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna Are Not Dating

itzy yuna and enhypen jay

Both ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna are not dating at all, and they clearly explain the situation. They are popular K-Pop idols with many fans who have been supporting them. Their visuals, talents, attitude, and other details about them are everything to the fans, and their fame is on top of the world.

However, ever since Jay’s debut with ENHYPEN and Yuna’s debut with ITZY, the two of them never confirmed any kind of relationship or the news of them dating someone. When the two of them tangled up in a dating rumor, it surprised the fans. For further details, check out the next paragraph!

How The Dating Rumor Between Enhypen’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna Started

izty yuna and enhypen jay

The dating rumor between ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna started when Yuna made an update to the fans through the Bubble messenger while catching up with them. Through the app, Yuna shared several pictures when visiting the Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.

itzy yuna
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Aside from that, Yuna seemed to spend her time there with someone else since there were two packs of burgers and milkshakes in the picture. Turns out, on the same day, Jay also posted a picture that took place at the same place as Yuna’s post, the Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant.

enhypen's jay post

The fans started to speculate that the two of them were dating since they posted the picture on the same day. Moreover, the speculation got stronger since, in Jay’s picture, there were also burgers and milkshakes, which made fans believe that Yuna and Jay were on a date. However, the rumor quickly shut down afterward since the idols were explained the details shortly after the rumors had been spread.

ENHYPEN’s Jay and ITZY’s Yuna Responded to The Dating Rumor

itzy yuna and enhypen jay

Still, on the Bubble messenger, ITZY’s Yuna explained what exactly had happened. In her condition, Yuna revealed that she went to the restaurant with her female best friend, who has been with her for 11 years.

itzy yuna post
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“I went with my friend of 11 years, whom I’ve known since I was in elementary school. We went together to celebrate her getting into college,” Yuna wrote in her message. Furthermore, she also shared a picture of her female friends alongside the scenery of Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant.

Meanwhile, in ENHYPEN’s Jay‘s case, he explained that he went to the restaurant with his parents since he just knew that the famous burger restaurant had opened in Seoul then.

Well, the dating rumor between ITZY’s Yuna and ENHYPEN’s Jay turns out only to be a misunderstanding! It is very great of them to quickly explain the situation and didn’t make fans to questioning even further. Coincidence always happens most of the time, right?

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